July 23, 2021



  1. excuse me News East West, I think you are showing only one sided news through your media.
    1. On what bases do you say its a rape case when the Deputy Superintendent of Police has very clearly announced to media that its not a RAPE case. Do brush up your theory n facts.
    2. why are you showing only BAPIJI`s news, if he has done something with the girl then where is the girl, why no interviews of her, y is she not in media, go to her take her interviews, ask HER the real facts, is it very difficult for you to do??????
    3. Do something POSITIVE, Sperad POSITIVE NEWS, you will get more TRP, Belive in DO GOOD AND GET GOOD.
    4. Der is no chart sheet field against Asaram bapu, so show only things which is fact, plz do not add up ur story in it and create a new story and confuse the people.

  2. yes please dont show this kind of silly news nobody listens to you ,everybody knows that you just publish news for a bunch full of money..kuch ni hone wala aisi ghatia site pe vaise bhi aur ghata pai jaega tuanuu
    You have no rights to write against a self realised saint … How dare you do so???
    Understood that you are an “agnostic” or “atheist” , but that doesn’t mean that you should be writing all the non-sense and stupid stuff out here , thereby misleading the people of India (may be of rest of the world too)… But sorry for to say.. that you won’t be able bias or influence Bapuji’s sadhaks like us…
    You sure , you have accumulated enough of proofs before making such idiotic comments about Bapuji????

    If you haven’t been able to understand the value saints , not sure when would you be doing so.. may be next birth…

    May God bless you and may your Guru or whoever is misguiding you and giving you this “durbuddhi” to make baseless and stupid comments against Bapuji, give you enough of “satbuddhi” to have respect for saints..

  3. vikash bhai aur sharmaji sahi bol rahe hai aap ektarfa aur bebuniyad khabar dekar logo ko bhrmit na kare sachai samne aa jayegi aur jeet hamesha sach ki hi hoti hai

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