June 14, 2021



  1. What Rajiv Punj has so forcefully said echoes the prevailing popular mood in the country. Everyone is sick, tired and frustrated with the UPA’s shoddy performance and lack of governance coupled with wholesale mega corruption. Even then, despite the clamour for Modi as PM grows by the day, his direct election to the job is not possible in our parliamentary democracy. Maybe Modi would have won hands down in a Presidential form of contest but that is not possible. Realities of party politics and regional disparities will eventually decide who becomes the PM. That is not to say that Modi has no chance to be the next PM. What my own assessment tells me and which I will elaborate here, is also corroborated by Lord Meghnad Desai in a recent Times Now TV Channel talk show and hence I am emboldened to state it.

    The next PM will be the leader of the conglomerates– UPA or NDA – that will emerge favourable and not necessarily on top in the numbers game. As things stand today and as is also the prognosis of the recent poll surveys, the BJP with 160 seats will edge ahead of the UPA, which is likely to be battered and most likely to end up with 135 seats. The task before both Modi and Rahul Gandhi would be to get another 30 seats to be in a position to lay claims to form the next government. The question that stares them both is: Can they achieve this?

    Why Rahul with 160 seats has equal chance as Modi with 185 seats is to be found in the comfort the regional parties have in aligning with either the UPA or the NDA front. Obviously, as things stand, the numerical strength of those who will prefer the UPA would be higher than those who will prefer to join the NDA.

    It may well be that if the UPA triumphs, someone like Chidambaram will be nominated as PM and Rahul, like his mother, will hold the strings of power from behind the scenes. Should NDA triumph in the numbers game, then for Modi to be chosen as PM the BJP on its own will have to get 180-plus seats. SV Joshi
    Former executive-director, Siemens India

  2. Rajiv,

    Before we elect Modi, the party has to decide first. The party has to take responsibility first for Mr. Modi for his policies before he comes to the voters for votes.

    Let us not jump the gun.


  3. I think under the circumstances Modi’s developmental politics (pro-people, good governance – P2G2) formula is the panacea for all problems India faces.

    Vote-bank politics should be condemned. However, the Indian parliamentary system works differently and that is where Modi needs to work a lot as he has convinced 6 crore Gujaratis, but India is a far bigger country with caste, community, religion, illiteracy, money power factors which play over other factors specially during elections or in alliance formations. Unfortunately, the Indian masses have been kept illiterate intentionally as it suits our politicians.

    Let’s welcome a change. If it happens, it will surely change the “dasha and disha” of India.

  4. Personally, I do not believe in and endorse the thoughts of Mr Rajiv Punj on Modi. Modi has to prove a lot to me he is a good marketing guru but not financial, We need the later one to carry forward our country. Plus to rule this country, he has to change his ideology (Hindutva) practically – not by just delivering lectures. We are a secular country, not what he or his party believe.

  5. Who knows if he becomes India’s PM he may go out of his way to change his his past and work to bring Muslims much closer to Hindus. I think sometime reverse works because he will try to prove wrong those who now think he may be a threat to India.

  6. I personally believe that the next election will indeed be an significant one…..

    Must share that I have always been a congress man, will always be a congress man but at the same time, am a patriotic Indian & in the interest of all Indians believe, if we the lovers of the country do not use this opportunity to send the incompetent Gandhi parivaar packing for good then we have no right to complain if our nation’s all round performance always falls short of potential. Our system needs to reform on a massive scale that too not incrementally as has been happening for decades. It’s kind of a sober house, neither here nor there.

    I am of the opinion that in the interest of the nation, there have to be radical changes. Reforms are needed to be made in the basic thought & approach. Strategies need to be IMPLEMENTED with a strong political will ….

    Narendra Modi today seems to be an individual with a vision / capability & a strong will to bring in a new mind set. He has already proved his mettle and created a model state in today’s scenario… duly acknowledged by one and all….

    Though Dr. Amritya Sen conjures a bleak, old & hopeless image of India but Narendra Modi at the same time conjures Indian image as vibrant with Tons of Hope, Dreams & many possibilities. I don’t see any one with such a positive thought and vision within today’s bunch of Politicians across the political parties…..

    Narendra Modi exudes a sense of authority and conviction with a vision to lead the country with his thoughts about development, education, youth, progress, right branding, profit, pride and technology in the same breath.

    Let’s view his moves and statements in light and sight him with a cautious optimism and not only start looking at him but propagating him as the FUTURE Leader of the country……… The society too at large has started feeling that once Narendra Modi sits in the PMs chair, he will, hopefully, bring a corruption less and dynamic government (though a bit authoritative, we might have a price to pay …so be it in the bigger picture…).

    Let’s at least try to find an alternative to the most corrupt tenure of a government HEADED BY the silent Manmohan Singh…. Not forgetting today’s too (the Italian Chopper Deal) though while I am writing this just heard that the Govt. has stalled the deal…. Thanks to the MEDIA……

  7. I also agree with Rajiv’s views. India definitely needs a change now. We have Gujarat model in front of us where we have seen all round development and we have seen other model also… all round mess -corruption, scams, crime.
    Now it is up to us to decide what we want to choose, do we want to make an attempt to bring a change for the betterment of the common people or we want to continue to live in the same mess. Even with all the limitations of the collation government I feel Modi will still be a better bet.

