January 17, 2017




  1. Hello All

    This an interesting article with various points of views in the comments, which I read all through.
    It seems that vast majority are from India, but I am from Kurdistan of iraq and I have master in business law from Newcastle university uk. (No British passport), now I am working with an international company in kurdistan and piad well based on where I leave. I am thinking to immigrate to canada, but I am afraid I never be able to get a professional job there and stay my entire life struggle with low income. I am 31 years married and have 2 kids.
    Off course my home country and canada is not comparable in any way, but some times I am saying leaving as a middle class in this mess might be better than living as a very low class in the heaven of canada.
    Do you think I can survive in canada? I don’t dream to be rich, no even here I just like reasonable life for my family.
    So in canada what kind of jobs I have to do and for how Long ?

    • I have lived in Canada my whole life.. I don’t have a job, I’ve been looking for a job for a year… It’s not a good time to come here unless you have something going for yourself before you come…

    • If you are from Iraq, try to go to Dubai, Abhu Dhabi, Bahrain etc. Don’t come to Canada, you will waste your life here. Canada only needs well educated immigrants to do low level labour jobs like security guards, fast food workers, retail store clerks, cab drivers etc. Plus you come with funds they want that too :). It stimulates their economy. Immigration is Canada’s biggest economy and selling natural resources like oil, otherwise this country is a frozen wasteland. If you don’t believe me, come and find out for yourself. You have been warned.

      • Hi Raj,

        I am Ajay Babladikar from Hyderabad, India. I am a PharmD Graduate. I have a job right now with salary of 30k in india. I am 25 years old. My friends are going to canada on study visa. I am also interested to move to canada on study visa for the diploma course in Health Care Administration which is of 2 years with a hope that I can get some good part time job or if not some good job in Pharmaceutical Maketing which I am doing it right now in India, while studying out there in Canada.

        Quite a few time I am afraid,I have a doubt will I be able to get good money during the study and also after the completion of the studies.

        Please do guide me. I Would be very much thankful to get the great advice from you.Look forward hearing from you.

        Ajay Babladikar

        • The grass is always greener on the other side.. Be happy with where you are and what you have..

          From an Indian.. Canada Immigrant..:)

    • Dear friend,
      Immigrating to Canada is a risk as any other risk you may make through your lifetime. when you take the risk to do anything then you have to get yourself ready for it, but keep in mind what is good in one country it might not be as good in another country, so you have to get yourself ready. First, you have to find out what is needed in Canada and what are the main qualification you have to have.
      When you acquire the main qualifications then you have to have the specific qualification of what you are intending to do.
      Doing the above requirement will pave the way for you. To tell you the truth, you cannot rely on your degree as a mean to have a job right away because the job marked wants to protect its educational institutions so if they do otherwise then that will affect Canadian educational institutions negatively so the job market will always ask for Canadain degree or Canadain experience. It is just a protectionism.
      the writer of the above comment was a teacher, and the market for teaching is not as good , and she/he was supposed to explore the market plus she/he was supposed to look for a different field if the teaching field is poor. An educated person should be able to explore other opportunities not to limit him/herself to what is not salable.
      I am not trying to blame him/ her, but I am introducing different point of view.
      The major point I want to make it clear is the language. The more you master it the more successful you will be.

    • Canada is a great place if you like forests and wildlife. However, the people are shallow, ignorant and cold. Don’t be taken in by the superficial US-style extroversion. As for your career: you have no chance at all. Go anywhere else on earth.

      • Wow so sorry to hear that you think we are all stupid and ignorant. I work with many immigrants who are doing well..for you I guess you chose the wrong country so time to go home I would think…….

    • Have a look at Australia.

      Have a look at this book Australian Skilled Migration In a Nutshell which has just been released as eBook and is available in Amazon.

