December 17, 2017



  1. Sir, my name is sumesh. Iam an indian.residing in kerala. I have great interest in driving.I have cdl heavy licence in India and 16 year experience in driving. I have bachelor degree in kerala university.still iam working airport fire department in India(senior fire driver/fire technician).16 year experience and age 41.

  2. sir,

    i m from india. i have great experience of trucking. i love trucking. i want to move canada for work . i have heavy licence from 4 years. also working as driver in india. i havent complet my graduation due to my family responncibilities. how can i move canada for trucking. sugest me.

  3. The trucking industry has turned 180 degrees in the last 30 years or so. In the past, truckers were beacons of road safety, they were the best drivers, period. Now with the influx of immigrants, immigrants with very little winter driving experience (or none) are posing as truckers. It seems to be a default position. Our highways are no longer safe. Transport trucks, for the most part, are a menace now, they can’t seem to pass another truck on a timely basis, park where ever they feel like it at rest stops, drive in tandem with others and too often don’t know which is the fast and which is the slow lane. The highways, in eastern Canada anyways, are just plain unsafe now. The trucking industry should really clean up its act!

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