Published On: Fri, Apr 19th, 2013

Miss Pakistan pageant founder Sonia Ahmed on why Musharraf is facing all these problems in Pakistan today

Sonia Ahmed with Musharraf

By Sonia Ahmed

TORONTO: Everybody is after Pervez Musharraf (who was put under judicial arrest on Friday morning) because of only one thing and that is the fact that he is not associated with any of the major ethnic castes of Pakistan: Sindhi, Balouchi, Punjabi or Pathan!

It is very rare in Pakistan to see someone who is neither a Sindhi, nor a Punjabi, or a Balouchi or a Pathan to excel in politics as it automatically makes “him,” a person that is not the “son of the soil.”

In a young country like Pakistan – and I am not blaming Pakistan but rather it is a matter of choice – where if you are not the “son of the soil,” then you are automatically not a leader who the public can relate to.

Musharraf has also got another title, that is `Born in India,’ which automatically makes him sort of an outsider. Similar to what Sonia Gandhi faces in India, Musharraf faces similar consequences for the lack of support from ethnic groups and hence it seems hard for him to get votes no matter how much the educated class loves him.

Being born in India and not being the “son of the soil,” Musharraf may have a large female following, or even a strong youth following or even a very strong educated following, but this 10 percent may not be able to contribute much for him in the elections!

As the President of Miss/Mr/Mrs. Pakistan World, personally I would want to see him lead, but I too know that one cannot combat the ethnic powers in Pakistan! The reason everyone easily unites over going against one man, is because they are appalled by his guts to run their country. For them, the question is, “How dare he?”

And that is the main reason why everyone unites against him, as Musharraf does not have one ethnic strong support. Even the Muhajirs who have left India to reside in Pakistan have their own political party, so how can the Mohajirs support him as well!

Had Musharraf belonged to Punjab or Sindh or Balouchistan or even Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, he would have already been ruling Pakistan today.

The tables cannot be turned as Pakistan is clearly divided in four parts and sometimes two parts where there is close friendship between Punjab and Pathans and the second group can be Sindhis and Balouchis. In the end it will be always a fight between PPP and PML-N!

(Sonia Ahmed is the founder-president of Miss Pakistan World)





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  1. AK says:

    I would suggest you cease from commenting on Pakistani politics because you have obviously no clue about the dynamics of Pakistani politics. Nobody cares where a person is from when running for Prime minister. Nawaz Sharif was born in India but he became Prime Minister. Benazir’s mother is Iranian and not “son of the soil” as you call it yet she became Prime minister. Nobody has ever raised his ethnic background when commenting on his political aspirations.

    • Fezan says:

      I 100% agree with you. She doesn’t have a clue about what she is talking about. If being a Urdu speaking was the issue, Musharraf would never be an Chief of Army Staff. Not only that he ruled Pakistan for 8 years as one-man show (again it was not possible if ethnicity was the issue). Musharraf was deceived by facebook, he thought that his 800k+ facebook “fans” actually will stand for him, while the truth is, they are sitting in the comfort of their home watching him get jailed for his wrong doing in past.

  2. Asif AJ says:

    What Ms Ahmed says is absolutely right. The events have proved her right. It is a witch-hunt against Musharraf. These two people asking her to cease commenting on Pakistan politics are of the sick mentality that is consuming Pakistan.

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