May 5, 2021



  1. Friend’s,

    Let us shift our focus to NAMO know as he is the PM aspirant from BJP side.Let us talk of the future now.

    My comments on the speech made on Sunday at Delhi.

    1. High on Rhetoric to captivate the imagination of our public but low on substance.

    2. To much flogging of Gandhi family and Dr.MMS with strong personal attacks not less virulent than done by Rahul Gandhi few days ago. Wants to project by too much negative campaign.

    3. W/O verifying the facts fully went full blast at Pak PM when imp talks were under way. No different from Rahul intemperate attitude.

    4. Facts are important but how u deliver them is also imp. Sorry NAMO lacks. He is too blunt.

    5. NAMO trying to over project himself as the only Messiah of INDIA.

    6. Hitler of Germany was a Ultra German Nationalist and he captured the imagination of all the Germans. Surely we all agree that he misused his power and directed public efforts to create War machinery with the hope to conquer the whole world. I feel scared when I see similar traits in him.

    7. In Diplomacy US is the best as they know when to use carrot and when to use the stick. In Afghanistan US 1st destroyed Afghanistan engaged in war with the Talibans and now US want;s to leave w/o achieving anything and using PAK good offices trying to make peace with Taliban’s the very enemies US fought. There is not much public interference in US when US is engaged in diplomacy as they r confident of Govt moves. NAMO is one way only ./… hardliner approach.

    Let us not invest too much in NAMO and we should keep our options open as politics can change in the coming month with unpredictable Rahul. My sixth sense says there is internal power struggle in Congress and young brigade under Rahul wants to wrest power from Core Group team under Sonia Gandhi which has a soft corner for the old brigade because of long association. Congress has to decide who will call the shot SG or RG. Let us wait for MMS to return.


    • Mr. Harjeet Singh, my comments:

      1. I agree. Even accepting that it was a public rally and rhetoric is unavoidable, slightly lower key with more substance would have gone down even with that crowd better

      2. Agree about the PM, do not agree about the family. First about the PM, the ’embarrassment’ part is over played. This happens all the time in democracies. All parties are well briefed and know in advance how much importance they should give to the party they are negotiating with. Some sudden local development does not affect talks Secondly, not to criticize a leader -President or PM– when he is abroad on official business underscores our hypocritical symbolism when you consider that we live in an age of communication. It also smells of dishonesty. The more important point about constant attacks on the PM is that it will, at some point, begin to cause sympathy for the PM because he is perceived by all as a decent man. It seems also not to be understood that people do not read or discuss politics as much as we do. For them the PM is a big man, respectable for his position and constant and intemperate attack on him can be counterproductive. As for the Family, why is it said only about the PM that he was embarrassed, didn’t Sonia Gandhi know what was happening, didn’t Rahul know, all other senior leaders know.? They should all be ashamed. If I were in Modi’s place I would attack the entire Congress leadership including Sonia, Rahul and the members of the Core Committee by name and project the PM as victim of pressure. I would charge Rahul Gandhi of dishonesty because he was a party to the Bill, and the Ordinance and then denounced it as if only the Government did it and he had nothing to do with it.

      3. I do not know what fact you are referring to but there is no comparison with what Rahul did. One is conscious dishonesty, another is a lapse. In a long speech of an hour there could be some fact he didn’t verify.

      4. A public speech at a rally should not be judged by standards one applies to a drawing room conversation. When you try to judge Modi please remember that he is successfully ruling a State for last nine years and knows how to talk to people at all levels. The only time Rahul ever spoke, he spoke ‘intemperately’–this is your word, mine will be stronger

      5. No comment. It is a matter of opinion, yours can be as right as mine.

      6. Shows your ignorance. India is not Germany of the thirties And remember the only time someone in India behaved like Hitler was Indira Gandhi, Rahul’s grandmother and founder of the ;Gandhi dynasty…

      7. I agree. As Chief Minister of Gujarat Modi must have gone through many delicate situations and must have handled them.

      I put neither SG nor RG anywhere near Modi. They are no option; in any case they will have a chance.


  2. Dear Rajiv,

    Since I am in Cologne I could not listen live when NaMo spoke. Thanks to Mr. Ranjit Srivatsaa, who sent me the link, I could listen to the entire recorded version later in the evening.

    Although, I felt that the first part of this speech was rather dreary in comparison to the usual forceful and absorbing rhetoric that we are now used to from Modi, the vigour caught on in the later part as he shifted focus on Nawaz Sharif and junior Gandhi. It is Modi’s infinite genius that he coupled the two shameful utterances against MMS in his combined onslaught against Pakistan and Congress to a very telling effect. Handling these two incidences separately would not have the same effect. Modi has certainly succeeded in sending shivers in the discredited 10 Janpath brigade. 7 Race Course is now largely inconsequential and matters little. Imagine L.K.Advani – a spent force – leading the BJP’s 2014 battle charge. The battle would have been lost even before it began. Modi has made a change from the Congress rule look almost a certainty. Things will get livelier as the D day gets closer. Dynasty and Congress led UPA II is inflicting serious damage to itself by holding on to power and landing from one embarrassment to another. If they are wise they would call for an early election to reduce their misery and quantum of losses. With each passing day and In his present ominous form, Modi is going to make the life for the Congress more and more miserable. The legend of believers is growing manifold with every succeeding speech of Modi.

    You have captured the essence and spirit of Modi’s brilliant oratory of the day in a high quality journalistic narrative which has all my praise and, I am sure, from most others in the group. We look forward to your contributions which please keep them coming.

  3. Another Masala article,some how through all these activities one wants to be in news, some time through Anna, 2G,CWG, Coal etc , always looking for some opportunity of gossiping. Can’t think /talk or write more than this because doesn’t have a constructive agenda to take country forward.

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