February 22, 2019



    • There is no allah, or jesus, or anything else. Get over it. Don’t be mad at this girl because she’s too hot to ever want to fuck someone like you.

    • Yeah man she is Muslim and showing her body get over it. Who gives a damn. She’s sexy simple as that and I’m sure your jerking off to her every day but you have to be a hypocrite and condemn her in public and wank in private.

    • Ya, you r correct…but don’t b judgemental in deciding dat she is Muslim or not.may be she is not doing it all willingly

  1. I dont understand as to WHY other Pakistani guys are getting all hyped up about the fact shes doing this! Umm is she YOUR sister or relative? Shut up and GET OVER it! Mind your own business! You are NOT GOD!

    • Yes Annie. She is sexy I wish I see your photos too. As I expect same for all USA girls. They are are bitch how much money you charge for a night??

  2. Dr bashar is a bastard. She is a muslim as she was born in a shitty muslim family and she has never said she is not a muslim. She is doing all this out of her will and for money, after all she is from the land where people do anything for money evan fuck donkeys and different animals in pakiland.

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