January 25, 2020



  1. It is very hard to survive in Canada. Those who are already well settled in India should not burn their boats and immigrate here. Work hard there only and your life will be much better than Canadian immigrants.

  2. I am living in Vancouver for the past 16 years, I experienced all of this when I migrated but now everything has settled down, there are plus and minuses everywhere, I was an executive chef in India, I started to work as a cook in here, I changed my profession I work for the provincial government, always have positive feelings about the things happening around you, I tried to go back to India twice, but did not do it, if you had known all these things would happen you may not have come here, now that you are here, make the best about all. Good luck. Love you all, think about the almighty who brought you here, may will have something big for you.

    • Hey nice to meet you Frank I’m from India I am female 34 trying to come to Canada and settle there with my dad and my little dog. I lost my mom 2 years ago. We are saved from Hinduism Brahmins 12 years ago to Christianity. Almighty God saved us miraculously me and my parents got saved . Sad news I miss my My Mom so much I love her all my life. Now me and my dad alive and still witnessing people about our true God .And I want to give testimony as well in Canada . I love that country live there . Can you help me and guide me. Please text me and give your email I’d so I can communicate with you . Thank you and God bless.

      • Kindly don’t go to Canada talking this way. You might be thrown out soon for being racial and casteist. And most of canadians don’t believe too much in you new found Christ either. And get a life.

      • Keep praying and praising Jesus. There are millions of Christians in Canada and they are very kind,too. Just treat people kind and respectful and you should be fine. I found Canadians when I visited there extremely friendly and helpful. Lovely country. I had no problem with the people. I visited Vancouver Island and loved it.
        Very much like the west coast of America.

      • Unfortunately your search for true god isn’t complete yet. Only a Allah is the true God and Islam is the true religion, and Prophet Muhammad is the last messenger about whom Prophet Jesus also mentioned. Hope you find the right path.

  3. Respected Sir,
    I, john, a bca(bachelor of computer applications-from pune university-india) graduate and msc

    geoinformatics post grad(from symbiosis international university-pune-india), would like to request info on Ph.D. programs

    in your university…iam very interested in wildlife conservation,wildlife biology,forestry biology,forestry management and

    related fields…i would be very grateful if u would provide me information on the details

    ,prerequisites,exams,fellowships,assistantships for phd programs…also whether i am eligible for them….Also I have no

    experience in the subjects mentioned-Forest Ecology, Forest Biology, Wildlife Conservation,Wildlife Biology,etc.But in my

    post-graduate degree(MSc Geoinformatics) i had subjects such as Forestry, Oceanography, Environmental Science, etc-in

    addition to subjects like GIS, Remote Sensing,etc.I have a CGPA of 2.523 out of 4.0(roughly 63%) and in my graduate degree

    (Bachelor of Computer Applications) I have 2309 out of 3600 marks(roughly 64.1%).i hope to hear from u soon..whenever u are

    free and get the information feel free to mail me..thanking u in advance…i am mainly interested in wildlife conservation

    in Canada…

    10 jan 2015(saturday)

    note-is gre/toefl exam needed for canada.?..i know it is needed for the usa…but someone told me it is university

    specific-meaning some univ demand it and some don’t

  4. Can you please compare that among the countries which are easiest to get job, easy immigration,easy scholarships
    Of course it is not easy and HARD WORK in needed anywhere/everywhere…
    but relatively speaking, which are the easiest for a student(Ph.D.)…The countries are-N. Zealand,Canada,Scandinavian countries(Denmark,Norway,Iceland,etc),Germany,Australia,Netherlands,Singapore.

  5. Hi I am Aswin. I am an MBA in marketing. But I am not successful in my career. So I plan to go to Canada and settle there in some supervisional job. Can anyone help me how will I get a job?

  6. This article seems very truthful. I am waiting for my work permit for Saskatchewan & strongly hope to get it by beginning for Nov 2017.
    Sincere thanks to the author of this article.
    I wish I could have similar information and of course like minded friends before I step into Canada.
    Also share if you guys know some good immigration agents who work on no visa no fee condition.

    hope to get good response,


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