July 27, 2017




  1. Any truth to the founder of this beauty pageant being busted for extortion, defamation and libel. Two weeks ago rumour was rife to this regard. Also a local South Asian newspaper printed the same saying her family put up $25,000 bail for her release.

  2. Well hold on a second, Pakistanis are confused with their culture and religion, eh??? Dear who-so-ever-model, I respect your opinion about that ladies should show their talents and beauty abroad on name of their nation, but that must be done under the cultural, ethical and conventional limits. But wow, people cannot understand that our so-named “Islamic Republic Of Pakistan”‘s culture is tremendously based on our religion (probably a joke for these days). It feels so sorry to say that our “Islamic Republic Of Pakistan” is just left to be resembled on some silly bikini contests… Outrageously ridiculous. Instead of aprehending towards our main goals we are stumbling on modelling industry which is not even governmentally recognized in the state, unlike other officially-acclaimed-modelling-industrious-states. Wow. And after all that stuff we argue why people are laughing at us… Such hysterical virtues of our “modernalism reformers”…

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