July 25, 2017




  1. Excellent article, beautifully written with all 100% true contents ! Some soul-searching will definitely be required to rise above our hypocitic attitude ………. Congratulations to Rajiv punj for highlighting these sensitive facts !

  2. Rajiv Ji, kya baat hai ji … excellent article ! You hit the nail on the head ! Yes it is the height of hypocricy and is certainly shameful to say the least ! The so called Rich Indian Culture is bringing us shame and disgrace everywhere …. No doubt, we have to make efforts and find ways to make women safer in our communities …… We all must do our bit, in one way or another. Collective efforts definitely could bring some results ! MAANA KI IS JAHAAN KO, NA GULZAAR KAR SAKEY; KUCH KHAAR TOU KAMM KAR GAYE, GUZREY JIDHAR SE HAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dear Rajiv,

    I have been following the post on this subject subsequent to your well-orchestrated thoughts some time back. In spite of I being quite busy for last couple of weeks, whenever I read the contributions of your friends on this column, I was indeed motivated to share my feelings too. Here it goes…

    Like rest of the world, I have been very anguished to read about the horrific incidents of December 2012. Sadly the year 2012 was ending with such cruelty against the very women tribe without whom the world would have ended or would not even have begun. Unfortunately it did not pause with December incident. There were other sporadic incidents, in Haryana, Punjab and even yesterday in MP – Gwalior when a Swiss national was robbed and gang rapped. What is this happening and why is it happening? Is it a recent phenomenon? Actually this has been happening in the past also. But now our Media especially the live Media has become very belligerent. Besides TV connects and impacts with audiences instantaneously. So coming back to our subject, I think this has been happening in the past also. Yes, I do believe that there is a sudden spurt in these incidents. Largely because of growing inequality getting increasingly manifested in the society. The inequality in education and inequality in wealth distribution is leading to alienation and thus frustration of a section of the society. The angst and frustration is being let out in the form of violence and atrocities against women. It has been very rightly said by you and other contributors that Man is trying to assert his power and supremacy by indulging in this senseless and barbaric act. Perhaps it gives such people a kick. Our society is going through an evaluation. Some time I feel these are ills of development. Even in a country like China where Marxism is practised and people are ruled and governed towards an egalitarian and class less society, the crime and particularly crime against women have not significantly diminished. Sometime I think a strong deterrent in the form of exemplary punishment is what is required. Further in my opinion, education and widespread inculcating of societal values is the need of hour. Each one of us, in our own way should contribute towards developing and spreading societal values. Rajiv, you have started the campaign by penning your beautiful thoughts, we should carry this forward by educating the people with whom we come in contact, be it our Driver, our washer man, our vegetable vendor, our maid, our cook even our colleagues and friends (Not necessarily they need no education, I know some of my acquaintances who practice and believe in some medieval absurd theories about status of women in our society).

    Well done Rajiv.

    Let’s keep the fire on…

    Long live our nation…

    Best Wishes


  4. Dear Rajiv,

    It is good to think,but I important to implement I wish & pray to Almighty if every family start doing the way you have said.Good work.Let me remind you we are in kalyug,we are heading towards self-dustruction.Hope Good will happen.

    With all good wishes,all god bless,

    Rana Arvind

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