July 15, 2018



  1. The years (dates) in this article are very important. Yes, prior to 1990 it was easy to become successful, but with every success, I believe, the ‘system’ plugs the loophole to stop anyone else ‘getting through’ that loophole. These type of OLD NEWS is just nonsense.

    What I would like to see is THE PERCENTAGES of success stories, especially in 2nd generation immigrants and possibly also an article on the (secret) bank bailout of 2008.

    Over 250,000 people come to Canada each year, about 300,000+ LEAVE Canada each year! Why,why why? So, with this type of article, I would like to see some statistics of how many people, for example, who came in 1991, are still in Canada and are a success, left, etc.

    I also beg to differ, the Canadian education system is NOT better than Indian or elsewhere, it is DIFFERENT… In addition to immigration, outsourcing-education is Canada’s 2nd largest ‘export’…. In Canada if you qualify in Ontario, Alberta (for example) does not accept it.

    While congratulating the above people for ‘getting through’, the fact remains that no one else can get through ‘that loophole’ anymore.

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