July 12, 2020



    • NRIs who get pension for their service/s in India and now live in Canada will have to get this certificate as a sort of ID to be produced to collect pension. The pension is deposited in any Indian bank which then transfers the amount to Canadian banks. The pensioner can claim pension by using the life certificate.
      Since Canada and India signed social security agreement in 2015, the two countries will now coordinate pension benefits and contributions for people who have lived or worked in both countries. If a Canadian who is eligible for CPP benefits and has shifted to India, he will get the benefits in India without tax implications in India.

      Similarly, if someone worked in India and contributed to Employees’ Pension Scheme and now shifted to Canada, he is eligible to receive these benefits in Canada without tax implications in Canada.

  1. Usualy camps for issuance of life certificates were arranged by the consulate general of india in the kitchener area at Sikh Gurudwar in the month of November which was availed and was beneficial for many Indian pensioners who are pretty old and having difficulties in travelling to far away places.In the current year’s list of camps this facility is found to be not available. Will you kindly arrange to provide a camp in the kitchener area for the benefit of aged pensioners as in the case of previous years.
    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully


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