October 21, 2017



  1. Hi,

    I’ve been patiently reading the article & the comments below. I see majority of the people are stating “Canada Needs your money” I fail to understand why would a developed nation who have tons of Shell Gas reserve, Gold mines would need meager amount of money from the aspiring immigrants. Isn’t Canada a bustling economy with a brilliant leader (Prime Minister Trudeau seems to be an inspiring individual). I understand that the weather is harsh & people with inadequate qualifications struggle to get white collar jobs but is it the same for all.

    For instance I’m an MBA from India with 5 years of work ex. I have full professional proficiency in English language & have been working for the Indian Internet (E-Commerce) industry. What are my prospects if I apply for PR in Canada? Will I be jobless? Will I have to study further?

    I don’t believe in the utopia of “Tax Free Income”, I think racism is invited most of the time. If you’re a well mannered, educated & well spoken person why on earth would another educated individual humiliate you racially?

    I hope I’ll get some rational answers to my questions.


    • First question :- R u still in india and fishing to migrate.

      Second question :- if you have a good job and happy why do you want to migrate

      IT has good scope, it all depends… people are talking about their exp in this blog.

      Probably you may have to study as you are from INDIA….

      Racism is everywhere…. not matter how much educated you are…you will find that in INDIA as well

      • Canada is not ideal for migrating for people in the age group as the author. The job market is tricky there and will take some time and research for new immigrants to get the hang of it. The mandate is: employees have to be paid by their experience in their professions. So,people with the work experience of 20-30 years might require the compensation of a VP , which means the cost to company is huge. Obviously no employer would want to hire them. A lot of networking might help the cause to an extent. Getting there with no clue about the job market, culture, weather, etc is a sure recipe for disappointment. There are some very simple nuances while applying for a job in canada- which you will pick up only in time after a lot of job searching and failing. If you get that right, then getting a job is like a breeze.

        If you are someone who are in the entry levels of your career, then Canada is definitely the best choice for migration. You have to keep your options open in the initial few years before you work your way and get where you want to be . When you are young , your body and mind is helpful, and once you are settled in a career, things are truly rewarding. And there is dignity of labor in canada, You will not be looked down if you are doing odd jobs at restuarant, driving cabs etc. People who do not have this mind set, and accustomed to leading very comfortable lives , Please stay away.

        And if you ask the people who have been long migrated and settled in canda, they will tell you what a Paradise Canada is ! I am sure the author itself should have had her opinion corrected by now.. cheers

    • Well, here is some math for you:

      New immigrants bring an average of US$ 30,000 minimum to Canada each year (the average is per person) because a family average is about $120,000.00 – they may not bring the money up front, but, somewhere down the line they sell their property/assets in their country and bring the cash. That is a MINIMUM os US$ 7.5 Billion per year!

      The ones who came since the 1980s and still stay here or other who are biding their time but have business/income in their home countries (and don’t want to ‘work up’ by doing MENIAL jobs contribute about US$ 150 BILLION per year to the economy.

      The 3rd is International students.

      Then don’t forget the SUPER RICH that ‘invest’ in Canada to take advantage of the above and a HIGHLY CONTROLLED and PRICE FIXED real estate (black) market.

      All in all, Canada does great things – but all with immigrant CASH! About 75 families own and CONTROL everything in Canada. Google two books: ‘Who owns Canada now’ and ‘Controlling Interests’ – both by the same author, Diane Francis.

      So, it is indeed a fool’s paradise if you think this is a ‘heaven’ and all Canadians (I mean even your own countrymen) welcome you because they love you, NO, they love your CASH!!!!

      To be fair, if you are from a country and have lived in a ‘soap box’ then Canada is indeed a step up. But that figure of the entire 250,000 is about 30,000. There are 10,000 refugees allowed each year (remember refugees are RICH people – like the Syrians – in their countries – so they too bring CASH or valuables/Jeweller – if not up front, some day later). About 210,000 are ‘economic’ immigrants, feeding the top 75-odd ‘families’ with new business each year.

      It is REALLY a challenge to educate your kids (you may think they are learning, but the marks are not worth the digits – the HR companies know this)… we find that we need to educate the Principals and Teachers almost once per week… the schools are actually built to sell the SLUM (planned community houses) houses and generate business for McDonalds Canada, Tim Hortons Canada, etc. I mention the word Canada after Mcdonalds and Tim Hortons because, although those businesses are ‘American’, the ‘franchises’ are owned by Canadians. It is one BIG RACKET.

      Everything is HIGHLY CONTROLLED!

      The real average salary is about $36,000 per year (before taxes). The statistics are bloated because the top businesses (to families) earn MILLIONS of dollars and politicians and other ‘special people’ get over $80,000.00. The PM of Canada gets, about $ 360,000 per year. Now multiply that by every province, and city who get similar salaries and the ‘average’ salary goes up.

      Healthcare is NOT FREE. We pay over 65 percent in all kinds of taxes for health care! Doctors are really scary – at least for me!

      By the time an immigrant realises that the sole objective of every ‘friendly’ Canadian is either to get your money or labour, it is too late.

      The SADDEST part is that most immigrant FOOL themselves that ‘this is great’ and then lie to their countrymen back home as they want to ‘play the game’.

      Canada has a HUGE problem, and that is Emigration. People who realize the racket wait for their time and leave Canada. A majority of new immigrants leave in the first year. Because of that nobody will trust you with cash/loans/etc. About 300,000+ people leave Canada each year, and mostly in silent disgust or after doiing some thing to make money here. So when they do, they take at least $10,000 with them… so, it is ONE BIG ROLL!

      So, there you have it… some do make it… but if you investigate you will see that they have invested heavily, either cash or by losing their dignity – the separation/divorce/family discontent rate of new immigrants is EXTREMELY high too.

      You really need to be VERY STRONG, VERY CUNNING and VERY MISERLY to survive and get ahead… that is the only way… to think that Canada is being GENEROUS to you is a mistake. You may pay for with your mental stability, family happiness and possibly your life or the future generations.

      Also google ‘Canada bank bailout’…. only a FOOL would believe that Canada somehow had some magic to survive the 2008 meltdown… ONLY A FOOL IN PARADISE would believe so!

      The original author of this article is insulted by bank officials, etc. The author is NOT a ‘downer’, he/she is a REALIST.

      • To be very clear, I have stated the above to Municipal, City and Federal politicians and also to other officials and priests, businessman etc. Nobody to date has disagreed with me – The worse reaction I received it that they have just walked away from me without comment…

        I think Canada and Immigration can be so much more for Canada and the world if only the top 5 banks, top auto dealers, insurance, hydro, the medical ‘industry’, Bell/Rogers/CRTC, CMHS-Media-Realtors association can be REWAMPED. It is NOT the 1970s anymore, Canada is huge, it has a lot of people, and a lot of people, including most Cacasians (look at America and Trump, Brexit, etc, the same goes here) are highly FRUSTRATED and DISSATISFIED with the ‘system’.

        Ask yourself this ‘Why does Canada PAY the USA to buy our excess energy?’ now if the bank accounts in the USA that gets the payments, in fact belongs to Canadians, then that would make PERFECT sense wouldn’t it. I always say the following in my business/political activity ‘Replace stupidity with corruption and you will have the correct answer every time’!

        • HI




          • Venugopalan,

            Google ‘Canada bank bailout’. When the banks were bailed out the mortages were taken over by the CMHC. The CMHC used the CPP money (I believe) to fund the mortgage ‘bubble’. The Canadian housing market is OVERPRICED by over 300%, it is one huge bubble and when (not if) it MELTDOWNS (it crashed in 2008) the CPP is lost!!! Now you know why Canada is DEPARATE to make money in ANY MARKET, even in India – DESPARATE!!!

      • Hi Dale,

        I am a new immigrant (less than a year), internationally trained specialist doctor. I have read many of your comments. I completely agree with almost everything what you have expressed.

        Even though most of IMGs (international medical graduates) like me know the difficulties of getting into the Canadian system, we know the magnitude of the problem only after coming here. Like most of the immigrants, I went through newcomer orientation, ELT program and alternative career search workshops. I was surprised to find the nexus (understanding / link) between settlement agencies, colleges/universities and the employment sector.

        I went through the settlement process for first six months. To be honest, there is not much progress than what was on the first day. We went through the resume, job search, cover letter, mock interview workshops. To be fair to the agency, they are very sincere in their efforts to educate us. However no one told me the exact usefulness of these in getting a meaningful job. Of course in my case, there is issue of transferable skills as most of our technical skills are regulated. And there is that talk of soft skills, effective communication and Canadian experience. I had applied for volunteer jobs in many hospitals. It’s a long process and I was told that they prefer younger volunteers to people in late forties.

