October 22, 2017



  1. First the Canadian government LIES and bring foolish immigrants here to get theie CASH, once that is done, RACISTS individuals will do all kinds of things to make the ones that beat ALL the bigotry and racicsm pay for ‘sexual harrasment’, etc.


    There is an ORGANIZED YOUTH MOVEMENT that is working against visible minorities amd this ‘female staffer’ is in the ‘club’.

    NOTE: BANKS, FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, GOVERNMENT OFFICES have young, MOSTLY GIRLS, who HARRASS visible minorities. I have encountered the in 3 of the top five banks!

    The white Canadian youth (girls mostly), especually ones with an EASTERN-EUROPEAN background are extremely organized and racists!

  2. You ought to be very careful when interacting with Canadian women, especially in a feminist dominated city like Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton or Montreal.

    Though it might be acceptable in Indian culture to express human emotions like joy or happiness, this can be misconstrued as sexual harassment to a Canadian woman if you smile at her or offer a hug, which is considered sexual harassment in Canada.

    There was even a story where an underaged male pupil was disciplined in Toronto because his female teacher accused him of sexually harassing her by staring at her revealed boobies (so why did she come to work dressed like that?).

    Canadian women consider themselves an aristocratic class, so treat them like how the peasants treat Nobility in ancient China, such as not looking at them, or interacting with them unless it’s for business purpose.

    Canadian women consider themselves independent who don’t need any man (yet depend on billions of male immigrants’ $$$$$ a year from immigration), so don’t expect Canada to be the Red Light district in Europe. Canadian women support other women to pose naked in front of children, yet complain that children are sexually harassing them or “objectifying” them, or worse, sexually assault, though why would a Canadian woman pose naked in front of a child perplexes me.

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