July 24, 2017




  1. Hi Mr Punj,

    What a short memory you have in praising this man and believing he will uphold the Constitution of India? Did he preserve and abide by the Constitution while leading the Gujarat genocide in 2002? And since when RSS has believed in Indian Constitution, please go and read Savarkar and Golwealkaer’s views in their works. RSS does not even recognize the Indian Flag, while you are asking us to expect once RSS comes to power through him will up hold the Constitution. Kindly go and read about RSS before claiming to know the historical facts and about Constitution of India.

    • Well I do not know from where you inferred & are commenting … I have in-fact begun by saying “Will Narendra Modi be able to walk the talk?”

      But I am afraid, today’s wave in the urban areas in India is certainly inclined towards Modi whether someone likes it or not. The question is will that wave become Tsunami or not is yet to be seen….


  2. Dear Rajiv,

    Very well written piece. I like the balanced and mature approach.

    My response : Well, we have waited for nearly 9 and half years…waiting for 6 more months is not a problem!!


  3. At the moment NAMO is one man show.There is no team which is being projected and chances of one man team succeeding is low no matter how good an orator that person may be.


  4. Well I do not wanna object to any observation per se on Narendra Modi’s ability put under microscope?? I just fail to understand that when it comes to Congress such deliberations do not take place and neither any of the so called leader of Congress is put under the magnifying lens to assess his caliber. In fact even after the his/her elevation to an imp post, no one discusses about his/ her capabilities. I won’t be surprised if Mr.Man-Mohan Singh is again elected to lead Congress and we will all accept him despite an absolute failure of UPA in last 9 years and especially the leadership as PM in all fronts.

    We have had more than 60 years of congress rule since independence and still struggle to get the basic amenities in the country’s capital? Its absolute slavery to congress in our medically ill psyche that we continue to vote for status quo. Having mentioned that,let me express that we must not waste our prestigious votes this time and commit a blunder of electing unworthy politicians again to get royally messed up for another 5 years. If I have to gamble , I will definitely gamble for a change, for betterment.


    • I agree Anoop that beggars are not choosers… we don’t have an alternative today and don’t want to be taken for a ride once again by a dummy PM….. need to have a strong guy in place, but unfortunately it is not a Presidential form of Government, we will have to have a bunch of good people to give a new direction to the country. Regret I am not seeing a few, what to talk of many…

      Lets wait & watch for some more time & see whom he picks and forms a coterie…..

  5. Rajiv

    Why be apprehensive and doubt Narendra Modi? – because he does not have dynasty to boast about? He has humble beginnings? No matter even if he has a proven track record of capability to govern?

    Modi bashing has been the common refrain of English language print and electronic media. But they have also begun the course correction witnessing the surge of popular mass support. Then why are you then raising these negative vibes?

    BJP is a democratic party and not a dynastic dispensation. So some opposition and difference of opinion is a healthy symptom. We are used to the dictatorial ambience in the Congress party where cronies and court jesters crawl when asked to walk. Haven’t we witnessed how the so called party stalwarts shamelessly bent backwards and ate the crow when a dimwit dynasty heirloom uttered sheer nonsense about nonsense. Are we not satiated with dynastic democracy that we want to see the BJP in Congress’ attire? Let there be voices in the party that will not hesitate to call a spade a spade. Healthy democracies are built that way.

    Modi has dared to walk the mile – too soon or too late time will decide. How long could his launching have been delayed in the face of crucial assembly elections to 5 major states in November? Congress has to be dislodged from Delhi and Rajasthan and MP has to be retained with substantial margin. Modi has already shown his mass appeal in Hyderabad, Rewari and Delhi. There will have to be more such public meetings that he will have to address. And who knows whether the tottering and discredited UPA II regime will survive the full course till May 2014.

    Why keep harping about the absence of BJP bigwigs from Modi’s public meetings? The recent one in Delhi was directed towards the assembly elections and all those who had to be there were there. It is not necessary for senior party leaders to stand in attention wherever Modi goes. He is not a Sonia or Rahul who ask for an unflinching and sustained display of servility from party functionaries. And neither is BJP a pale image of Congress .

