October 23, 2017



  1. Thank you for this review and write-up.It feels good to know how Indian culture, especially Kathak, has grown in Canada. Proud of all these artistes for their contribution to not only Indian heritage and culture but also contributing positively to world culture.

  2. As a teenager,I’d once had the privilege of watching the famed Kathak dancer Birju Maharaj dance at a private performance. I was spell-bound. He had such control over every movement. He said that while dancing he could control the number of bells he wanted to be heard that were tied around his ankles. He could, and demonstrated it, going from having all of them jingle to gradually getting it down to just one. All of us held our breaths as he danced around nimbly, allowing only one little ankle bell to tinkle.

    The dancer explained that artists used their medium to describe objects and emotions. The medium of dancers was body movements. He challenged us to throw out random words and phrases at him, which he would try and describe to us through dance. One of those I called out was, ‘cannon’. He did a thorough job of ‘describing’ one. The cannon was brought to life that night through Kathak.

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