July 26, 2017




  1. He was a real granddaddy. I saw him perform at the Concert for Bangladesh. I remember him tuning the sitar and everybody clapping. Imagine if they enjoyed his tuning up, how much they enjoyed when he actually played. I also remember him asking the audience at MSG to stop ‘smoking’ as there were lit joints and hash pipes all over the place. Amazing concert! And as far as being a household name, on campus I was known as the guy from ‘Ravi Shankar’ country. Like India was referred to as ‘Ravi Shankar country’- how cool was that?

  2. Thank you for the retrospective on the great Ravi Shankar. Nice photos too. I was introduced to him by George Harrison’s music. I have spent many hours listening to and watching the Concert for Bangladesh. It is so sad to see him leave, he was a talent, a sage, a thinker, leader and communicator. He will be missed. Excellent piece.

  3. Wonderful to know that great Ravi Shankar is once again being recognized although posthumously. He was a class in himself. What an amazing creative spirit to bring the world together through music. Well written piece. Congratulation to the writer for presenting a unique connection with the Mozart of sitar. Thank you for sharing great pieces. Nice photographs,

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