November 14, 2018



  1. Despite India being a country of hoary past and great Vedic values, it is home to one third of the poorest people of the world. It also has been a nation which is at war with its female folk, due to the rapes and atrocities committed almost on a daily basis. It is no wonder that the society and the people have sunk to the depths of poverty and moral degradation when we read and hear about the promiscuousness of men like Pratap Singh and Sita Devi. The riches that the Rajas had accumulated by plundering their subjects were used to ingratiate their lust and physical comfort. While they enjoyed all the comforts in the western world, the people back home suffered slavery of foreign invaders right after the tenth century AD. Have the nation learnt its lessons? The answer is an emphatic NO! The new rulers who ascended the Dilli Ki Gaddi have followed in the footsteps of the pleasure loving and promiscuous Rajas, and the invaders who after disseminating them took control of the SONE KI CHIDIA. Tjeu jave amassed enormous wealth and are adding to it through corrupt practices everyday that remain in power. Priya Prasad

    • Priya, I liked your views .don’t criticize them . If you were at their place ,you would also have behaved like same.

      No one thinks about poor . By blaming them , we cannot change the past and future at all.

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