August 5, 2021



  1. No person who calls a woman/girl for his sexual gratification, as part
    of conspiracy, would have allowed mothers to sit outside the place where
    he intends to rape or sexually assault.Has any one heard such case
    under the circumstances of this case?

    Secondly, there is not even a single direct witness, present in Jodhpur Ashram at the time of
    alleged crime who might have heard any noise/voice/any abnormal activity
    supporting the act of crime. Though parents were present, but they
    also did not heard any abnormal voice and activity. Plus parents are
    party to complainant, there their witness is not trustworthy.

    Though there is no crucial prosecution witness supporting conduct of crime
    and conspiracy theory of Police but there are host of defence
    witnesses supporting conspiracy to frame Asaram Bapu.

    There is no scientific and medical evidence supporting act of crime. There is no direct witness supporting the crime. There are only bunch of expelled disgruntled followers who have been purchased by conspirators to frame Asarm bapu

    • Yes thats true.. the whole chargesheet prepared by police is fake.. The entire case is Bogus against asaram bapu.. The whole episode since last 2 months clearly shows there is a conspiracy behind this.

  2. First of all I am not a follower of Asaram Bapuji and I sympathize every woman and man. to me the whole episode looks so one sided. No one is interested to verify at all the veracity of the family and the girl who is alleging this charge. Most of the media people and anit-hindu leaders absolutely believe whatever someone alleges against saints and sages.. Just google what is the common age where rape occurs. they all fall below 60. Rarely has real rape happened after age 72 years. Riding on the passionate subject, it looks like unknowingly or knowingly the media is trying to create a strong opinion on hindu gurus and swamis and Santan dharma. these so called educated people, which can be called western bred, and agnostic have sold all their own faiths of their own tradition and now openly running after the sentiments of crores of hindus and saints. everyone has to be very careful walking on this deadly line. there is so fine line between what is actually rape and what is allegations. If a saint can rape, I have hundred percent similar opinion that any normal woman or man can allege rape allegations. they are same society. you can’t believe saint, i can’t believe a girl as well. so you have to prove me wrong , untill then, I will not believe a 72 year old raped a 16 year old girl in front of mother outside a house. This is the same society where the mother kills a unborn child because of sex, where the ‘kothi malkini’ are mostly females, and where a female is capable of murder of husband and child , and can do anything if they become animal like. So, thats why generalization is a crime. We shouldn’t generalise them, neither should we generalize netas, or saints or women or man..So how can we believe a everything a female alleges. see no one has seen it. no one is witness to it. everything is running after a emotion of Delhi rape-this is so different from them.

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