Published On: Thu, Apr 18th, 2013

This is how godman Aasaram Bapu gives diksha to his disciples

spiritual guru Aasaram Bapu

Aasaram Bapu, the self-styled godman, had sermonised India on how the Delhi gangrape victim Nirbhaya would had avoided it all if she would had taken diksha, recited mantras and begged in front of those six beasts who were raping her on a Delhi bus. Aasaram’s sermons made our blood boil in disgust, says

But now after seeing this photograph of Aasaram Bapu imparting ‘Diksha’ to a disciple in his unique style, one can very well understand where he is coming from and what kind of sermons he is capable of uttering, says the website

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  1. arun says:

    this is Swami Virato with his wife…guys

    • shank says:

      This is exctly how Christian and other anti Hindu missionaries are spreading sinful conspiracies against the Hindu saints and people who strengthen Hinduism. Totally shameful!

    • shank says:

      This is exctly how Christian and other anti Hindu missionaries are spreading sinful conspiracies against the Hindu saints and people who strengthen Hinduism. Totally shameful! Jai Asharama Bapu… Hari OM!

      • Gis says:

        OMG….Christians and anti hindu??? Rape and religion are 2 different things…That may be his wife or whatever but these babas talk about morality and public behaviour of women,right?So wht the hell is he doing? Why is this Pic viral? Why did he not BEG and have this Pic stopped from getting viral?

        • Om Shankar says:

          The Pic is Viral, because people like you want to see it. They want it everywhere.

          I agree that Asaram’s comment on the event was unjust. I totally disagree his views.

          But regarding spreading consciousness for Hinduism, he has done much things which are of higher worth.

          The scene in the pic clearly shows that its a personal moment between Swami Virato and his wife.

          But see, how the words have been used against Asaram, in this small article.

          Given the point of discussion, do not justify it only using his unaccepted comments on the rape event. This article’s main topic is something else. – which is also, clearly a wrong one.

  2. Michael M. says:

    30 years his Junior?

    • Chak Resh says:

      If it is his consensual partner, 30 years younger or not is irrelevant.
      People tend to see everything in absolute terms, something or someone is either good or bad. That makes us come up with out-of-world conclusions. If he has sex with common consent, does not make him a bad person in any way. What makes him unfit for preaching is what he says and there I have no sympathy.
      This man’s alleged statements on rape victim show what is wrong with the Indian society, an outdated moral code that started getting corrupted almost 1000 years ago and now is in tatters. Most men and many older women uphold these man dominated views, just like in any other society.
      Pl don’t make it into Hindu vs Christians, for its got nothing to do with it. It’s about cultural and social values. People of all religions and beliefs have committed rape, it is at best a sickness and at worst a violent crime against humanity.
      Pl donot defend what is bad even it comes from you and your beliefs, rather work to remove the bad.And pl do not find evil just because it suits your short-term purpose. Show and treat everyone with respect and empathy.

  3. It doesn’t matter if this is his wife this guy is no guru,turn over a rock in India and you find a Guru! One who can take you from darkness to inner light is rare ,I was Luck y enough to find one in Sant Darshan Singh Ji he took me out of this mortal frame back in 1979…Wake up sleeping humanity this world is just a Dream,and that is what I know for sure…!

  4. Ritesh Saini says:

    this is swami is dongi baba than pepole was loss it

  5. Truth Seeker says:

    He is Osho Virato with his wife Maa Deva Dhiraja.

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