September 24, 2018



  1. Jinnah & Bhutto both were secular, they both didn’t bring ANY islamic reforms (the base for extremism we are facing right now) they both said at many occasions that they want a secular state where all minorities can practise their religions freely & everyone has the right to believe in whatever they believe with equal opportunities.
    It’s not about the ideology behind Pakistan that’s threatening. Even as a Muslim Mr Akbar knows an Islamic state doesn’t has to be what Pakistan is like today. Just like any other religion Islam teach equality, human rights, rights to believe and practice whatever you want. The reason behind Pakistan’s instability right now is its dictator rulers who needed mullahs to stay in power & in return they were allowed to recruite & train Pakistanis for so called jihad in Kashmir, & Afghanistan. Zia’s time in power has effected this country in a worse way at the most ever since 1947.

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