August 3, 2021



  1. I would suggest you cease from commenting on Pakistani politics because you have obviously no clue about the dynamics of Pakistani politics. Nobody cares where a person is from when running for Prime minister. Nawaz Sharif was born in India but he became Prime Minister. Benazir’s mother is Iranian and not “son of the soil” as you call it yet she became Prime minister. Nobody has ever raised his ethnic background when commenting on his political aspirations.

    • I 100% agree with you. She doesn’t have a clue about what she is talking about. If being a Urdu speaking was the issue, Musharraf would never be an Chief of Army Staff. Not only that he ruled Pakistan for 8 years as one-man show (again it was not possible if ethnicity was the issue). Musharraf was deceived by facebook, he thought that his 800k+ facebook “fans” actually will stand for him, while the truth is, they are sitting in the comfort of their home watching him get jailed for his wrong doing in past.

  2. What Ms Ahmed says is absolutely right. The events have proved her right. It is a witch-hunt against Musharraf. These two people asking her to cease commenting on Pakistan politics are of the sick mentality that is consuming Pakistan.

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