September 24, 2018



  1. It is wonderful to learn the facilities provided by Indian authorities to Canadian residents. This is from a place where only increase in service charges is order of the day.

  2. My son is an 18-year-old Canadian student in Toronto who has been invited to India to visit by his classmate, Sia, when she returns home to New Delhi for the March break.

    Is it realistic/possible for him to get a visa to go by Saturday. He has a Canadian passport. Thank you for your help.

    Anne McNeilly

    • Yes, there is provision for emergency visa services for which you have to go to the Indian consulate (365 Bloor St, E #700, Toronto, ON M4W 3L4). Their phone number is 416-960-0751.

  3. “CONGRATULATIONS” to Madme. Preeti Saran ji, The Consular General of The Consulate of India & BLS Intl.!
    We look forward to using the services of BLS & appreciate all the effort by the CGI,Toronto, for bringing us, Indo-Canadians an alternate to having to drive down to Toronto in peak traffic hours especially.
    Hope that BLS International will succeed in keeping up to the demands of the ‘season’..With best wishes always, Jennifer Gopinath- a Travel Agent!

  4. Hi,

    I am applying for Indian student visa. Do I have to submit my passport at the same time as my application? And, do they hold on to the passport during the entire time?

    • The Indian consulate in Toronto (365 Bloor St. E, unit 700) says if your papers are in order, it takes just a couple of days to issue visa. So you have to submit passport with the application. It is a quick process.

  5. My wife has applied for a PAN Card in India for her ancestral property. The Income Tax department in India has asked her National ID to be attested from Indian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate/Apostille. How can I get more info on this?

    • Mr Nagpaul,
      You have not clarified what nationality your wife holds. If she holds Canadian passport, the Indian high commission or consulate cannot attest it. They can only `endorse’ it. You have to clarify your wife’s status.

  6. My children were all born in Dubai. They have now obtained canadian citizenship. Birth certificates are from Dubai.
    Both parents still hold Indian passports and are Permanent residents in Canada. Are my children eligible for OCI
    Please advise .

    Maria Pires

  7. hello, im a canadian citizan and want to apply for india visa, they have asked to drop the passport and application at the brampton location, how long do they take to give the visa, please let me know soon! thanks alot

      • thanks from your quick reply, what if i send the application along with my passport, how long wil it take? and i really dont know how to pay the amount? if im sending the application, is there a form that i need to fill if im paying by cridit card, can you please provide me that, i would realy appreciate ur help! thanks and have a great night!

        • You will get reply all your questions tomorrow when the consulate opens.But you have to send your passport because visa can be stamped only on passport.

        • Credit card is not allowed. If you submit application by hand, you can pay by debit card or cash. If you send your application by post, you have to send the fee by money order or bank draft. if there is rush, it may take 4-5 days for you to get your visa. There are clear instructions on the application form. Hope it clarifies everything for you.

  8. hi, my son is born here in Canada , but we are citizen of india , we are planning to go india in November. For how many days can he get visa , Can we apply online or we have to come to the visa office.

    • At the most, the visa will take seven days. But you can get it within three to four days. Yes, you can apply online, but you have pay the fee by money order or bank draft. But if you go to visa office, you can pay in cash also.You can also go personally as the visa office is in your city Brampton and get it done quickly.

  9. Hello,

    I have heard many great things about this Indian visa office in Brampton. I am from Markham but will be traveling to do my paperwork with the Brampton office. I have been informed that your office works efficiently and is dedicated. The visa can be done within 3 days given there are no issues with the application and all documents are there, correct?

    Look forward to seeing you soon.

    Thank you for opening up an amazing office to serve people. Keep up the excellent work!

    Dipti Patel

  10. Hi
    My indian passport is expiring in June2014, I was wondering whats the process to renew it and what office to go to… what supporting documents are needed for the renewal? Any help will be greatly appreciated….

    • Go to Toronto or Brampton office whichever is near to you. If you have a Permanent Residence Card, take an attested copy of it with you. It will take a month for your new passport to come. But with Tatkal service, you can have it in a week or so.

  11. I have Canadian passport and have applied for tourist visa for India on Oct 7 th. when can I expect it by as I wanted to book the air ticket asap due to j&k floods. Do I expect visa by end of oct?

  12. I applied for my Indian visa on November 5th and the application tracking system still says in transit to the Consulate General, however when I called they said it is processing at the consulate, but the site has not been updated. I am travelling to the US this Sunday (May 16th) and need my passport, I applied at the Toronto location. Does it normally take this long, how will I know if they have dispatched my passport to BLS if they have not updated the tracking system?

    • The Toronto consulate issues visas within 72 hours on receiving the application. When did you call the consulate? You should get your visa by Nov 12, if you applied on Nov 5. Please let us know if you don’t get by then and we will help you.

      • Thank-you I called them On Monday November 10th. I called them again today and they told me it was at the BLS center and I can pick it up. I went today and BLS told me they don’t have it and it is still under process. The online tracking system still says ‘in transit to the consulate’ I told them I need to travel on Sunday to the US and they advised I go to the Consulate Friday morning to get my passport. Not sure what else I can do.

        • This should not happen. We will follow it up tomorrow (Nov 13) and keep you posted. Please send us your local phone number.

  13. I just called the Indian Embassy Call centre as I need to go and submit my application. The lady was obviously very keen that I do a courier service for my applications. She says there is a long line, which is understandable, however, I did not like that she told me if I go there and take a number and I am not able to submit my application I will have to go back the next day. I do not appreciate this service as BSL knows when they should stop taking people and stop giving numbers to people. It is not good policy to give a person a number and then the applicant is not allowed to submit the application. You will appreciate we are also working people and if we take time off we should be told if we are given a number means the application should be accepted. It should be a game of come back tomorrow. We are in Canada and ethics is important like all the other visa embassies here. So I hope this is not the case when I get there. If I get there at a time that is not acceptable then I should be told, so I can leave and come again, but I should not be made to wait the entire morning and then told to go back.

  14. I am so glad this Indian visa office is open in Brampton. I have friends in Hamilton — a city within the area this new office serves — and they feel so happy for this convenience! Thank you for posting this:)

  15. I think it would be a great idea to open India visa offices around England and other countries to make it easier to obtain an Indian visa.

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