February 26, 2020



  1. Credit is due to Arvind Kejriwal as political parties are making efforts to present cleaner candidates and be open to cross examination by the public.

    Arvind Kejriwal has had the courage to give up the CM seat which very few politicians do. ( modi after riots still hanged on to his chair ) besides let’s not forget he can get more seats and not compromise with corrupt parties.

    AK and Nelson Mandela have many qualities in common. These are true leaders that our required in times of change.

    Should we vote a man
    – with blood on his hands !
    – promoting crony capitalism at the cost of true entrepreneurship
    -who encourages communalism
    – who lacks charisma of an Atal Behari vajpayee to run a country as diverse as india.

    Modi is a good manager but does not demonstrate qualities of leadership leave alone being a true statesman

    Arvind Kejriwal well deserves a chance. He has reached where he is without money ( from corruption )

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