June 20, 2018



  1. East-Punjab is always in my mind. Our entire civilization was eradicated within months. Our villages of several thousand people were massacred down to the last man, woman and child…only a very few escaped to tell their tales. Of the 12 million registered Muslims (ref. government records of 1942) in East-Punjab only 5 million managed to escape to Pakistan while 2 million people came from other parts of India. I agree that Sikh shcolors are silent on this very painful issue.

    • Shah – Stop promoting conspiracies and lies. The whole of Punjab including the native states only had 18.5 million Muslims and you claim East Punjab where the Muslims had a minority population they were 12 million! The Sikhs and Hindus of Punjab were faced with the same fate that ISIS had for the Yazidis – murder, rape and forceful conversion. You must have a very low opinion of the Sikhs and Hindus if you think that they would have stood by and been enslaved and murdered by those who were only in a 54% majority. Sikhs and Hindus had to fight and force the Muslims out of East Punjab just as the Sikhs and Hindus of West Punjab were forced out by the Muslims there. You pretend to have some concern for what happened in 1947 and play the victim card. Yet the Muslims were the winner out of the partition. Sikhs lost their best lands and the Hindus their commercial establishments.

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