  2. I am a Canadian Citizen living in the USA. I agree with the post by the family from Dubai. If you have worked 30 years already, then it is fool hardy to migrate to any new country and hope for a job. You are competing with young folks who all mostly have an MBA and have done several interns with various companies. Laws are different and every profession need certifications. I came as a student to USA and worked in Canada as a youngster
    Yes, there was discrimination when I was looking for a job. But I had a Ph.D and an MBA from Wharton, U.Penn. Those were days when we did not have Internet, so it was more challenging. My advise. If you have already worked 3 decades, you should retire, rather than resettling in another country. You should embrace “Enough is Enough”

    • I agree with Kash. I am not an immigrant, and was born in Canada. I have ancestors who were immigrants. Even in Canada, for those of us who had it “easier” we have to know when enough is enough. I worked with a lady who was a respected teacher in India for 30 years. She and her husband came for a “better life” for their children. The lady was a house cleaner, and felt a tier lower than being a teacher back home. Their children felt resentful that they had left a life where their family had respect. Careful of saying you will come to Canada for a better life. For some it is true. But… if you have a good career back home, be very careful. By the way, I love being around immigrants and feel right at home with them. All the best to you all.

      • Hi Jill, this is Sneha from India.. was planing to expand my business recruitment business in Canada what do u think is thr any scope. wud b very greatful if u respond back. as i am little worried after reading these above post.

        • Intellectual racism is rampant in Canada. The racism is subtle towards Indian ( read brown ) people and Chinese people. If you are poor class or lower middle class in India, come here to do low level jobs. You will just about survive. But if you are upper middle class or rich class from India, don’t even bother. You will waste your life and savings over here. Huge massive cultural shock, fools paradise indeed.

          • Dear Raj,
            Thanks for your well placed comments on immigration to Canada.I am a retired Colonel from Indian Army with 21 yrs of colored service and presently working in corporate world for last 5 years as CEO post retirement from Army . I have already taken IELTS with a good grade and have done MBA as well. I am 47 yrs of age with no child liability as my son is settled.I intend trying for Immigration to Canada.I am ready to work hard.Will I be able to get adjusted there in terms of job satisfaction,work environment and culture, social acceptability, racism and self respect.Your valuable comments will go a long way to help me take correct decision lest I should repent whole life.

  3. i am mechanical engineer having 5 yrs of experience as a maintenance engineer in india now days i am thinking to migrate from india to canada for batter future and life and i am still confused what should i do, did i get a decent job there or not and all.

    • Mechanical engineering is hard to find job in Canada because most of the jobs in Canada are in service industry. IT or Medical professional are doing well here.

      • Hi Sam,

        I am 38 years old diploma engineer with over 16 years of experience in Security automation field like CCTV, Access control, Fire Alarm in technical field. I am from India. Is there any scope for this Security Automation field???

    • You should check out the Canadian immigration website and check with the Canadian immigration office for information on where to come in Canada, where jobs are and where the best places to settle. Most immigrants look at Toronto and Vancouver and there are many other places where there are jobs and better life….

  4. I am pakistani citizen and working as Manager and draws heavy salary…after reading this article I must say DO NOT BLAME CANADA for your failures…I am ready to work anywhere bcz I have to think for family my son future…the only thing which disturbs me is long travel hours or long flights…otherwise there is no country in the world serving as paradise for you.. Being muslim I really respect and care about Canada…so much loving people and respect for human for a person for a life…forget money forget status forget your self esteeem….
    Come to Canada for a peaceful quality life

    • Hi,
      I am Sohan
      I am from India. My age is 40 years. here in India i am working in automobile industries and earning around 11 lacs/annum. in my family my wife and 02 kids are there. here in India i am well settled and saving also good enough.
      My question is that if i am migrate to Canada then what will be the scope of the job in Canada. what will be the expenditure at Canada for the month. can i get the job within 02 months. what salary can i get in Canada? I have to take licence there or without Licence i can get the job in my automobile field?
      If i want to buy car and House there in Canada then what will be the cost for the purchase there in Canada.
      Please guide me so that i can take the decision.

