July 13, 2020



  1. i just want suzzane and hritik to sort out their problems and live a happy life for ever with each other.Marriage is a beautiful institution and u set good examples through your reunion to your chidren, family, friends and all your fans and well wishers. I want both of u to celebrate ur 14 anniversery with lots of love with each other

  2. It somehow feels that Suzanne has been planning this for sometime. She wants Hrihik’s money and an independent life. I don’t think Hrithik wants to separate from her … but Suzanne may have a hidden agenda. Only time will tell.
    We all hope that they will get back together, leaving behind any problem that may be bothering them to take such an extreme step.

  3. If wife want divorce,then there are two reasons, 1. Husband do not love her and he is not capable of earning money, drunkard and beating with abusing words without any reason and other one is wife wants her husband’s money and properties to live independently rather than husband may be of good culture, well versed like Hrithik. This second point wives are cheater and doing business to loot her husband for her selfish and cruel motives. Court and law should take action by giving such wives rigorous punishment and with heavy penalties to become untrustworthy against her husband. – Sachin Patil.

  4. ur relation has set a gud exmple to d luvers n now why u two r splitting to an extreme stage of divorce….. its a big shock news to d true luvers which finds insecure aftr marriage

  5. Hrihik and suzzane pls don’t go for divorce.Every problem has a solution.So pls. Sort your problems u hv smart and cute kids pls think of them.

    • They dont have much time to think all this which you have advise and asked..its a bollywood world..!! this all thing is nothing for them and i dont think so they will affect their children after having a lots many money and properties :)

  6. they were regarded the best couple of Bollywood….it is a sad news…hope they can be together again….after all they have two kids….they must not think about their differences but about their kids…God give them right direction.

  7. I don’t think Hrithik wants to give her divorce because it would cost him so much assets to loose. I think Suzanne wants to take divorce because she is getting such huge assets for separating with Hrithik. When we talk about equality such things are ridiculus. What can she give Hrithik in return for taking divorce?

  8. This is absolutely not related to this couples case but women settling divorce claiming huge alimony is a trend now. Lacs f cases of 498A r filed every year by women in name of dowry harassment. Most f dem false. Husbands r being held to ransom to give divorce else face des bogus cases. Crores r being demanded to settle scores. 65000 married men commit suicide every year. As control f marriage shifts in women’s hands n as more n more women marry just under societal pressure not intending to take responsibility, more men will die.

  9. I can’t believe that…….
    But I think Qty. Of Divorce is increase due to the reason of easy earning of money for women. …..
    And it could be happe because of the Indian judicial system.

  10. I want this injustice law of country to change,if she doe want to live with hrithik she as to go her way and not expect his property,foolish law supporting women will demolish marriage system in our country,law have to be changed for strong family structure in country,god bless hrithik and suzzane should be blamed and cursed by society

  11. Susan did u really have 2 do dis its far as treason hrthik god bless u i beleive ur a strong n tough man n father god bless u n susane thats bad so fqr god bless u n concetrate with ur new career(mohenjo daro)alll da best we luv u hrithik roshan ur a bollywood post

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