        After studying the licencing process to become a graduate here in Canada and knowing that only 5% can get a residency spot, I have always thought of an alternating career. I have applied for a couple of certification courses through Ontariocolleges.ca and hoping to get into the course in Sep 2017. It’s been more than one and a half year now and still not sure how exactly it will work out. After spending most of my savings, it is quite a tough task to feel everything is all right in the system. Nevertheless I will try my best and do the necessary courses and get a meaningful job and become a useful immigrant.

        But who is going to change the situation? When will the system become honest enough in portraying the real situation and stop the skilled immigrants from coming and decaying here?

        • Hi Sonu P.,

          Two nights ago I met a Polish family… they were also wondering of the problem fo why they are struggling, when I told them that a few familes own and control everything in Canada, the three political parties are really one big party, there is actually no independence between city, provincial and federal politicians they agreed with me, finally when I told them of the secret bank bailout of 2008 the man had tears in his eyes. They came to Canada in 2008.

          As for doctors, I know people from my country who have come here and cleaned tolites, worked as gas pump attendents to become ‘canadian doctors’… what is the use? If I had to do menial jobs in Canada, I would go back ot my country and do it for my people.

          If all who came here were able to realize that it would be honourable to work for your own people and left, then, ONLY THEN, will the problem solve.

          I for one have told the above to all politicians I have come to contact with in Canada and also ‘poets, priests and prophets’.

          Last week I met a politician whom I though was genuine, but that person too proved the same (stupid or corrupt or both)… so it is bye-bye Canada for me (at least I will NEVER vote here)… I would rather go back to my country and beg on the streets than live a lie in this dump!

          So the problem is that the ones who come here DON’T TELL THE TRUTH to the home country! They prefer to live a BS life!

          • Hi Dale,
            Thanks for your reply. Again, it is not about the people, but the system. Same issue since last few decades but magnified with the time. As I have seen in many forums, we cannot blame others for our plight. It is us who made the decision of coming to Canada.
            We all agree that it is a great country with so many positive attributes. It is not an anger, frustration that we are commenting in these forums, but the genuine hope for a better future for us and next generation. As a friend once commented, it is a polite culture but not a kind one. We have to live with truth. Hoping to have a meaningful future here.
            Sonu P

        • Sonu,

          You are here only for one year? If you can go back please do so now, the longer you stay the more ‘imprisoned’ you get!

          It doesn’t get better! Canada has cost me over $1.4million, $60+million in goodwill. None of my business partners wil invest any money with me as long as I am in Canada…

          I am waiting for my Son to finish his (worthless) high school…

          • Is it true that in Canada if a female teacher strips completely naked in front of underaged students, the law enforcement cannot arrest her if she is not investigated for a sexual crime? Canada is one big joke if they have pushed the envelope with that pro-nudity rights agenda to underage people.
            This urban legend came from the province of Ontario if you’re asking. The province where their highest appeal court struck down indecent exposure laws for a Caucasian feminist.

    • Because we live in a world where, depending on your race, skin colour, culture, social standing, sex, religion or whatever, we will be discriminated against! Ann yes there are thousands in my own family who have immigrated to Canada as professionals to be cleaning homes, drive taxi, work in factories, and some have upgraded their schooling and have gotten jobs and some have not. But we have been here 42 years and yes I have experienced discrimination, and also kindness. But I came here when I was 10. For those who come here when they are older, it’s harder. Today’s economy makes life harder and the rise in prices homes are impossible to buy with the income most people make.

    • Who said we will end up by driving cabs, working in taxi, and as security at that time Canada was difficult now its much easier to get a job,to settle

    • hello.. i am 45 yrs old n hav double master degre.. as i m of 45 yrs so no job fr me in india..i want to move to canada to settle down permanently..what i can do for this n what r option for me thete.. my hubby wl also move with me.. he is nt educated much so whts his chance??

      • Hello Sunita Soni.

        Well I resigned from a central government job (scientist) in India and moved to Canada in 2014 along with my wife and kid. That’s my worst and immature decision in my life. I applied for nearly 60-70 jobs and finally got a job in my IT domain but they fired me with in 3 months. When I asked what is the reason they simply told its “termination without cause”. I applied for nearly 10 call center jobs and got one and they too fired after first 3 months. Then I learned python language on my own and I applied for nearly 30 jobs in that I got 3 interview calls and lost all three. My wife worked at a packaging company operating a machine and she constantly complained of hand and spine pain. I went to couple of general labour jobs, in some jobs I left that job in the middle of the day since it is bit heavy for me. My family friend works in Tim Hortons and complains of leg pain due to continuous standing. Finally in 2016 I decided to leave Canada as my financial resources got drained away and I was without any job and my wife worked in a packaging job constantly complaining spine pain. Moreover I didn’t go to Canada to do a general labour job or a call center job.

        In Canada If you apply for more than 50 jobs then you will get one interview call and you may lose that interview and even though after you get that job you may get fired within 3 months.

        My advice for you is if you have a decent paying job in your profession in India, please don’t go to Canada.

        You can go for Canada if you have lots of contacts there (who promise you to put in job) or you have lot of money so that you can start a business on your own and settle there rather than applying for hundreds of jobs.

        After coming to India, within a span of 6 months I got a job in engineering college as a lecturer paying me 45k and then also landed in a government job paying me 85k (as per 7th pay commission) and I am happily settled here.

        Immigrants who went to Canada in post 2010 didn’t settle well but whereas people who went long back in 1980’s and 90’s perfectly settled well. I completely agree with author for 100% about his article.

        • K Arvind,

          Congratulations on being a wise man and going back!

          The only problem with your comment is that you recommend to start a business. That also WONT WORK! Who are you going to sell to? The only bet is a Gas Bar or Convenience (Grocery) store – but is that investment worth it? I would say no…

    • D Das – “Racism is invited most of the time. If you’re a well mannered, educated & well spoken person why on earth would another educated individual humiliate you racially”
      Well, I have lived in the UK for 18 years and never encountered racism personally and whenever some of my colleagues whine about racism, I usually find something else there. However, having said that – your comments are not true. Racism most of the time is not invited. Racism is a product of ignorance, frustration, hate and envy and it is not “invited” most of the time, although that can rarely sometimes happen. A good example is that of Anuj Bidve. I am sure you can find dozens of examples yourself. Whilst I hate immigrants picking up the racist card as an excuse for their own shortcomings, I also hate immigrants casually ignoring racism as “a product of your own bad behaviour”. Both are not true.

      Your next statement – “If you’re a well mannered, educated & well spoken person why on earth would another educated individual humiliate you racially” – Wow. I get the feeling you are incredible naive. This is not meant as a criticism. Just an observation. You do not have to be ill-mannered, uneducated and lacking in vocabulary for someone to be racist towards you. You can be the most well mannered, educated and “well spoken” (like as if that is kind of qualification) and still encounter vicious racism if you happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

      And by asking “Why on Earth would another educated individual humiliate you” raises several questions again! What makes you think another educated individual will not humiliate you because you are educated and well mannered and well spoken? A huge portion of racism happens in corporate or government offices from highly educated individuals. The Metropolitan Police responsible for the Greater London area is just one example which has had several high profile racism cases sued and proved. Also, how did you ignore the fact that there could be ignorant uneducated people who could still humiliate you?

      I do not mind whatever your opinions and views are but your view that once you cross the threshold of being ignorant, uncultured, uneducated and move on to become “decent, educated, well-spoken and well-mannered” you are no longer the target of racism is completely flawed and it is also an insult to the thousands of decent, educated and well-spoken people who have been the victims of racism as your view then discounts their traumatic experiences as their own fault.

  2. I am an indian that moved to Canada when I was 7. Its a lovely country. This guy is a loser that just couldn’t make it. underachiever.

    • Chris, you came to Canada as a kid when you were only 7.Here we are not talking about kids. We are talking about qualified people who were already well established and great achievers, thats why they were allowed to immigrate to Canada. I hope you understand it. Or probably not, because the kind of bad words you used for these suffering people already shows your standard of “achievement”. The real Canadians are humble and ready to integrate everybody.

      • True Ritu,second generation if were given the chance to be a first generation would’nt survive in Canada for sure.

      • Dear Ritu,

        Immigrating to a new country is a big Step. So, isn’t it for people to do their due research before they embark on a big-life changing move as this.

        And i don’t even trust Canadians are polite. They are only trying to be politically correct all the times.

    • You should thank your parents instead who had worked hard on your part to settle you there. Otherwise you would have been in the queue too.

      • Yeah second generations enjoy the fruit of parents who did every kinds of job without caring who they are and what they should have been qualified for …..

    • Chris,

      Canada is a lovely country! I have driven across Canada many time; from PEI, to Vancouver to Inuvik – have you? My family and I do a road trip every summer. Do you?

