December 14, 2018



  1. Very nice theme for a play. I remember going to a US university in the 60s where girls supposedly attended just so they could score a suitable husband.
    At the same time there was the female liberation movement and those girls were always at loggerheads with the traditional types.
    Also I remember an incident when we came to Toronto in 1970 and wanted to visit the King Edward hotel. We were three guys and two girls and the girls were denied entry because they were unmarried. And this in 1970!
    There are some old folks here who will also tell you that in their early years there were two separate lines for men and women in banks!
    Well, times certainly have changed!

  2. Once I took a local friend of mine to an Indian religious place in Toronto and he and his wife were a little surprised to see women and men sitting separately. I wonder whether he and she know that segregation of the sexes at public places was common practice in the West aso just three or four decades ago. Good article.

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