July 24, 2017




  1. Mr Shah,

    Hitler, Saddam, Osama, Zia ul Haq, etc,had all been funded, supported and brought to power by elements as yourself. What a shame you call yourself a nationalist Indian when you are canvassing for the “Butcher of Gujarat” to become the PM? Despite living in the West you have not learnt a single thing about respect for humanity. Modi who not only orchestrated the mass killings in 2002 but has got Hiren Pandya, the Minsiter in his cabinet who opposed him, killed. Then he has got so many innocents bumped off in staged police encounters through Vanzara, Pandey, Amit Shah, etc. Yet your eyes do not open and you are not ready to write about the true face of this “Butcher of Gujarat”! Rather you have all praise about the lies he has been speaking about development in Gujarat. Please speak truth about this man unless you are his paid agent or a nikker at heart!

  2. Unless they change their attitude towards serving people, it is only each political party is taking turns at their personal gains. The state of affairs won’t change with the change of people at top.

  3. Only one man can see India’s future and he can prove it as well if he got chance to become PM.
    He can change Gujarat so why not India when we all NRIs are with him
    You know who this man is.

  4. Kudos Hemantbhai.. it is unfortunate that people like Ahmed with either the incomplete knowledge based on the information read from Congress paid news or probably blind Congress follower who never want any non currupt politicians to lead india..but that does not change the facts wot Namo has done. @Ahmed. Before comparing him with all those u named…go n check with all Muslims in Gujarat whot the truth is. Just using those so called killings every time not gonna help. But even bother educating people like u with no brains…well once again good job, Hemantbhai.

  5. Congr8s & very well said Hemantbhai. People like Ahmad are idiot , blind follower & paid agents of congress goverment. Mr. Ahmad please do some research about all riots happened in India till today & who has done good work out of all riots get that & than write something about Modi.

  6. Very well Said Hemantbhai!I concur the comments of Rohit and Nikhil. I am not sure from where Ahmad Cameron is coming from. You have lived in Gujarat during 80’s you would know how people of Baroda, Ahemdabad, Bharuch and Surat were living. Every single resident was living a disgusting life and tired of communal riots. How can you forget that. NAMO has brought the glory back to Gujarat and showed the power of a common man (Hope you understand Mr Cameron and I not sure where and why you got your last name changed) maybe you were frightened to disclose your identity. Anyways as rightly said go and check with people of Gujarat do they feel safe now or before. Mind you Gujarat is one of the few states in the country which is very diversed and people like to get settle here. I wish all the luck to Honorable Mr Modi to be the next Prime Minister of India. Cheers!

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