November 25, 2017



  1. What a life? Go in Films then have affairs (where actually you want to get settled with a good person and live life) but you don’t get any since its Filmi Duniya and then get married to a person have kids and then you feel your husband does not connect with you. What? Does not connect? Did you connect with him? Marriage meaning is changed in this show world called film industry and then the kids would be brought up in a horrible way and they would have similar affairs and screw up life of their partners and then move again with someone else
    That itself is a film in itself. What did you gain in the end? More of photos and publicity which you could have got it if you could have given in a relationship and made some more compromises and people would not be talking behind your back. I think this glamorous world is all broken inside and one should stay away from it.

  2. Poonam ji is a beutifull and atalented actress She belongs to a jatt sikh family I proud of that also

  3. Poonam Dhillon was really gorgeous. In my school days my friends use to say me that I am resembling Poonam. Really she is beautiful, tallented, sexy sardarni actress

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