August 4, 2021



  1. Rajiv Bhai

    Thanks for this article. I’m really impressed because I have been debating with you on thinking \ projecting Modi as a potential PM. The guy knows only one part of India i.e. Gujarat nothing else and projecting yourself by using the good marketing tools you can’t deserve to be on hot seat. If really you are capable he should come up with a blueprint in front of us that how he can take us forward which he can’t because he doesn’t have potential, he can make only good strategy for the work like 2002 , Internally nobody likes him in his own party because of his attitude.

    BJP is a group of confused and directive less bunch of people they don’t have good managers like Congress please believe we are heading towards two party rules ie Rightist and Leftist it may take little more time but ie the Ultimate and good for India in coming times.

    Manoj joshi

  2. Single individual alone even of the caliber of Narendra Modi cannot be an instrument of change unless he has loyal team working. His style of working makes more enemies than friends. His single defense Gujrat model has become stale and what if that model fails then what. It is too risky.


  3. I think India Today Conclave must be a restricted forum where only invited guests are allowed. So no one can blame Mr. Modi or the BJP for less number of members from that party. It is immaterial what others think of Mr. Modi, just listen to his approach towards almost all of the problems the country now faces and see if there is substance in it.

  4. Mr. Modi is only cm of India which was invited to speak in the summit which concentrates on the influence of the Web by forming the future of India in the fields of the policy, media, trade, business, culture, trade, government and educations.

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