Published On: Fri, May 10th, 2013

Why India and Pakistan cannot live like Canada and US, and call themselves `HinPak’ or `Pakind,’ asks Miss Pakistan World boss Sonia Ahmed

Sonia Ahmed, founder-president of Miss Paksitan World pageant

By Sonia Ahmed

TORONTO: I fail to understand the hatred both India and Pakistan have towards each other. I mean I would not say that the public of both nations care enough but sorry to say that politics and the media, especially in India, always takes an ugly turn.

My question to India is as follows: Your nation was subjected to horrible atrocities by the British for 300 years, your wealth was stolen in millions and billions, your people were killed in a genocide (Jalianwala Bagh) and many women were raped and left to fend for themselves pregnant and shamed in their communities, yet today Indians in general love the United Kingdom and the Indian government and the British government have great relations. So 300 hundred years forgotten with just an apology! How can India forget so easily?

Whereas, I fail to understand that Pakistan and India have a so-called cheap animosity for the past measly 65 years. Why is this 65- year-old issue still existing? Should this not be just pardoned like the 300 years?

In the past six months, India-Pakistan relations have gone haywire! If there was an Indian beheaded, then there was a Pakistani killed in fire. If a Sarabjit was beaten to death, so was a Pakistani in Indian jail.

As a Pakistani, I always want peace and have always promoted India in Pakistan and to Pakistanis and I have seen many of my Indian friends do the same for Pakistan. My experiences were so superior in India, especially when I went to Chandigarh and Mumbai. Both these cities
promoted Pakistani exhibitions in their newspapers, promoted Pakistani entertainers and welcomed Pakistan. The well-to-do Punjabi families both  in Mumbai and Chandigarh wore the high-end Pakistani suits, which they bought while in Lahore, Pakistan. Pakistan’s fashion and Pakistan’s beauty are both treasured by the Indians!

In Pakistan, the Indian films are loved, as the songs are full of Urdu and Pakistanis relate to that! They have a great depth of respect for the actors, singers and artists from India and in return India does the same. All in all, there is so much love to give and then suddenly everything halts.

The media sometimes is brutal and hence politics thrives on the outcome of where the media sways the emotionally charged people.  I say to the people of India, that 300 years were forgotten and 65 years are still lingering on, why is that?

I say to the people of Pakistan: Why can’t you control these terrorists? They are killing people in Pakistan and now have infiltrated into India? When will this stop?

Pakistan needs the help of India and India needs the help of Pakistan to stop these non-state terrorists who have a jihad to follow and kill all infidels?

India cannot grow with Pakistan being an issue and Pakistan cannot exist with the terrorists being an issue. These things need to be solved amicably and not by emotionally charging the people of both India and Pakistan via media and politics.

In an effort to raise awareness, I hope that silly politics and the media don’t blind the youth of our countries. As a well-wisher of both, I want to see both India and Pakistan have open borders and rename their country “Pakind,” or “HinPak,” like how Canada and America are called “North America.”

(Toronto-based Sonia Ahmed is the founder-president of Miss Pakistan World pageant)



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