October 24, 2017



    • He was born in Gujranwala, not India but present day Pakistan. He migrated to Pakistan so don’t steal our legends and claim to be yours.

      • hahahaha …..
        what do you mean by ours..?
        during his fame or his time it was one and whole Hindustan……
        So stop acting like child…..
        Grow up kid .. Be man !!

        • Gama the legend was for all of us……. great athlete, disciplined and being remembered even today. Let’s celebrate his life rather than behaving like this…. I am Pakistani and a Gama fan.

  1. Gama pehalwan should be known as an Indian. The partition of this country makes different types of differences in the minds of the people of these two countries.

  2. Gama Pehalwan India Pakistan dono ka thaa.Magar Woh ek Muslim pehalwan thaa or India kaa is liye kehlaya q k tb Pakistan ek mulk ki hesiat she bna nai that lekin jab Pakistan bna to Woh Pakistan mein agaya.is lihaz se gama pehlwan Pakistani hi hua.Agar tab Pakistan hota jab Gama larta that to Woh yakinan Pakistan ki hi numaindigi karta hua dunia ko nazar ata.

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