October 24, 2017



  1. Dear Nav he is my first cousin and when i read about him i feel so proud about the time we spent in my aunts home in mehrauli green park hauz khas . You have gone a long way Billa bhaaji you can call me +91 9769691885 if you ever read thsi message
    anup mumbai india

  2. Congratulations to yet another “Canadian Desi”. I am proud of your accomplishments & we are all proud of you. (My good friend’s brotehr -in-law)! Way to go Navji!!!!
    Best wishes, jennifer gopinath

  3. Hi Nav
    This is to congratulate you that you have good team working for you, we were new immigrants when we approached your dealership for a new car, your flexible policies helped us get our first car,so essential to connect to a new country

  4. Congrats Nav Bhatia on proving that Indians are smart and successful in America and Canada! My name is Sundeep Achreja. I would love to be a part of your successful team.

  5. Nice article. Don’t understand at the end why there is a bigoted slam on other Indians being bigoted and selfish. Here is this guy who says he (Sihk) was a minority in India, yet speaks to building the image of Indians (big range of people and languages) in general as well as the understanding if guys in turbans. The brief dig on Indians by the author doesn’t fit this article. It would be like ending an article on an NBA player by saying “He’s not like all those other black people.”

  6. Ummmmm,,Does Russel Peters have a cousin or?? thats a comedian as well;) Cant seem to find him anywhere,but then there’s not that many 7~11’s in the Shwa

  7. Nav there sadly not very many people on this earth like you. You are a human that we should all aspire to be like. Thank you for all of the goodness you both create and spread. Like you, I still believe that the word of the mouth is a promise you make and keep. Thank you!

  8. Good story, I’m sure he worked hard. But please don’t put any Indian culture into the mainstream. This is Canada, leave it as is thank you.

  9. very very very very proud of you nav. we used to go to the same college my brother. good day, sir. can i get some raptors tickets pls?

  10. I was at the Raptors game an Nav you took time to take pictures with everyone my son included.
    You make me proud as an immigrant. There is no better example of the Toronto mosaic that you paint
    Keep up the good work

  11. Good job I am Immigerant I will be start small business ,then to be wealthy in Canadá we have to work smart ,last week I was in your dealr ver y nice place i love it

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