July 25, 2017




  1. It is wonderful to learn of Indians finally coming into their own. It makes the rest of us feel so proud and inspires many others to strive for more.

    Cheers to all our achievers!

    • It is so wonderful to see that Indians after going through hardships are doing well. That really makes me feel so proud of our folks who came before us and paved the way for the second and third generations. I really liked the article. It is great that Indian Americans have made their place in top circles. Hope there is an Indian American US president soon. Once again great writing. Keep it up.

  2. This is an informative and uplifting article about a community overdue for recognition. I remember some of these success stories but did not know about all of them. The writer has done a good job putting all this into perspective.
    Ready to read your next piece.

  3. One of the best researched article. We are really proud of the fact that Indians in the United States and in other countries have made great progress. Article is written by a very talented and intelligent writer. We would love to see more articles by her. Dear Surekha, please keep it up.

  4. Great article by Ms. Vijh. Everyone is born into a country and have no choice in the matter. What is amazing is when one leaves their country of birth in search of better things. Being a child of immigrant parents, I well remember the hardships they went through to establish themselves here in the US. But that struggle resulted in adding richness of education and culture to their new country and returning to reinvest and infuse new ideas in the home that gave them birth.

  5. Surekha Dear,

    Excellent article, so much effort put in for all the information, very enriching. So proud of your work, keep up the good work.
    Thank you and big thanks to Balraj Bhai Sahib for forwarding great article of a person who is special to us.

    Take care

  6. One major factor behind the accomplishments of Indian American is their education. Most early immigrants were qualified professionals like doctors and engineers and now their children are making inroads in all professions. A good article by Ms Vijh.

  7. Sue,it’s good to read a positive article related to the Indian Community and their influence in politics and science.

  8. Very nice. I’m from Fiji Island, my folks went from India to this island-it’s heartening to know that Indians are doing great in the US. Well-written piece.

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