      So, let’s have some data from you, please answer the questions, if you can:

      1. Is your salary more than $60,000 or less than $60,000? From my analysis, it is extremely rare that a 1st or 2nd generation immigrant getting any job that pays over $60,000 unless there is a ‘connection’, or ‘investment’, ‘affirmative action’ or in your own convenience store or work in the USA/another country.
      2. What is your designation? Where do you work? CEO/President of GAS bar does not count!
      3. Have you checked the salary the previous white person got before you got his/her job. White Canadians are ANGRY with ‘visible-minorities’ because they blame ‘visible minorities’ for working for cheap!
      4. How many Ukrainian Canadian friends do you have? Do you know of any Ukrainian Canadians who vote Liberals?
      5. Have you ever tried to hire a Filipino worker who you know works for minimum wage but will not work for you unless you pay at least double? Have you been treated Bbadly by a Filipino Nurse/Medical staff?
      6. Have you tried to get a service from another ‘visible minority’ (even you own kind) and found them to want more money from you but will work for cheap for a white company?
      7. If you answer positive for the above, what is your true skin colour and ethnicity?

      Note to moderator: The above is based on studies, not imaginary. I have spoken to people and have had or seen the experiences of other ‘dark skins’.

  3. I stopped reading with the bullshit about teachers being perpetually on strike in Canada. Deflect, deflect, deflect. Like the guy who can’t get a girlfriend because ‘all the girls here are lesbians.’ What twaddle.

  4. I am from Nigeria and am 27 yrs old. Please, what are my chances of surviving in Canada as I’m uneducated? Which type of work will I be able to find? Meanwhile, I am running my business here in Nigeria but wish to relocate to Canada for a good living, as life in Nigeria is hell on earth.

          • No, we are not doubting that you are from Nigeria. But your IP address from which you are posting your comments is which is in the US.

          • Dear Moderator – “The Internet doesn’t lie.”
            Ermmm, It does!!! If you are talking about content, around 25% of the content on the internet is lies, fake news and propaganda. If you are talking about technical details, it still does lie and there are ways people make it lie! IP Addresses are not foolproof evidence of location. Your point was an unnecessary distraction.

      • To moderator, sometimes people use TOR networks or proxy servers to connect to the internet. I also sometimes connect via USA, so, if I do, you will get the IP of my US server. The IP can be trusted ONLY if the IP matches what the user says, if it is different, it does not mean anything, IP spoofing is a big problem and because Governments spy (again Canada leads in that one too) on traffic, people do use TOR networks, etc to connect and mask their IPs.

        Trust this helps.

    • First, you have to see if you can qualify to get immigration to Canada because you say you are uneducated. It is difficult to get immigration to Canada if you are uneducated. If you can get immigration, then there are well-paying jobs in construction and heavy machinery operations.

  5. And please how much will I be able to make in a year, after rent and tax+expenses, if am to depend on $10 per hr?

  6. hello
    i’m planning to move to canada with my mother i hold the pr of canada. i had a tragic car accident in which i lost my whole family except my mother. we both are living up on our savings. please tell me that is this a nice move to make if we have very less money in our hands. it’s kind of urgent so i will be very kind of you if you try to reply asap. thank you :)

    • Sorry to know your about tragedy. Hope God gives you the strength to bear the loss. As for your decision to move to Canada, it depends on your age and your profession.

    • Yoga, sorry for the trouble. as the publisher said, ‘don’t dream’ but open both of your eyes before moving to Canada.
      I believe the person is still in Canada too… and want to let everybody know / understand the real situation.
      He/she is not criticizing about the Canada but giving the hints who might face the same fate.

  7. Hi
    I wish to come canada.
    For work i had completed 12th and master diploma in information technology in private institute.
    Now i m live in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, india.
    Is it possible?
    Myself Aarya Thakore, my husband and my daughter will also come with me.
    We visited Jet Overseas pvt ltd, they told us it’s possible to get work permit they sent us migrant assessment letter and job offer letter. from Niagara City.
    Please tell me right way.

    • Hello,

      I have been fooled by a Canadian immigration agency before giving me bogus offer letter so they can collect money from me. I suggest you check first if Jet Overseas is listed in the accredited agents in the Canadian Embassy in India. As suggested apply directly for PR.

    • Chakradhar,
      If you are a good yoga teacher, stay in India or go to the US. In Canada the rent to even have a space is ridiculous and most of the people in yoga classes are upper middle class white people who may have very little interest in the spiritual side of the practice at all. There are a lot of yoga studios here in Toronto, you may look online or even give them a call and see what they are like. That will give you an impression at least.

  8. Note to moderator: Please publish my comments. I am not being malicious, and I either have circumstantial evidence to what I say, to tangible evidence.

    Proof of racism:

    For years I had the unique displeasure of going to a meeting and been shown the door because of my CHRISTIAN name, which is a saint’s name. Following ar some examples of what has happened to me:

    Portuguese: ‘I was expecting someone else’.
    Sri Lankan Tamil: How come you have a ‘western’ name?
    Russian: Polite but asked me to give him the product free.
    Sri Lankan sinhalese/buddhist doctor: I am working for free in Canada and I can only pay you $100 per year (he thinks since the government pays him he is working for free!).
    Chinese real-estate lady: Refused to talk to me or give the cheque to she had promised my sales person ‘When your boss comes to meet me I will give the cheque’. She refused to speak to me!
    Mexican: Canceled the order after six months (to be polite) but had all kinds of problems. Now buys the same service paying 3 times more from a ‘white’ company.
    Caucasian Canadian: I am not impressed with you charging me for services.
    Japanese car parts manufacturer in woodstock.
    Eastern European dental technician…
    etc, etc…

    Palestinians are the BEST (least racist) from my experiences.

    But, if anyone is buying from a new immigrant, or hiring a new immigrant they do so because of CHEAP – not because they love you. Even supermarkets hire new immigrants because they are about $3 per hour CHEAPER than white Canadians!

    I have had some luck, but it is far and way too little.

    Now I send quotations with my christian name, and when they reply I reply with my ethnic name in brackets and they discontinue the negotiations and that’s it. It happened to me today, a muslim wrote to me and asked me to help him with his business, when I replied with my ethinic name he just said ‘OK’ and that’s it! I just don’t waste time anymore visiting customers.

    That is the biggest problem in Canada: Filipinos, Chinese, Sri Lankans, Indians, etc., all want to buy from the white. They ONLY like other colours if they are selling.

    Canada is the MOST RACIST country in the world! I am making my money away from Canada, if I had to make money in Canada I would starve! My family and I will NEVER do SLAVE JOBS in Canada!

    • Dale – dude, you’re stating the facts and that’s not very sweet! haha. I’m into Human Resources, works with one of the top ten computer/IT giants in India (4 years). I just got married and was thinking if I should go abroad, make some more money, better education when we have kids (the typical Indian dream). And since the new president has shut down silicon valley dreams, I was thinking Canada. Yes I do have a good paying, reputed job, still faraway from home. And that makes me feel going abroad is still fine, anyway I do not get to live/work in my small town with the corporate job!
      Realistically, is it Ok to think I can find my-domain corporate job, with the privileges I enjoy if I move to Canada? Honestly, I do not want to pluck apples or drive a cab over-night to earn a few bucks more. I really appreciate your honest answers!

      • Congrats on having a good job in a good company..

        It all depends on what you want from your life, if you are talking about education I believe India is good as well- IIT, IIM,XLRI etc, else you won’t be working where you are- Please correct me if I am wrong.

        Majority of 1st generation migrants struggle for first 10 years , now if you are migrating at the age of 35 by the time you get a not very stable job then you will have tension and you age would be around 45…do you maths …Again it all depends upon your perceptive…

        I live in NZ and i migrated here at the age of 23 and been to Canada as I have a residency there ….but I would rather live in NZ as its good and honestly have less migrants here so far… so less problems…

        I didn’t find Canada to be very flash except it has huge amount of wasteland and people have to travel far to find work… and to be honest I found that the service they provide is sub standard to NZ…

        What is the point of earning lots of money when you don’t reach home by 5 or 6… and what is the point of enjoying the fruit of your hard work at your old age when you actually won’t be able to enjoy it as in western world there is no retirement age so people tend to work to their grave..

        So you have to ask all these question to yourself before you migrate.

        All the best…

        • Hello Cherian, I am 37 yrs old. I am from India. Have graduation in BBA and MCA from distance education of a University in India. I have 8 yrs experience in software development and support jobs in India. Will I get a decent job in New zealand if immigrate there. Plz reply.

      • ‘drifters’, thank you! I am happy I have reached at least one person. I have been building tech businesses for Entrepreneurs since the late 1980s… in many countries… Canada is my LEAST success story… for every $ I made in another country (including India) I have lost about $10 in Canada (I was a tech consultant for Eveready India, I.T.I., etc around 1993 and have done lots of work with Indian companies, even from Canada…)

        To the point; India is a ONE BILLION+ market. If you can’t make it in India, I doubt it you will make it in Canada! I know it is hard, but it is HARDER in Canada. Your ‘Ambassador’ cars are great – your Tata’s are actually Mercs, the Maruti’s as Suzuki’s, etc but MADE IN INDIA (what a great honour) – The USA will NOT do anything in Asia without the permission of India! I know!

