January 24, 2021



  1. I agree that these are the sad days of democracy and still feel that corruption in daily life, and corruption in government and corruption in politics is the need of hour to tackle. What has happened is all are part of it and what we can do we should do.


  2. We have to trust younger generation to save democratic values and not follow the people who disrupt the proceeedings in the Parliament and Vidhan Sabhas.Country is in midst of crucial change .

  3. Rajiv,

    Your article reflects true picture of our nation and time has come that we join hands to help this nation to emerge and sustain or else we may fall and not rise again.



  4. Dear Rajiv,
    Let me congratulate you for your new role as a political analyst. Your writing power is superb and English good indeed. But as far as debating is concerned, I think BJP/NDA was right by not allowing as by doing this they succeeded in mounting pressure on the government and brought the issue into public domain like they did in the 2G case. Of course, by disrupting the whole session resulted in loss of taxpayers’ money but by bringing the issue of corruption in larger public domain is more important and will eventually off-set the losses once the coalgate blocks are cancelled or the inquiry is carried to its logical conclusion and the nexus of politicians and business houses is exposed.

  5. Debate in parliament is more often than not meaningless in that the government will give some cock and bull explanation and shut the Opposition’s voice by brute majority. Then they will send the matter to the PAC where it will be put in cold storage and in propriety wrangle and treated with contempt in order to give it a decent burial. Recall what happened to the JPC in 2G.The Opposition’s move to stall parliament worked to good effect in the 2G matter so why not in coalgate? This government is neck deep in scams and mega-scams and does not deserve the decency of a parliamentary escape route.


  6. I endorse and agree with what all you are saying. I but have some issues:

    1. What is the alternative under the present structure…all are the same… the only difference of few degrees.

    2. More keen to listen to the solution as an educated person: how many of us go and vote.

    3. We need a revolution and that will come only when we take to streets with a clear agenda – but not like Anna and Kejriwal, etc., having political ambitions and wanting cheap publicity, supported by good articles like this.

    4. Excuse me, I am very blunt and straight. Please don’t mind. You are doing a good and wonderful job by penning down such topics, but now time has come when we have to move forward collectively.

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