July 20, 2017




  1. Mr. Rajiv Punj,

    I want to pick up one sentence from your piece and extend the discussion; “I can’t comprehend that a learned and intelligent professional like him silently presides over a regime that is accused of mega-scams.”

    Because he is ‘intelligent and professional’ I assume he knows exactly what he is doing but because he is not experienced in management–a finance man manages money not people–he does not understand that ‘friends’ can quite easily take advantage of his position and being a good man belief in friends over takes doubt that they might conceivably be dishonest.

    He was put in his position precisely because he was not a politician and carried no bundle of political liabilities.
    The other side of the coin is that he does not understand that in politics– as different from management– perception is of prime importance. The two Ministers resigned not because they had –as yet–committed a legal offence but the perception was that in one case the man was corrupt and in another he did something which he must have known was wrong and he did it not to save himself but to save some one else. Since the case was the coal scam, two officers of the PMO were involved with him in doctoring the report and at the relevant time the Coal Ministry was with the PM the perception was that it could only be the PM.

    You are not being naive, you have not thought enough and applied the knowledge you possess as a senior management personnel. Being learned, intelligent and honest does not even make a good CEO of a company. He needs to understand people, courage to take risky decisions and when necessary have the guts to kick a few back sides. Instead of that we have just a honest bureaucrat.

    I have written elsewhere that his honesty is costing the country is lot and his learning, and professional
    competence is not helping the country.


  2. If I am not wrong the next step of the Dynasty is to put pressure on Man Mohan to vacate his position more due to the falling image of the party and install Rahul as the next PM candidate before the next elections. This would be very unfortunate as Man Mohan would get into oblivion carrying with him the guilt as a non competent politician and label of in capable
    leader to carry out good governance. He should play his cards before it is too late.

  3. There r undercurrents in the Congress party to discredit PM ,force him to resign and install Rahul Gandhi. I do not think timing will suit Rahul when there r so many scandals floating around with very strict Judiciary. The treachery will continue giving PM sleepless nights.

    History has not judged Hitler what he did for Germany except that his actions destroyed Germany. History will not judge what good reforms Manmohjan Singh has introduced for the good of the country but last year what type of governance he has given . There is too much interference from Congress Party high command.

    Harjeet Singh,

  4. Manmohan Singh or no Manmohan Singh our political class will remain the same.

    It is a mystery who authorized various officials to modify or vet the status report of Coalgate scandal to be favorable. There is a conspiracy within the Congress Party to malign Dr. Manmohan Singh and show Rahul Gandhi as the savior.

    Am sure, in case our PM is at fault he will own it and take the responsibility. He is not that soft when he is cornered.

    Just wait and watch.

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