        So, make it in India my friend! It is easy to make Rs. 100,000 ‘per day’ in India – just think out of the box – DONT, DONT, DONT start a BPO (Call center) type business… I had a friend in Mubai who owned a small factory and was supplying machines and parts to Asian factories… he was not a millionaire, but he made about Rs 100,000 per month (mid 1990s) and he was very happy.

        After you make it in India, come to Caanda, then it is a different ball game… just like Tata, Reliance, etc have done in Canada… then you too can make money from the ‘new immigrants’ :) – I am sure you get the message!

        I will be investing in India again very soon… if things go according to plan…

  9. I am from India.
    Would like to send my daughter on student’s visa next year.
    Now she is studying 11th commerce.
    Any advice?

    • If you love your daughter you WILL NOT send her alone to Canada or any country. There are strip joints and ‘movie’ makers who specialize in hiring university students… As the moderator says, there are thousands who come, but what are the success rates?

    • Jayesh, My daughter is also in 11th Commerce and I want to send her to some university in Canada for undergraduation.

      • I think it is really a bad idea. I can only see two things happen to your daughter. First, a serious depression if she is conservative type. Or, second, she will change so much that you will fail to recognize her. She will be more Canadian than Canadian. What I mean by this is that she will pick everything bad about Canada. You cannot blame her because she is young. You either fit in or you don’t. Indians are not very mentally strong. An emotional person at a young age means disasters waiting to happen. What is worse is that she cannot turn to you for any counsel because you just will not understand her problem. Yes, it is nice to claim that India is very modern but no. This is not about being modern. It is about a totally different economic and social system. It is like someone changes the law of gravity. It is a change somewhat like that.

  10. I am 29/m/Indian.
    Have a work ex of 4 years.
    Qualification: Mechanical engineer and MBA in Marketing.
    Any suggestions for shifting base to Canada.
    Why Canada? Better Quality life, Human values, Civic sense, Carrer opportunities.

  11. The drivers license racket (ripoff):

    No matter where you come from you need to do a course. The cost is at LEAST $500.00. If you get an ‘Easter European’, ‘First Nations’ or ‘Red-Neck type person’ he/she assumes that South Asians are ‘fresh off the trees’ and you will FAIL THE TEST!

    The various provinces charge anything from $75 to $95+ for the license. DON’T BE FOOLED. The cost is NOT the fee. You need to do the test AT LEAST 2 times + is you are a young driver/first time you have other costs. All NEW IMMIGRANTS pay RIP-OFF rates for insurance!!!

    Then, when you buy a car they will RIP YOU OFF! Ontario has a great racket called ’emission’ testing and ‘safety testing’ – I agree these are good system. But your used car to a mechanic and he will take you to the CLEANERS! I has a Chinese in Markham who wanted to 230 tests on my brand-new – still under warrenty – SUV (I moved from another privince to Ontario – big mistake!!!).


  12. HI

    My self is Vishwanath I am working as a system engg in India from last 8 years.
    I am planning to travel to Canada due to financial problems in my family.
    please help me out how to find a jobs in Canada any kind of jobs technical or non technical also ok.
    please reply anybody jobs suits for me.

  13. Hi
    I am 40year old indian. I am a Civil engineer currently employed in psu with annual salary 12lakh + med+ pension benefits. What is my prospectus in Canada. I am interested to migrate to canada.

    • Please don’t go to Canada since you already working in a PSU and you are over 40 years.

      Be in India comfortably.


  14. Wow I am so glad I read this! I’m from Manchester in England and was looking to emigrate to Canada for a better life but I have definitely decided against it! I sincerely hope that life gets better for the immigrants in Canada, what an awful situation. I don’t have a degree, I have GCSE’s and work in Payroll so I can imagine I would be struggling a great deal.

    • You are lucky Anna, my friend from U.K., an English-woman is struggling in Canada… there is a very potent corrupt ‘oligrachy’ in Canada!

  15. Folks expecting a good paying jobs the day they land in Canada or any other country they are immigrating to, actually for them the whole Earth is a fools’ paradise..

    The author (and his wife), sounds to me as silver spoon-fed brats who got good education in India and good position in Dubai. Forgive me for my ignorance if you have had struggle in early years or your career. Because if you did lived on “rags”, then wouldn’t have complained for job options or living in environment provided by Canada or Dubai.

    Life as we know it has been much easier in last 20 years, which most of the immigrants expects it to be same way without sacrifice.

    I currently live in India, and have given up PR of Singapore, lived in US but chose to live in India. However for me working in any part of the world or on any position is not a matter of concern. What difference are we trying to make around is what all matters to me. My career started when I was 8 years old.

    Few of the skills I attained during my childhood to contribute in my family income, included but not limited to
    1) Making paper bags and selling them in vegetable markets to buy vegetables
    2) Making electrical accessories in the nights to earn $0.50 a day.
    3) Worked in garment factory
    4) Worked in TV repair shop as labour
    5) Worked in electric motors manufacturing as labour
    6) Worked in TV repairing shop as labour
    7) Started my own milk selling booth at the age of 16 years
    8) Working in computer monitor manufacturing as labour
    9) Starting my own computer education center in partnership with my brother running it for 4 years

    All of above I did even before I graduated. I have similar looking but more stable list after my graduation. Not to mention that I lost one of my brother in the battle of survival, who was in hospital for two years.

    I had decent paying job with decent designation as per “Your Standard” in Singapore when I decided to denounce my PR and move on. I had decent salary, and well respected position in US when I got a challenging project to execute in India. And if I get a chance in future, I am willing to give up my current “decent” job and start my own shop in a corner somewhere, where I can make a difference.

    This is the life I am striving to give to my children as well, even though I have now potential to make them silver spoon-fed brats. But I don’t want them to become naysayers like some of you, wherever they go in their life.

    My advice to those who are not happy in current situation, whether in India, Canada, Africa or Europe, fire up yourself and strive to create a better society around you. Everything else will fall in place for you. Else keep living a life in “fools paradise” on this Earth.

    • Mr. Bangalorean, I will say what I told a Filipino chap like you ‘NOT EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE LABOURERS AND COOLIES!’.


    • Ok Mr. Bangalorean, circumstances change for people a lot. Many go to the US to get high pay. However reality kicks in when they land in a competitive market where they have to be on an average pay albeit quality of life much better in some way. Indians in Singapore are notorious to give up PR due to the NS rules there. So much so that the SG government now rarely approves PR for Indian passport holders.

  16. Thank you for Sharing your experience. But I have a few doubts. I understand your husband’s 20 years of experience is not valid in Canada but it will be valid in India. Why would you choose to continue your struggle, let your hard earned pool of savings run dry, deal with a harsh climate but not come back to your own country where you can still live with dignity and your chins up?

    I think you haven’t painted the complete picture. There must be something compelling enough for you to stay back in Canada inspite of all odds.

    • Swati – the compelling factor before and after migration is HOPE. People hope that the life would be better for them and if not for them then for their children. This hope lets you take the greatest of the risks and keep you going through the toughest of the time.
      Sometimes the destiny is in your favor and sometimes not, besides big decisions needs big courage also – you don’t just give up and pack your bags to move back.

      • Thanks Rajesh. I said so because I have heard of people who once went to Canada and never came back. So I always thought about what is it that keeps them there.

        One thing I have realised that if you have a job then move to Canada. Don’t move in the hope of a job. Because that is when the harshest jerk is felt when you have to resort to low lying or fresher jobs.

  17. Hello,
    I have a very good job in Dubai.
    Also have a Canadian PR.
    I am planning to take an MBA from a top university in Canada, just got an offer. Please advise if the education and experience would help me get a decent job in Canada.
    The reason to shift is obviously the citizenship factor. I am 31 now, but really sacred to take a decision having read the comments in the post.

    • GK, the age is on your side, but we don’t know about your family obligations. Frankly, if you have a great job in Dubai, you should be very careful before taking any decision. People have their priorities wrong if their aim is only to get the Canadian or US or UK passport. How does the foreign passport help? You may or may never get a decent job after doing your MBA in Canada. Then look at the number of years you will waste. During your study and later in search for the decent job, you will be spending all your savings. So, be careful before you leave your well-paying job in Dubai.

    • GK, Good That you have a well paid Job. FOR NOW! since you are in middle east you already know which direction the wind is blowing here. Expats are increasingly being seen as a burden to the economy (especially the well paid ones!) and you never know when your lifeline will be cut and you will be forced to move back to your Home country-may be India.
      Even if you manage to keep your handsome job – Other issue in Middle east – a major one – Starts when one reaches to its 40s! the kids are all grown up and soon moving out of school – then its a choice between a rock & a hard place. Either Send kids alone(which are still young) for studies to India or Send your wife+Kids to India. Making the family break inevitable.

