July 27, 2017




  1. Maharaja Ranjit Singh was one of a kind! I find it astounding that a young illiterate man, one with no exposure through travel to foreign lands, had the intelligence and foresight to enlist foreign nationals in his army. Among them were twelve Frenchmen, four Germans, four Italians, three Americans, three Englishmen, two Spaniards, one Russian, one Scott, seven Anglo-Indians as well as some others. His secular rule and noble treatment of the vanquished was unlike that of other rulers. His official seal bore the words, ‘Akal Sahai’, and he did not ever let himself forget his mortality.
    Mr. Ambi Kalra’s effort at trying to re-ignite pride in our heritage, the principles of our heroes, thereby pride in ourselves, is highly commendable. Unless men like him are supported in their effort, the true wealth of our heritage will be lost and forgotten. It is roots that anchor and lend strength to the tree, a point that Mr. Kalra has understood and is committed to cultivating.

  2. Your write-up brings out work and mission of Ambi Kalra, an entrepreneur in Canada. I like the name “Spirit Born” he has chosen for his clothing line through which he wants to promote the cultural and artistic heritage of the Sikh empire of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. His mission “To have a Sikh heritage centre in the Toronto area to promote awareness about their past, art and heritage,” is unique and laudable and needs support from all well meaning members of the Sikh community.

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