June 26, 2019



  1. Words from the respected Japanese professor are the need of the hour for our beloved Sri Lankan Tamil brothers.

  2. Sri Lankan Tamils Have Played A Bigger Role Than Other Groups In Globalizing Hinduism, Says Japanese Scholar Yamashita. But the Japanese failed to save the humanity and genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

  3. I wish Sri Lankan Tamils THROW AWAY this religion at its birth place. Its the division within Hinduism in the name of caste and greed that made the Indian Hindus help their fellow Hindus get slaughtered to the ground for asking for equal human rights.
    We are NO LONGER HINDUS like MANY OTHERS who saw 2009 events and India’s role and International actions.
    This doesn’t mean following any other religion. Indeed native religions are fine where you settle if you want the spiritual side in you!

    • How has the divisions in Hinduism in terms of caste and greed (I guess you mean creed) helped “fellow Hindus get slaughtered to the ground asking for equal human rights?”

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