      I am in exactly the same situation as yours! Do share your thoughts on my reply :)

      • Hi Rajesh,
        You are right there is no job security in Middle East. So Wats ur suggestion, the comments here are terrible about the life in canada?

        • It’s a gamble.. You win some, you loose some. So whether you stay or you go, it will have its pros and cons. It’S all about what you wish to keep and what you are prepared to leave behind.

          Remember whatever has happened to people here may not happen to you. Everyone has distinct experiences.

          In an ideal world, we could design our lives the way we wish but alas! That’s not how it works. So, Plan well, prepare yourself adequately, do your math and then go (or may be stay back).

          Wish you luck!

        • The is ABSOLUTELY NO job security in Canada either!! Acording to my analysis EVERYONE gets laid off at least 3 times in one’s lifetime in Canada! So, as an Egyptian lady asked me/told me ‘Why did you close you business in Kuwait and move to Canada, don’t you like money?’…

    • GK, if you get into a top MBA school, then chances are you will be well settled here. You can also try to get a loan from the Government. MBA tuition fees are usually $80 000 for 2 years. Average age of MBA students are 28 so you are close to it. Local qualification will definitely help you to succeed and the advantage you will have is that you get the chance for internship/co-op and if you are good most likely the same company will hire you after you finish, so make sure to land yourself in a good internship program.

    • Without CONTACTS an MBA is USELESS!!! I know, I have done (built businesses since 1989) and I have an MBA twice… I was successful in my home country (and other countries) because of my CONTACTS, the ‘piece of paper with MBA on it comes THIRD (not second!!!), which means in Canada you have ZERO chanes of getting a job if you have an MBA as NOBODY will touch you because your qualification means that you they have to pay you more and ‘minimum wage’!!! They WANT CHEAP! Read all the comments, read DON’T WISH!

  18. Hi Friends i am an immigrant from India now living here for last 10 years. We moved from UAE with our only son.
    So many complaints but still everybody wanna come. I do agree we struggled hard in the start but now well settled. Our son is independent studying and working at the same time that is the value of hard work and time he learnt in Canada , but kids of my friends and cousins of same age in India having so many concerns soecially even after getting degreesthey struggling to find a job.
    Till Today no body asked us what is your caste or religion other than the immigrants from India itself.So where is more racism?
    Only people who can’t make it out are the one who are shouting and if some one give them a chance to come to Canada will be the first one to fly.

    Great Human values , Great People and Great Country to live …if you wanna achieve something you have to work hard and follow the system


    • I will advise everyone either to go to US, UK, Australia or New Zealand rather than coming here. Lots of people are definitely coming here without not knowing much or hoping they will make it. Here, the discussion is about not a few but what is happening to the majority of newcomers. India currently stands as No.4 as the most number of billionaires in a country, but that doesn’t mean everyone in India is a Billionaire. As I said before, chances are 20-30% of immigrants only succeed – but that too after a lot of hard work and basically starting your career from scratch and taking years to build it from where you left off in your home country. Of course, I know some Indian people who came here and the next day they had a job because they have relatives here who got them the job. There is no point to immigrate here until unless you have serious problem back home.

      Racism does exist here and no one need to ask your religion or caste. Just by looking at your name or skin color, they know where you came from. Although only good part is that they will not openly express it by passing any racist or stupid comments.

      The problem of jobs is also the same with fresh graduates because government is not able to create jobs and universities are producing graduates both local and foreign more than needed. Yes, there are jobs in small cities or towns and more isolated and the chances of you getting a job there are better. But the question is why will you want to move to Canada if you have to go through all this struggle?

      Lots of factories have been closed down over the years, and Hamilton is the prime example. Once a rich city, it now has half of its population living on Government benefits. The Government has kept the population here satisfied by giving various sorts of benefits instead of creating more jobs.

    • Pika, I have to tell you only ONE THING!!! Nobody wants to know your caste or religion because Canada is a SECULAR country (religion/charity is BIG BUSINESS!!!) and EVERY IMMIGRANT is the LOWEST CASTE!!! Do you UNDERSTAND that – LOWEST CLASS? That is why everyone calls you ‘You guys’. I refuse to answer to anyone who called me ‘guys’…

      If your Son is not a earning MORE THAN $80,000 per month then don’t bother bragging… you are similar to a Filipino chap who insulted all Indians because he, the Filipino, was happy CLEANING TOILETS (COOLIE) in schools!

      • I am a new immigrant, worked in Dubai too for 10years…and a Filipina

        You hate racism so much, you don’t realize you’ve become the kettle calling the pot black. Hun, every person is different one Canadian can be super nice and compassionate while another can be a mass murderer, or maybe plain rude. Same goes to any other race…as my old Lebanese friend back in Dubai used to say, people and nationalities are much like fingers of our hands…they belong to the same hand but never equal (at least in size)

        To say one person insulted “ALL” Indians isnt at all fair…not to the Filipino toilet cleaner, definitely not to the rest of the hardworking and friendly Filipinos in Canada. I have met very rude Indians (and some other nationalities) too in my years in Dubai, but I still make friends to a lot too. SO, unsolicited advice, focus on the issue on whether it is a good decision to move to Canada or not. Leave RACISM out of the argument — because whether you like it or not, it is everywhere.

        Lastly, chill man….we are all different from each other DO NOT EVER generalize. If your arguments keep on pointing towards your hate on Filipinos or any other nationalities for that matter, you are just making yourself sound so bitter. For whatever reason, only you know.

        • Gilbertina, I come from a country where we have lots of Filipina immigrants, my nephew’s girl is a Filipina she is a cleaver girl from the good family and does not want to come to Canada, my parish has Filipino fathers, we have relatives and friends who are Philipino, etc)… the problem is Canadians. All of you come here to slave for the ‘white man’, even Indians, Sri Lankans, Pakistanis, etc… only difference to a great extent is mainland-Chinese. POINT: You called me ‘hun’…. don’t call me that! Also don’t call me the North American TRASH word ‘guys’… you can addres me by name or call me Mr. or Sir.. you have PROVEN MY POINT!

    • Pika:

      I am not sure you are responding to the constraints highlighted in the article. If survival is all you want then you can survive rather well driving cabs. The problem is people who are educated what a job commensurate with their education level. That is where the problem appears to be. Most of the frustrations vented here require some understanding. Most people come here thinking that Canada needs their skills and that is why they are allowed to immigrate. When they cannot find the job in their field, they start questioning the wisdom of their decision. It then comes down to either stay in Canada and do crappy jobs just to survive or return home to a dignified job in their field.

  19. I am a software developer from Ethiopia. With good skills.
    I have read all of the above and have a good picture now. But what about the IT professionals, specifically developers,
    they should be in need right?

    So do you advice me to migrate to Canada?

    • Alex,

      In my opinion IT anywhere in the world, has the advantage is that it is the same unlike Accounting, Law or Medicine where you have to study locally in order to get your licence. But that being said don’t expect it to be easy here, initially you might get tough time but still worthed. Chances for you are much higher to succeed but remember if you are a managerial level, you still might have to start at entry level here and work your way up the ladder.

      My advice to you:

      A) if you have a Multi-National Corporation (MNC) in your home country that have projects running here then try to get a job there and then get a transfer here and when you here then apply for a PR. I have seen many IT professionals who came like this and applied for a PR and finally citizenship rather than many other who came without a job but as a PR and are struggling to get a job.

      B) If you dont have a MNC that have projects here or can’t get it into one but still really want to come here without a job then my advice to you will will be save as much money as possible, try to finish some world recognized certifications in your field and once you here try big cities as well smaller towns/ cities and after few years once you have the so called “CANADIAN EXPERIENCE” in a small city, then if you want you can move to a big city. And also remember when you here then avoid lease and try to move into sharing. You can search here kijiji.ca for sharing rentals for example near York University. The reason you should avoid lease is because it will make you more flexible to move around Canada as you don’t know where you will get a job. While you are searching for a job in your field try to get what we call “Survival Job” (eg: Cashier, Security Guard or basically any job that takes care of your expenses etc).

      Hope this helps :)

  20. Question about the People in Quebec.

    What are they like? Any significant difference from the cold, cold, shallow, uninteresting, stupid, cold people elsewhere in this anglo-saxon country known as Canada?

  21. What NOBODY understands about Canada’s immigration policiy is this:

    CANADA IS THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT ADVERTISES IMMIGRATION, saying things like ‘low-unemployment rate’, ‘best country in the world to live in’, ‘a democracy (no, it is a monarchy)’, ‘high paying jobs’, ‘multi-cultural’, etc, etc.

    So, you cannot compare Canadian immigration/education to other countries. NO OTHER country ADVERTISES with BIG BUCK to promote immigration as Canada does!

