July 7, 2020



  1. It is a great story and very inspiring. All Indians living in North America and other parts of the world can feel proud of their roots and faith. It is little sad that a non-Indian had to set an example while Indian Americans (like Bobby Jindal, Nicky Haley and Ami Bery) converted to Christianity to be accepted in the US earlier. Informative article.

  2. Great to know that our ancient Hindu culture is influencing people in West. I understand even President Obama keeps idol of Lord Hanuman and admires Mahatma Gandhi.

    It also highly speaks volumes about American culture which is a melting pot of almost all international cultures. Previously a US congressman used Kuran and now Gita at the inauguration.

    May God bless America.

  3. This is a very interesting story covering this growing trend of Indians, Hindus and Buddhists rise in American politics plus it brings the news all together. This is exciting and encouraging progress.

  4. One of the first Hindus in Hawaii was the Watumall family, who built a fortune there. My aunt married into that family and her son, my cousin still lives there. My aunt would tell me stories about how she would worship her Hindu deities in the privacy of her bedroom and not have any idols nor paintings anywhere in full view even as late as the 70s.And now we have Hindu congressfolk being sworn in on the Gita. What a difference!

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