September 21, 2017



  1. Hey There! Thanks for sharing your detailed experience and advice for the new comers.Am one of IT Professional Indian looking to move to Canada on a PR for a better job and salary pay.
    So could you please share your thoughts if it is a good idea for me as a IT professional to migrate to canada on a PR?Please advice.

  2. Hi,

    Read this article and comments. Most of the ‘success’ stories are from people who ‘enjoy’ cleaning toilets and working ‘McJobs’ (checkout)….

    When Canada says ‘IT’, they mean ‘Call center’ (CSR) jobs…

    Stay in INDIA! If you can’t make money in a 2-BILLION CASH economy, what makes you think you can do it in Canada or elsewhere?

    I also believe that ‘leaders’ of other countries are ‘on the take’ to make people migrate… ‘corruption’ is always the answer…

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