    This year, the government wants to bring 450,000+ immigrants. Multiply that number by $30,000 = $13.5 BILLION! Now you know WHY! It is called ‘ECONOMIC TOURISM’. In the first year, you PAY FOR EVERYTHING and the TOP-75 families get YOUR money. Over 75%, it is believed, leave Canada in the first year itself.

    The top 75 families who OWN AND CONTROL everything in Canada get $13.% billion in income from new immigrants… then they give it back to you slowly…. you will NEVER succeed in Canada unless you are willing to break your spirit by working ‘menial’ jobs…

    Banks and everyone treats you with suspicion and with good reason… An Indian in Markham wanted to HOLD MY PASSPORT to give me the order – yes this is Canada!!!

  22. Hi All,

    I need your help in something.

    I am 29 years old with 8 years of work experience here in India in Insurance Sector.
    My wife is 28 years old, A Certified Financial planner with 4 years of work experience here in India.

    We both are planning to Migrate to Canada, we do not have any job offers right now.

    Will it be a Right decision to move to Canada pertaining to my situation?


    • Hi,

      Considering the age you are in, yes will be worthwhile

      But forget your education …doesn’t matter what you have done back in your country..unless you are from England/USA your qualification is of no value..but again who knows you will land with jobs in your own field.

      I am telling this from my exp. Although I live in NZ, I have a Canadian PR and am not preferring to go there as I will have to start my career again and no life there as its too cold.

      • Hi,

        So i was thinking to apply for Canada PR via a consultant here in India. I am 28 and currently working with a well known research and advisory firm. But after reading all the comments here, I am quiet unsure about applying for PR.

        Can you suggest whether or not I should go for the same.

  23. I am vet , in the metropolitan city of india , has own clinic , I am 46 yr old , and my wife is 41 yr old , I am already halfway through the process of international license to practise in north america . Will it be the wise decision to come to canada and start from all over again , By the way I started my practice 7 yrs ago , though I graduated in early 90’s.

    • I would strongly advise you to not immigrate at this point. Since you are a professional, you have to give exams and get qualified and by the time you can practice, it will be about 8 years. No one will hire you. Sorry to say

    • I would not come to Canada. Vets do make a large amount of money here. It sounds like you will have the international qualifications to practice but that does not mean anyone will hire you. Rent to start a business is high, rent to live is even higher. If you plan to come to Canada you would be better off to go to a small town but you may not find work there. Toronto is so expensive that most new people just lose all of their money on basic living expenses while they try to build a life and then they become trapped or have to go back where they came from. Immigrants who do pretty well are the ones who want to be in the trades. Canada has decided that immigrants will do those jobs and you can indeed earn a decent living at them. You are a vet though, and I am guessing do not want to be a painter, plumber, or mason worker.
      I would look elsewhere.

  24. Just wished to immigrate to Canada. I have work experience and skilled in Health, Safety & Environment for years. What changes do I have to get job of that type.

  25. Hai

    I’m jabasteen.
    I’m working an system administrators in India for 10, years Experience.
    Im think to apply PR for Canada through Kansas consultancy. They have been giving job Assistance..

    My query is
    Im little confused on choosing Middle East and Canada
    Cost of living between two countries
    Is that we can survive
    How we can spend on every month
    How much we would be payed by employers

  26. Hi i thinking about migrating. I am a chemical process plant operator with 20 years experience . Can you give me an idea of wht my chances are

  27. i am john am from nigeria buy i studying in canada as a international student . i need help cause am a fool canada . people treat you like piece of sheet everywhere you go , please advice

  28. Hi All,
    I have been reading all the comments and confirmed that I will not pursue with my Canadian migration dreams!!.

  29. Hi, I am 26 years old and have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering with 4 years of work experience as an application support analyst in India. If I apply for a PR in Canada. via the express entry program, what are my chances of finding a job in IT?

  30. I am 26. Double master in English lit. and Journalism and Mass comm. in India. A working professional. I wish to move to Canada with not so much money but with experience in the field of journalism. I have tried to contact friends who moved there after we left school or graduated college. They don’t talk much about their experiences, where they work, what salaries are common and how things could be worked up for a better living once an individual turns up. The only answer I have received is ‘it is difficult’, but their lifestyle visible through facebook and statements otherwise paint a different story. The interesting part is that almost all the immigrant friends have taken up courses in colleges and/or universities after moving. I want to know experiences of young professionals and would it be wise for me to take the leap? Also about journalism jobs in the country.

  31. It is unbelievable that after reading the article and the comments, someone is still asking to come to Canada! Maybe because some people look Canada through Facebook friends. The propaganda of Canada is hard to die and is helped by other immigrants who do not want their friends and sometimes their own family left in their home country to know the truth.

    • Oh, Sal, you don’t know the fools – the ones who are here are in DENIAL. They have a stupid pride (show offs)… I have to believe that these people, and the ones who are coming can’t escape their Karma… my family and I pray daily for God to forgive us so that we can get out of this hell… only 10 more months to go and we will leave hell…

      The immigrant mentality is: We are better than our own!

  32. This post and the comments opened my eyes, to something unpleasant but possibly true. It has been my dream to move to Canada. But reading this and doing a whole lot more research, I feel so purposeless. :( Although I’m 27 with one and a half years of Indian work experiecne in marketing, what are my chances of carving a good career path in Canada?

  33. Oh boy! This is frightening! I actually thought to start my own business instead of getting a job as I’m definitely too old. (46, separated with 2 boys 10 and 11 years). Besides I’m a lawyer with 25 years of experience and I don’t intend to start taking the Canadian bar exams, essentially starting from a scratch. So I thought to start a business. I’m familiar with a lot of the problems inherent in Canada’s immigration system which is what put me off the first time I seriously considered it 20 years ago when I was younger and unmarried (besides the cold and loneliness!!) But after my marriage breakup, I am seriously looking for a fresh start for myself and my boys, the oldest who needs some special ed. Perhaps I ought to look somewhere else, definitely not the US or UK. But I have fallen in love with Canada (from afar) despite the abysmal weather. Could it really be as bad as I’ve read on this board?

  34. Me again. Starting a new life in a new country is never easy. Perhaps people need to move to Canada or anywhere else with that mind set. Before you make the move, do a thorough research, plan, strategize. Don’t go expecting the kind of life you lived in your home country right off the bat. And be prepared to WORK DAMN HARD. I see people immigrating with 2 Masters degrees and Ph.ds. Perhaps one should think about doing something else. I hear people in the trades make tons of money. Perhaps one could re-train as a carpenter or something in construction. Get a trade certification and start your own business. Sounds simplistic but highly doable. But the thing is, a lot of immigrants are highly educated and will look down on that kind of work, which is a pity because its a good way to start your own business. Just me thinking.

    • Actually, do not let the comments discourage you either. A lot depends on your own financial status. If you do not want to practice law and want to start a business where you are willing to put some capital then it may not be as bad (in my opinion). I don’t know from where you will be immigrating from, but business taxes are low in Canada and income taxes are high. Many doctors set up a corporation for themselves so that they can avoid having to pay income taxes and only pay business taxes. Most of the discussion here is focused on people seeking professional jobs and having difficulty finding them. Starting a new business is entirely different issue.

  35. I am not an immigrant but I am married to one so I have some insight. Although I have met many immigrants who are working in jobs they are overqualified for, I know just as many who are highly successful here. The key is to do your research before hand and know what you are getting into. I will not pretend the road will be easy, but it is possible depending on how hard you are willing to work to get there. I see so much pessimism in the responses that it shocks me. Not everyone in Canada will be laid off from their job, I have never been let go nor has my husband and he is a deaf immigrant with a grade five education. I am a teacher and have never been on strike, nor do I have to constantly pay to upgrade my qualifications. I should also add that I am smart enough not to live or work in Ontario. My husband, the immigrant in the family, is a drywaller. He started out in a warehouse, then got manufacturing jobs, then found a job with a drywall company. He does not love the work, but he is well paid and has always been considered a top employee because he works hard. Whenever he left a job it was because he found something better.

    Canada is not a utopia, but I don’t think it is fair to describe it as the hell that some do here. Yes there are racists in Canada but that is true in any country, and there are many here who are not. I live in a quiet middle class suburb and my street houses families of every colour and nationality, many of them immigrants.

    • Great point. I think context is important. What you say is correct and what others are saying is also correct. The problem is “expectations” of the immigrants. What Canada tells them before immigration is what builds these expectations. Canada tells them we need your skills and we are a high paying affluent society. These are educated people who already have lucrative jobs in countries they immigrate from. They have saved some money and are doing well already. These people come to Canada and get a run around. No wonder they are negative because they feel betrayed. Leaving a job and a country when you are doing well is a huge decision. When you feel that you have taken a wrong decision based on false marketing strategy, you feel scammed. The anger of immigrants is justified. However, context under which this anger occurs is also important to understand. Canada is not a bad country if you want to start a business, work in a restaurant, drive a cab or work in construction industry. However, it is pretty much saturated in professional jobs that requires higher education.

