August 4, 2021



  1. Hi,
    Nothing can be more hideous and disgraceful that this. It seems that Mr. Ambani has bought most of the news channel and none of them has courage to reveal this. The witness said that a young man came out of the car and that young man turned out to be 55 year old Driver overnight..Sad


  2. Understanding the Politics of India & the politics of the world [PART ONE]

    AAP = Aam Aadmi or common people
    Do they really know what FREEDOM means?

    Aryans invasion on semitic black nation – Indus valley [now Pakistan] the land of black dravidian.

    Aryans introduced varnadharm – varna means profession [learned Administration Corporate & labor , dharm means A way of life.

    The first syndicate of 3 elites profession between settlers & native took place here.
    law written by them was introduced it was called Manu sastra.

    Sanathan dharm of the black native who followed the law of equality as stated in Purana ittihassa upinishad. all the profession or varna lived by it. [aam or common people govern the 3 elites profession as they all were educated & they knew their rights]

    Varnadharm : syndicate of elites introduced manu law which degrade common people from both the sides – settlers & native

    invaders came and govern India as per the principle of Varnadharm & govern by law of Manu sastra.

    Aam Aadmi Party : They in their ignorance have challenge that syndicates.
    Remember sudra, slave, ansari different name given to labor or common people by different invaders.


  3. I’m always upset when I read such news. There is too much wrong in the world with which no one is fighting. Rich people get away with it and they continue to live on as they did before. In such cases, it is necessary to attract public attention as much as possible. Always you need to stay neat on the road because you never know what can happen.

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