October 21, 2018



  1. SATNAAM — DHAN GURU NANAK BABA JI chosen you-KULDEEP JI to HIM throughthis great Media-brought you all the way -SAAT SMUNDER PAAR and open doors to serve the HUMANITY. Yes everyone has to do some job/business-but GURU NANAK BABA JI used you so amazengly for the less fortunate in Punjab and other disaterous times as they occure .WOW-all the way from Kahma – my neighbourhood to the Best part on the earth-CANADA.Heard you first time with AAsa Singh Mastana during his Canada visit-eversince you never stoped growing-wonderful.Otherday I approched you in your studio and later- while you were in a family party and told you a very SHINNING STAR-Manika Kaur Kandhari-Dubai.I was just talking to my ex-boss in Dubai-he mentioned me about this wonder lady.I opened my internet -Manika@manika.com– Oh wow Kuldip J- I just fell in love with her GURBANI SHABADS-GURU NANAK blessed voice to serve the community-and specially less fortunates in Punjab.Doing Wonders by the Grace of Sahib Sri GURU NANAKDEV Ji.As you are already involved in many Charities-I thought It will make a good team if SHE ever willing to join you for this cause
    Yes Kuldip Ji-I also came to this wondrful GOD BLESSED COUNTRY same time as you in 1972-just 5 days before Canada closed doors for visitors .Lande in couple of months-with ONLY GURU NANAK BABA JI HEL{-did some odd jobs-starting at ROYAL YORK HOTEL food supply department-wow-what a start-ate well to the fullest capcaity-flew back home as soon as I got Landed to pickup my family. after retuning started cummunity service-PASSPORT-VISA SERVICE-I was doing in Bombay for a travel office.For Which you also heplrd a lot through ads in Punjab di Goonj.Thanks for that.
    Keep up the wonder job-GIRU NANAK BAB JI LOVES.
    MY SINCERE WISH’ –WIsH TO SEE YOU AS BEAUTIFul-full faced-TURBANED-AMTITDHAARI SARDAR SAHIB.( Once your dear PITA JI wished this to me please)
    All the best.

    Very Warm wishes/Regards
    Manak Singh 22-Zebra Trail–SPRINGDALE -BRAMPTON 289 752 4979

  2. Hi Kuldip Deepak,
    I am looking for Kuldip Deepak Sings Shiv Batalvi is that available on cd if so how much, highly appreciated it.

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