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Published On: Mon, Sep 17th, 2012

Mistreatment of artists in Pakistan bothers me

By Sonia Ahmed

As president of Miss Pakistan World, I am deeply disturbed by the treatment that celebrities in the entertainment industry get in my native Pakistan. But the Pakistani government cares two hoots about the entertainment world and people associated with it.
The case in point is Annie Khalid who has appeared in several music videos and whose song Mahiya appeared in Mahesh Bhatt’s Awarappan. Last month, she had a wedding party. Someone came and fired shots during that happy occasion. Obviously, the shooting was to scare away party lovers.
In Punjab, Section 144 says there should be no wedding parties after 10 pm and in case you have to have party then there must be special permission from the local police. There is a good side to this and a bad side. The bad side is that it’s someone’s wedding and how that someone cannot be allowed to host a party is unbelievable! And the good side is that the law was made to save electricity as after 10 pm no wedding halls remain open and all lights are switched off!
Pakistan is funny sometimes. Imagine the reaction of a bride – who has longed for this special day from the moment she understood what marriage is all about – being denied the right to celebrate the big day of her life. Well, the public might be happy that the conservation of electricity has started in Punjab – at least!
But to accomplish one good thing, one (read authorities) need not stop another good thing from happening. So many people are associated with weddings and so many people make living off weddings. So to put a stop to weddings at 10 pm is something that is not ethically right as it deprives people of their livelihood.
It’s someone’s special day and that someone has the right to celebrate it past midnight or maybe up to 2 am. Sure, by stopping the party at 10 pm, we may have saved some electricity for Pakistan! But I feel more income could have accrued if the party had continued till 2 am and more people could have gone back home happy.
Pakistan has to ponder these questions.



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    The laws are different in all countries, weddings are a joyous occasion and should be allowed to go on until the party is over, unless it is in a open area (village) where people are getting rest to go to work. I am saddened by the fact the wedding was disturbed. The best thing to do is to co-operate with the law and get a permit if possible and get EXTRA SECURITY for functions that are important.

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