      • In other words CANADA LIES (BS) so that affluent people come here with CASH (US$) and spend it so that the TOP-75 families and te corrupt politicians can enjoy life on our dime! Tell ANY Canadian you are poor and watch them run faster than a ‘cheetah’ (cheater)!

        • Very true….Caucasian Canadians only want you for your money and business….Once you’re poor or fits the stereotype of poor, they not only run away from you, but they engage in racist micro-regressions such as suspicion of criminal activities, false complaints of rape (from Caucasian women), police carding, you name it.

    • Jolene,
      Yes, every country has racists. The problem with Canada is that as a country it presents itself to the media like it is faultless and all accepting of others, well it is not. And people have a right to be irritated about that and speak their truth. yes there is kindness and open mindedness here, but hate and stupidity too. I am glad that your immigrant husband has found success. You state that he has only a 5th grade education. He has had a variety of jobs and seems to manage to leave on his terms and work up to better. This is great. For others they have the opposite experience. They have specialized skills or expensive higher educations that they worked extremely hard for and probably paid a lot for. They want to find careers that allow them to use their skills and expertise. They have a right to discuss their reality on forums like this, not to be negative but to be honest. And honestly many people coming to Canada do have negative experiences. I laughed at your Ontario remarks, I agree with them completely but someone could get on here talking about what a wonderful place Ontario is to live. And for some maybe it is.

  36. Hi,

    I am 25 years old and has 2 years of work experience.
    I am planning to get a masters in computer science from a Canadian university.
    Then I plan to work there.

    Is it difficult to get a job there even after you study from a Canadian University? How is the job market for computer science jobs in Canada?


    • Just so you know you will be paying x3 the fees of citizens / PRs but definitely it will help you to get your career started here and the other benefit is your still young.

      Also you can try to get a job at TCS or some other MNC IT firms in India and then if they have projects running here you can apply for a PR. I know many people who came here with jobs and applied for PRs and got them.

  37. Dear Dale,

    I went through the entire post & the comments threads following it. The thing is I am a 28 year old Chemical engineer in India planning to apply for a PR from my home country which happens to be India. My consultant in India tells me that the i need to get my ECA done( Education Credential Assesment), appear for IELTS(this one aint too difficult) get my Resume ready drop it the pool & wait for ITA(Invitation to apply) the entire process will take 10 months(roundabout) & burn around 1.5 lacs of my cash. I can take that given the fact that Canada has always been my dream destination(partly because my sis who is a US green card holder & a Chicago resident wants to see me in her neighbouring country).

    Now the tricky part is that my consultant tells me, rather I should say assures me that the moment I get my PR succesfully I am 100% ready for a job in the Canadian market! I just need to upload my Resume in the ‘Canadian Job Bank’ & offers will start flowing in!! My consultant also tells me that without a PR it is virtually impossible to land a job in Canada!

    Should I go ahead & believe my consultant? I really really dont want to spend lacs of my hard earned cash (after spending 1.5 lacs already for getting the PR) in just flying in to Canada & then running pillar to post to find a job, renting a place, eating etc…neither do I like the idea of getting my Chemical Engineering degree treated to be at par with a waiter @Tim Hortons( not to undermine waiters but I didnt study Engg to become one or a cab driver) having said that I have no qualms in going for any technical job which is much down graded than the one I am currently working on.

    I am employed with British MNC.

    Please advise.


    • Sorry, your consultant is a LIAR! Consider this: every year over 100,000 students leave Canadian universities. Everyday 29 NEW IMMIGRANTS land in Canada just like you! I have confronted ‘consultants’ in Canada and some have even closed their websites, etc. Show this comment to your consultant and then publish his/her name. There is a thing called ‘security clearance’. NO NEW CANADIAN can work for top level jobs as they require AAA security clearence. Today even Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Walmart have waiting lists… :) Even Cab drivers now have a hard time with ‘Uber’ and many white Canadians like to use Uber so that brown/black people can’t earn money…

      I sincerely wish I NEVER HEARD the name Canada… I have to wait one more year here – I hope to be out of this hell by then and I will publish all my experiences in a book without shame.

      U.S.A. is still a great country – much lower cost of living, etc – but my friend, I know India – India is the land of opportunity. Have the same dreams for India, like you have for Canada and you will do well. It will be so expensive to travel to USA (Chicago) from Canada…

      In 1998 we did an economic study on India.. India has over 150 million people – unknown to the world – who can BUY a country with a ‘Cashiers cheque’…. India is a super power!

      • He is not a liar but playing with the words. Once he gets his PR he is 100% ready for Canadian job market. That statement is correct but what he is not telling is that he will not get the jobs in his fields. Canada wants educated people coming in from all over the world, bring cash and then clean toilets in Canada.

  38. Send your resume to all the company if they are interested they can interview you by Skype then start your immigration paper. My personally experience there are lot`s of educated people ( Doctor etc.etc ) driving the cab because their education is not recognized in Canada and they must start to give the exams over again. The Canadian embassy give points for your degree then is not worth inside the country unless you can work for private sector. If the company is really interested then will be willingto sponsor you. I suggest get in contact with people and company in your job/field and ask questions.

  39. I am Catholic, our family has been Catholic for centuries…

    Recently I told my Pastor why we don’t confess anymore; ‘Since coming to Canada we feel that we are sinning 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!’.

    He is my great friend, I was able to save his brothers by telling then about the secret bank bailout of 2008 so he trusts my economic ideas… he was very sad about my Christian state, but accepted what I said… I am sure he prays for us…

    I hope anyone reeading this will pray for us – Hindu, Judaism, Buddhism, Christian, Islam/Muslim and anybody else…

    Thank you.

  40. Just to give some prospective new comers an idea how the job market is here is your are Asian

    Asian job seekers face disadvantage even when they have higher degrees, study finds:

    Jobseekers resort to ‘resumé whitening’ to get a foot in the door, study shows:

    Could a ‘blind recruitment’ policy make Canada less racist?

    You can decide it for yourself if immigrating to Canada is a good choice?

  41. I have also noticed a trend here that ethnicity plays a big role:

    Brown people will hire more brown people than any other race and we can break it into more specific – religion wise as well.
    White people will hire more white people and we can break it into more specific – Italians, Russians, Jews, British.

    So you might be in luck if you are brown and the HR person is brown (which is very rare). And don’t expect anyone to help you here until unless you know them personally, just because the person is from your country he/she is not going to help you.

  42. Hi,
    I am 35 yrs old and having experience of 10 yrs working in quality department of pharma and cosmetics field. Is there any job opportunity for me in Canada? How long I need to do struggle to get job? Will it be a wise decision to emigrate Canada for me? I need your suggestions and support. Please help me.

  43. Hi All,

    I think there is serious misunderstanding amongst people. I used to be pessimistic too but i realize what Canada means by saying it is the best place to live. I am in UK now for 1 year. I can not think of living in this horrible place. I have lived in many countries before this. New zealand and australia is great too for a very specific reason which i will talk about shortly.

    People, understand this” a great place to live” is to do with the life quality. Life quality doesnt depend on job only. There is great work-life balance, less competition due to foreign competitors being kept out, safety for people, animal, respect for life both people and animal again, clean environment, and so on. I could list more and more.

    The problem is expectations that are encapsulated with immigrants who are coming from different cultures. in asian and african cultures, we are taught that education is the only way to progress in life. The key word is life and the context it is referring to. In these countries, education is truly the way to succeed. without it, they are destined to a life of misery and disrespect. Thats the way life is there. This is the other key. Immigrants coming in think this is what life is or should be. Life in the west is not assessed in the same perspective as in the east. So please dont come into Canada (or any other country) putting forward your view is right just because you are old enough or highly experienced in life/career.

    There is lack of appreciation of hard work, disrespect to people of lower jobs, not much in the way of extra curricular activities on a daily scale, crowds of people, people working without thinking much why they are working, what the destination is, polluted and unsafe environment, ill manners, conservative traditional ideologies, and many other factors. Canada doesnt have these problems to a major extent. An individual may not like the Canadian culture but that doesnt mean life is bad in canada. Its different.

    Now regarding jobs, USA is mature and more diverse. Many emerging countries are copying the USA model like UAE, China, India, Hong Kong, Russia. That doesnt mean every country has to. In these countries the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Has it ever occurred to anyone whether or not Canada wants to expand in this way? Maybe not having global corporations is a better thing for the position canada is in now. It has enough resource to cater to its young generation for more than a century. Why do they need to branch into other things when this isnt necessarily their strength? Canada is just doing fine the way it is. New Zealand is very similar to Canada. The reason life is great in these countries is because there is low competition and peacefulness in society. If these countries expand drastically like Dubai or Shanghai, then the quality will go down inherently. Why should they do it?