  8. Indian National Congress led one of the most important Political Movement in Human History. The Movement for Independence of India.

    After Independence it helped frame the Constitution of India. This was a new name for the Dyarchy Act of 1935.

    The second Most important contribution of the Congress was to acquire British Colonial Structures and give them Hindi names. So, Viceregal Palace becomes Rashtrapati Bhawan and so on.

    Then came naming of the Roads, Kingsway becomes Rajpath and Queensway becomes Janpath.

    We have about a couple of thousand British Structures named after Gandhiji and equal number of Museums etc. named after Nehru.

    The most important contribution was of course converting prime Real Estate in Delhi into Soviet style Memorials. This has been done in a very cost effective and egalitarian manner, by putting an NDMC board in front of a house which screams the name of a former denizen into a memorial by the same name. The Hindu Undivided Family of the deceased Diety gets to occupy the House in perpetuity. Also, the domestic staff which is called Special Protection Group

    And I sometimes wonder where Connaught Place is. And then I realised Manishankar Aiyar Hon. MP built it in memory of our beloved Rajivji, somewhere near Palika Bazar. For this reason, I am eternally indebted and proud of the contribution of Indian National Congress to Building of a modern resurgent India.

    Rajivji eternal message, Mera Bhaarat Mahaan shall remain on my lips till my dying day. I am also deeply committed to Garibi Hatao and shall do my utmost to transport Garibi across DND flyway.


  9. Isn’t Rajiv Punj the son or a close relative of Balbir Punj, who is from the strategic committee of BJP, RSS, bajrang Dal, VHP, ABVP, Durga Vahini etc?

    Rajiv Punj please show the khaki nikker you are wearing instead of an underwear beneath your pants. You do not need to write so much. That is enough to tell who you are and what you stand for!

  10. Well Dr. Ahmad, with due respect….let me make it clear…… I am no way related to Mr. Balbir Punj… it is only a coincidence that I have the same surname.

    Let me share here, I am not a politician, I a patriotic Indian with deep family roots in India. These are my personal views about the scenario that we are in the country at the present moment…

    You probably missed my comment when I began that I am and will always remain a Congressman for my life time….. It has nothing to do with which party Narendra Modi belongs to. In my personal opinion, he seems to be the only visible leader with conviction and vision to raise the depressing hopes of the youth of the country. Indian society is struggling today to find a route to move forward in the chaotic scenario. He has proved to be an able administrator and can take up the responsibility to replicate on the national level……….

    On the lighter side….I wear the designer underwear and have never worn a ‘nikker’…….

    God bless you.

    • Mr. Rajiv you are proved wrong on couple of fronts such as:

      1. You may not be a blood relative but you are certainly brain relative of Balbir Punj and Modi, the butcher of Gujarat. I find the khaki nikker is unfortunately on your head visible to all rather under your pants!

      2. You are also wrong you never wore a nikker. Please go back and see your photos of class 1-8 days.

      3. Despite being a Muslim I have attended Shakhas. So I know what goes on in them. Please read Justice Markandey Katju’s latest piece in “The Hindu” paper. It is scary when corporate executives as your self are bringing in Modi the butcher of Gujarat who is another Hitler – the ideal of M. S. Golwalker in his book “Bunch of Thoughts”. But am I not expecting too much from RSS oriented person as in Shakhas they never talk about “real knowledge”!

  11. Dr. Ahmad, I must acknowledge your XRay 6/6 vision…. appreciate your arrogance of giving ex-party verdicts without evidence. Fortunately by God’s grace at that age too which you mentioned of wearing nikkers, my parents could afford to make me wear were designers than khakees.

    Regret that I have never had the privilege as you had of attending RSS shakhas in my life as I never needed to, as secular ideologies have been embedded rather engraved and have become a way of life for all of us in our family. To enlighten you, I belong to a patriotic family in which one and all do not believe & have always opposed fundamentalists (of all kinds) from the core.

    Well, coming back to the context… would reminiscent the clamour for Modi as PM of India is growing by the day, which we all know is not possible in our political system of democracy. We will have to live with the realities of the party politics & regional disparities which will eventually decide who becomes the next PM; though he might have won hands down if India also had a presidential form of contest as North America. This is my own perception (which I am entitled to voice) that Modi is gaining ground and might get elected as the PM which is also corroborated by Lord Meghnad Desai too endorsing my thoughts.

    I am prophesying about Narendra Modi not because of his political affinity, but by virtue of his administrative skills and leadership, the one who can infuse discipline and enforce laws in the interest of society. He can give effective governance which is going to make the difference TODAY for India which has the calibre & skills to emerge as a developed nation and get its due in the world?

  12. Quite surprised to read comments of Dr Ahmad ,the topic of discussion was Modi as a PM and unfortunately Dr Ahmad started promoting Mr Balbir punj, Kaki Nekker etc, by talking all this he is trying to justify the Deoband endorsement

  13. I also agree with Rajiv’s views. We definitely need a change now. India Needs a PM with very strong will and administrative abilities which Mr. Modi has demonstrated again and again. The current UPA Govt has crossed all the limits of corruption and dictatorship and we Indians need a person having authoritative style to have corruption-free India and Mr. Modi fits in the job very well.

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