July 27, 2017




  1. I think all Indians and Pakistanis, especially Punjabi people, need to read this article. How can we deny our common heritage? All martyrs – Hindu, Muslim or Sikh – fought for freedom from colonial rulers and our objective was the same. Any right-minded person will want to honor Bhagat Singh by naming that chowk after him because that is the spot where three martyrs were hanged.

    • To correct historical facts the chowk should be renamed after the great freedom fighter from the Lyallpur district although he was not Muslim .what is the contribution of Jamat ul dawa?not only this the original name of faisabad should be restored as it was named after a person who converted this part of thal desert into a lush green part of the Punjab .uptil now

  2. I think no amount of insinuations by any religions on HINDUS in India or any amount of insults on its being… Our INDIANS ARE used to digesting them since BRITISH RULE that’s why they could rule for centuries together.You change one Muslim king’s name, and the entire world will cry hoarse. All this we are bearing in the name of secularism.

  3. This shows the mean mentality of Pakistan. This mentality is not of today. But it is so since its birth. But, our Government is unable to read this mentality of Pakisatn and on the other hand are extending all sorts of cooperation to the most undeserved country i.e. Pakistan.

  4. And delhi has a road named ‘Aurangzeb Road’ and a number of towns called Islampur, Islamnagar etc. People in India should wake up to the fact about how things change when a place becomes a ‘Muslim’ place. I really liked the fact that those guys did not even attempt to sound civilised and straightaway said that in Pakistan only Muslim names ought to be respected. At least they say it as it is, not like India’s secular brigade which does its best to hide the motive behind Muslim acts.

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