    For immigrant coming in, I find people from South Asia and some south east asian countries are too keen on studying. Studying is not the beginning and end of life. If it was the only thing, those countries would have been the best but the reality is they are not.
    If a job can be done by someone without higher qualifications, then so be it. Just cause another person is better qualified doesnt mean they are needed to replace someone else.

    I feel like writing an essay here but i know the discussion will be endless with newer people posting.

    My take home message is:

    Life live peacefully without big risks or even rewards (just do only as much as you need to lead a good comfortable life)

    Opt for spending more time with family not more time with career

    Any job is respectful…the CEO of google is no more special to me than a worker in macdonalds. Asian mentality proves otherwise.

    Be mature in thinking long term rather than short term gains. (Dubai life is good but illusion…no future, complete waste of time). Slow and steady wins the race!

    Be open minded and be fair to give your younger generation a chance to decide for themselves whether they like life in cananda or not.

    Explore and gain new insight to what canada has to offer which is not related careerwise only (hiking, backpacking, traveling, learning languages, etc, volunteering to make a better society) I barely know asian people doing any of these. They are only competing for prestigious jobs with no end. This is what is creating problem in the first place.

    By the way, this comment is coming from someone who is 32 years, has lived in many countries, traveled even more, doing Phd as well as proudly work in odd jobs as i enjoy it on the side, traveling new countries at least twice a year, plus learning many new skills that my time entails.

    • If studies wasn’t important then there will not be so many Indian origin/nationalities working at Microsoft, IBM, NASA or other big firms in US. However when it comes to Canada and immigration, you are required to come here without the job and that’s where the struggle starts. Whereas in US majority of the people either go with a job or complete education and then get a job and most definitely US is a way bigger market for jobs as well better salaries and lower cost of living compared to Canada.

      Even in Canada as well you will find many local people working as labour/cashier/servers kind of job, but they are studying for something and I am not talking just about teens or people in early 20s but late 20s as well and early 30s as well. The job struggle is there for everyone but for new immigrants its much more since their qualification is foreign and employers only consider local education. Big cities have heavy competition and whom do you think they will hire? A new immigrant or local qualified person? And also regardless to say most local born candidates or at least who have studied here will have made some contacts and for them it is much easier to get the job. Yes there are more job opportunities in smaller and isolated cities, so if you want to come and live in a small isolated city/town then Welcome to Canada.

      Now lets talk about immigration comparison of New Zealand and Australia with Canada. I immigrated to Canada and many of my friends went to Australia and New Zealand. Some went before me and some went after similar qualification and experience and all of them have well settled life there working at big firms. I am have been here for 3 years and still struggling and mind you that my qualification from high school up till my Chartered Accountancy are UK based. I met another person who migrated and is CFA charter holder (in case you din’t know that’s a very prestigious designation recognized almost all over the world) and he couldn’t find a job here. His background – Nigerian. My other friend who came here in 2011 is still studying local qualification and he is 40. He had to study because he couldn’t get a good job. So what ever your age is you will have to study local qualification/certifications in order for you to get a good job. Even to be a Server or Security guard here you need to get the license.

      So i will say again only immigrate to Canada if you have serious serious problems back home otherwise its worthless to come here. If you have a well settled life back home then don’t come here.

      • Hi Rahul,

        I might need to clarify bit more. The reason why Indians are in these big corporations doesn’t justify completely if studying is the most important thing. Also I never said studying is not important. It is very important. I am doing PhD myself being in Canada 14 years and knowing the job market. I said it is not the only aim to shoot for. In Asian countries it is truly the ticket out to a better life but not in the West.

        UK, one of the smallest countries has one of the biggest economies. There are many benefits to a big and robust economy but it is wrong if we associate it with better life quality. Competition is good but I feel these countries have to rely on competition to survive as this is the post economic peak times for them. Same for USA. 90s was their peak. the people in the 70s didn’t need to work so hard to have a good quality of life as the young people have to nowadays in the USA.

        I was in New Zealand and went over Australia few times. Even in NZ, it is the same as Canada. Foreign qualifications don’t get recognized. Same story of people driving taxis there. However, Australia is better by far but then again, you will see Australia is mirror image of USA in the southern hemisphere. So my point is life is competitive in Australia which usually is great for economy but hinders a peaceful stable life.

        As far designations are concerned, yes CFA is very prestigious and there are people in Canada who have good jobs with that qualification. The point we are forgetting is whether Canada needs any more for such people (if they don’t plan to expand in this area). Even NZ has lots of people who are not getting jobs with CFA. that’s because NZ isn’t a financial centre. Sydney is. It is more stable for your friend to open a restaurant. Self made business is the best way to go. There is good earning and life quality is still better than Nigeria in every way I can think of.

        I do not want to demean anyone. I know how it feels to be overqualified. My mom is a specialist doctor with UK qualifications yet she worked in Subway restaurant here. My dad returned to the middle east within a month of coming to Canada in 2008.
        I must point out that I am second generation here and life is stable with minimum education required in Canada. It is horrible for the first generation. It all depends on the person spoken with. For overqualified people, it will be frustrating, for many poorly educated people, its still heaven here.

        Would you prefer to work 12 hours a day and enjoy life with a very high pay or 7 hours a day and enjoy life with half that pay?

  44. Dear Salman because life quality does not depend on job only I am going back to Europe even I and my wife we have a very good job position here. Australia has e better weather and better quality of the life just for that. It is really difficult for me to understand how the life could be great in Canada where has one of the worse weather in the world with the east under the snow most of the year and the west under the rain most of the year as well.
    If the immigrants had the opportunity to have a European passport or USA believe to me this country would loose half of is population. Look the statistics how many people come and how many leave, this country struggle to keep the immigrant people living here. When I arrive here in 2000 in Vancouver the balance was 7000 were coming every month and 7000 thousand people were leaving. That time I understood the ones they chosen Vancouver but after few year I understood why the 7000 thousand were leaving. Today Canada is much worse than before and is in a bubble where people can not afford the life and specially the family…….. so if this is a great living !!!!

    • Oh yes most definitely! The only reason I came to Canada was because at the time of application only 3 countries had open immigration – Canada, New Zealand & Australia. The main reason I choose Canada was so that it will be easier to move to US.

  45. Now,after reading all the comments I’m biting my nails whether to study in Canada or not.I will give you my complete profile any one of you please advice me I say PLEASE.
    Completed my graduation in the year 2016 from Electrical and electronics engineering I just got an aggregate of 64 percent with 7 backlogs.I don’t know anything about my subject.So,I came to know that MBA is easy a bit for me, joined in a so called college and cleared my 1st semester days back.in the mean while, wrote ielts secured just 6.0 applied to colleges for post graduation diploma in Electrical and electronics related field for visa purpose and want to transfer to business related course.Also retaken my ielts this time I reasonably sure that I will get 6.5 so that I can get a university admit as a master’s credentials.If I get 6.5 I will either choose MBA or some computer subjects.My age is 23 from a middle class family to be honest and I’m expecting only through bank loan.Suggest me which province is best for PR and part-time wise.Frankly say whether my decision is wise ,if not advice me what should I do as a well wisher of mine.

  46. No doubt canadian life style is good but in short i would like to say that canada is the country which takes away the happiness and charm of my life.Life here is hell. u have to just work work and work .no enjoyment is there.Now i can not return to my country but my suggestion is that never ever come to canada.A persons talent is never valued here.

  47. Well, I have read all the comments and found a conclusion that Canada is not a good country for immigration. There is no value of education or degree obtained other countries, most of the people who immigrate are doing odd jobs, to get a better job one should go for a new diploma or degree from Canadian institute but till then it is not sure that one could find a better job etc. etc. So my question is why people are moving to Canada knowing all the things, why they are saying they are okay in Canada. Actually, me personally along with my two other friends and all three are doing Government job in Bangladesh deeply thinking to migrate to Canada. But after reading these comments I am totally disappointed. I am now in a huge confusion whether it would be wise decision for me to migrate to Canada or not. I am now 37+. Can anyone suggest me honestly?

    • Yes, Parvez, it baffles my how POOR Canada is every day I do business in Canada… it really is one of the poorest countries in the world… everything is a lie!

    • Parvez, in all honesty – I have worked and lived in many countries and my friends, business partners, etc – immigration is for two types of people – RICH people and POOR (SLAVES) people. It is NOT for the middle class. Everybody lies, only the RICH class benefit from it. My advice to all is stay in your home-countries and love your own people. If you are willing to wash toilets in another country, why not do it in your country for your own people? At least then you are serving your own.


    • 37+ is too high. you will not get government jobs here. be ready for a lower job. But it will be a great life for your kids with canadian passport. Exactly my story. i am bangladeshi canadian


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