July 25, 2017




  1. Really fascinating article. All we need is walk and appreciate the sunset so that we can feel better about ourselves. While there are some good general points, we could do better to begin living by enjoying God’s gifts provided to us. How true, best things in life are free.

  2. Beautiful sunset Ashok! There is a sun gazing method per Hira Ratan Manek that does miracles when practiced in combination with raw food diet. It cleanses the body and mind and it rejuvenates the pituitary gland which normally becomes calcified as we age. The rejuvenation of the pituitary gland is of vital importance for the proper functioning and synchronization of all our vital organs. Sun gazing when practiced safely as described by HRM is harmless and you will start seeing the results very quickly. I know leaving examples of people who tried it and it helped them achieve perfect health where they used to suffer from diabetics, tyroid disorder, anemia, obesity, and respiratory problems. The calming effect is a bonus

  3. all age old Hindu rituals included ‘sandhya Pooja/Arti” are performed perhaps for this reason “Sunset – mantra of joy”. One of my favorite memories is from Rishikesh or Haridwar at the End the day with the sun setting over the Ganges, sounds of temple bells and hundreds of diya lit Arti plates with chants floating in the air

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