August 3, 2021



  1. Excellent views Rajiv Ji … which definitely make a lot of sense …. I hope the common-man revolution which Kejriwal has initiated, doesn’t go to waste because of his political inexperience. The other parties seem to be eagerly waiting…See More

  2. Excellent views Rajiv Ji … which definitely make a lot of sense …. I hope the common-man revolution which Kejriwal has initiated, doesn’t go to waste because of his political inexperience. The other parties seem to be eagerly waiting to ridicule his immature actions ….. His support is very critical and the only way he can maintain that is by avoiding inconvenience to the common man, as much as possible …..

  3. where is the question arises of learning am again supporting to Rajiv ji …Yes he will learn ..Everybody knows he is not experienced slowly for sure but till date how much he is proving and showing his capacity to fight ….CHANGE WILL COME.

  4. I find that in every comment on the AAP dharna, the police are routinely commented upon adversely, are called inefficient, incompetent, in league with criminals, and act only on pressure of politicians and as Captain Gopinath says else where only on orders of ‘Khas Admi’.

    Add to this the fact that the number of policemen is probably half of what is required, and a large number are on unproductive duties like security for the leaders and such like things and add to that the number of hours they work.

    Does any body think the kind of mess the AAP made will improve police functioning ; particularly the law minister ordering police who are not under his authority, ordering them to arrest somebody without warrant, talking extremely rudely–watch his body language— and the fact that that two police people are sent on leave and nothing happens to the Law Minister?

    Perhaps I am talking too early but Kejriwal will never be an administrator and as for the Law Minister he is no part of a civil society. he is an uncouth foul mouthed person. I want new way of thinking in politics, more care for people, but AAP doesn’t seem to be the vehicle for it and Kejriwal the leader.
    I believe Yogendra Yadav will be a better leader and Kejriwal the organizer. Two people should be out of power Om Bharati the present Law Minister and Kumar Vishwas. Captain Gopinath is a good addition, he should be in the thinking group, I am doubtful about Ashutosh the TV anchor.


  5. What would have been the comments had a BJP/Congress member been in place of Kejriwal.

    I am sure we would have loathed them with all possible abuses. Then why not kejriwal? His defense of his law minster is not political immaturity.

    Unfortunately its the same ‘Success’ going into one’s head. So how is he different?

  6. Dear Rajiv,

    There is no denying the good intent of Arvind Kejriwal. Infact, I was one of his admirers in the beginning but now I beginning to wonder..

    The chap is behaving like a Union Leader even after assuming responsibility to Govern. The only thing he seems to know is Dharna, hunger strike et all. Then why did he jump into politics at all. Should have stayed on with his mentor Anna Hazare.

    He is no doubt a brilliant speaker, has clarity on issues but when it comes to implementing them, makes a mess of everything. Added to that I have begun to see some hyprocacy – gaps are now visible between what he said and what he is doing eg. action against corrupt politicians.

    Even his so called drive against corruption is flawed in my view. He is going after the small fish which is like treating the symptoms and leaving the basic malady unattended.

    All he has to do is to catch one BIG FISH and showcase that corruption at high places does not pay. Everything else will fall in place.

    As the old Chinese proverb goes.. TREES DIE FROM THE TOP, NEVER FROM THE ROOTS…

    Anyway, to cut the long story short… Arvind Kejriwal is not cut out for least not yet. He is at best a good opposition leader and we do need such guys in the opposition even if Modi comes to power.

    • Very well said Mr. Upili.

      There are broadly two types of people in public life – first those with the ability and attributes to lead , govern and create and the second who can find faults, protest and have no creativity. Kejriwal is typically in the second category. If he, his followers and their brand of politics is not kept in check we will soon have in India an Arab Spring and a large proliferation of Tehrir Squares all around us. We can very well do without him and his lumpen likes. It is our good fortune that they have exposed themselves early enough through their reckless and irresponsible behavior.

      Let us get rid of them before more like them mushroom.

      It will be good riddance of bad rubbish.

      • Sir, we should not expect MAOIST Arvind to govern. If you do so…………then be prepared for a great deal of disappointment.

        We have seen these people in the past in West Bangal and Kerala, Madam Mamata is a recent example. Kejri is going to surpass all his Maoist predecessors as he has tasted the power so quickly and without much of effort.

        Joshi ji has very aptly described him and his acts and i think he does not deserve any more discussions.

  7. Yes, Arvind went one step further asking the Police force present at the Dharna for security to shed their
    uniforms and join the agitation. Any common person in India would not have agreed to such a message .

    Whether he himself thinks outside the box or is counselled by more experienced party stalwarts need to be seen . It is clear right now he is more driven by his heart than by his mind .

  8. Arvind Kejriwal has a compulsive mental disorder to stay in front of the TV cameras all the time. All his claim to fame has been because the massive support he has got from the media. Ideas look seductive when one talks but the real performer or crusader as Arvind would like to call himself, succeeds when those ideas are converted into action and that too in a manner and using methods which are very different from those that caused the problem in the first place.

    He must forgo the love of limelight and use all the power at his command to make a real difference to the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who have made what he is today. He is a very qualified man and the knowledge and wisdom must be reflected in his methods that he uses to achieve the ends. He seems to be becoming a permanent rabble rouser who shoots off his mouth without much thinking and is nasty and negative in most of his utterances. His ministers seem to be taking a cue from him and replicating his style.

    I am reminded of V P Singh who mobilised the entire nation against Rajiv Gandhi and expanded the Bofors controversy into generic anti corruption movement and came to power on popular support. The history of what happened after he formed the govt is there for everyone to see.

    Arvind runs the risk of becoming a modern day V P Singh with some change of style and semantics. He must be very vigilant and use his knowledge and wisdom to guard against the desire to be seen on TV all the time.

    Someone said – Mehnat itni khamoshi se karo ke safalta chillane lage.

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