    Let us all get one thing clear from our minds now and forever. No! Modi is not a polarizing personality as is being propagated by the pseudo secularists. Neither was Modi responsible for the communal riots in Gujarat in 2002. These were brought upon themselves by the minority community by their heinous and ghastly act of burning alive 59 pilgrims – many among them women and children. How many of us have gone to town against the Mulaym Singh’s government in UP for over hundred communal clashes in barely one year and few months of their sloppy rule. There are 40,000 and more persons languishing in refugee camps post Muzaffarnagar riots. Why not talk about that? 1984 is still haunting the minds and lives of those who have lost their near and dear ones slaughtered in broad daylight by Congress Party goons. Be equitable. When you mention and deride one don’t ignore the others.

    You say let’s wait for some more time and see how the things shape. Is there anyone else half as appropriate as Modi in sight? Nitish Kumar who is shouting hoarse out of turn is not even a patch in comparison to Modi. Mulayam and Mayawati et al are unfit to be even mentioned . Are you still thinking of giving more time and one more chance to Sonia, Rahul and MMS and the discredited Congress? If many fence sitters think like you do and remain apprehensive and go against Modi, this country will go to depths of misery from which it will never return as a united proud nation. God forbid that day.


    • Apprehension is not because of Narendra Modi’s family background… It has nothing to do with Dynasty at all. We don’t have to gratuitously taint it to be a discussion on trepidations. It is only the apparent factual realities which are cautiously the principal cause of worry. As I have echoed earlier too, the irony of the nation is that we will have to choose the best among the worst. Agreeing to what Anoop Rihal has mentioned, we have starved for basics even in the capital till date what to talk of the upcountry with insensitive leaders taking us for a ride.

      In the given circumstances, it is gradually getting acknowledged that Narendra Modi is fast becoming a rancorous marvel probably symptomatic of a new urban India; which unfortunately only forms a meager 20 / 25% of the vote bank and is certainly not the decider in the broader game plan

      Narendra Modi is certainly gaining popularity by the day but still, will such a polarizing personality be able to secure allies and ensure to cross the 272 mark? Patently, the question will remain unrequited till the counting day

      However, what is glaringly ostensible today is an emerging twofold configuration:

      · Recognition & the anecdotal evidence of Narendra Modi’s individual admiration which is gradually attaining cult status
      · The belief that his personal popularity will be offset by the BJP’s topographical spread to amass the strength in parliament by quenching the cravings of the smaller regional parties who would like to jump on the NaMo bandwagon

      Narendra Modi is emerging to be a good captain, but he will have to muster a new team, new charismatic faces who can inspire the confidence of the nation.

      Would like to quote here that Ian Botham was an immensely talented & a brilliant individual player, an outstanding all-rounder who could win matches for England single handedly, which I am sure no one can deny, but we all know that he failed miserably when was made the Captain of England Cricket Team. Being a sports man myself I very strongly believe, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”. Narendra Modi still has a long way to go. He has to slog internally to create a team and strategize to win the war. Sure we all as leaders of the corporate world understand, appreciate & cannot refute what we have always professed – Importance of working like a winning team to achieve our Goals.

      “Before we can talk about a championship, we have to create, practice & work like a championship team.”

      It has nothing to do with spreading negative vibes here but recognizing the RED flags, working on them judiciously, overcoming the hurdles, strategizing the right moves to beat the competition and win the game. But being complacent and oblivious of ones shortcomings is nothing but FOOLISHNESS …

      Once again with all humility, would reiterate… “The Heart says – go for Modi but the mind still says …. WEIGH IT A BIT MORE THEN DECIDE…

  6. but we should also see that the present govt. do not show the intention to clean the system but indicating it otherwise then why not give a thought to the changing wind ‘YUG BADAL RAHA JAG BADAL RAHA PHIR MAI BADLA KYA NAYI BAAT”

    Vijay Soni

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