      • Sohan.. I really do not understand why you want to immigrate to Canada when you have a decent good life in India. I am an Indian..immigrated to Canada almost a year ago..still no job.. There are soooo many people here looking for a job ..I came here only bcoz I had no other choice..I had nothing to lose..Brother, be happy with what you have..If I were in your place, not even in my dream I would have thought about immigrating to Canada..
        Canada needs your money.. not you.. Be happy with what you have.. Be happy at your home..
        If you want to regret, WELCOME TO CANADA!!!

  5. This is the story of one family, but there are thousands and thousand of families gone to Canada and be blessed or prospered. You can not judge something with one testimony.

    • I am one of the blessed people that can never understand the ones that cry. I am a 45 Yrs old nurse, came to Canada in 2000 straight from Israel. Took me two years to get all the education and the licence in place time when I worked a minimum paid job. I found job after job later on and feel blessed to be here. Can I ever say enough “Thank you , Canada for accepting me??? To the people who came from Dubai- u made a good move. Dubai is in recession and fired many foreigners . Now if u want to think of options, you would have been sent back to India. Maybe u would have enjoyed India better , I can’t judge this since I’ve never been there. To me and millions of other people Canada is a blessing. I don’t live a high life but I live a very comfortable life, my children are enrolled in very good schools, we live in peace and surrounded by people who apologize to me if I bump into them by mistake. By far the nicest people on this planet. I am beyond thankful for everything I have and for the life I live.

      • You must be White & Jewish. No wonder you got the special treatment. Look around you and see how many Indian nurses are working with you, next to none !

      • I am always puzzled why people say “oh, Canada…. thank you, thank you, thank you for accepting me…..” . Seriously, Canada received fully grown up educated worker who paid for own professional registration and degree recognition. Who worked low wage job to survive first couple of years. I think they should be thankful that you accepted downshifting and for 16 years by now are paying taxes to boost their economy. Guys, common, give yourself a credit too.You did not cost a diem to their system and gave profit fairly soon. Allowing your entry here was based purely on a business calculations; unclear to me why some develop such a deep patriotic emotions toward receiving country . In terms of thankfulness and gratitude – i think the only newcomer category who should be melting down in thankful thanking is refugees.

        • Kuku, I find your views offensive. I am an immigrant to Canada and started off working minimum wage jobs. I now have two successful businesses and a farm. Yes, thank you Canada for accepting me and giving me opportunities. There is absolutely no reason why this country should thank immigrants for arriving. They have opened their doors, the rest is up to you. Do not come here looking for a hand-out, do not come here expecting to be treated like a lord. Come here expecting to do hard work and making your own destiny. For those of you posting on this board that Canada did not give you enough, you have the opportunity to go home. Canada is not a prison, the doors let you out as well as in.

      • Did you travel the whole world? To say that largely rude, emotionally detached population is nicest on this planet? Big claim calls for a big evidence.

    • LMAO. This is the story of thousands and thousands of immigrant families coming here. One story is that of one family who just about managed to be successful, but are still not happy here as the weather, climate sucks and there is NO culture here.

  6. That’s a joke then you should have just stayed in your “tax free” income job in your own country. why come to the western world?

  7. Hi,

    I was in the US decades ago and came back to India because of visa issues. I have traveled to quite a few countries but I must admit that there is no place to settle down like the North America! I just can’t believe that life in Canada sucks!


    • The person in this this article is too old to move to a new country. Having over 30 years of experience, this person must be over 50 years old. At this age in Canada, we are glad if they still have a job because company like younger work force. Cheaper and easier to train. Living in Canada over 35 years, I can see that older people are harder to enjoy life in a faster country.

  8. Hi..i am prasad ..age 27 yrs ,I have 3 yrs experience in banking.Am planning to migrate to canada for better prospects.Kindly suggest .Iam looking for apply CANADA PR.Is this right decision.

  9. Hii…I’m from india,2 6 year old..I’m working in defence forces in india as a soldier. D getting around 40k but after spent I’m able to save 15k.d gave 24 hrs to his organization .nw I’m doing this job bt sm tm I find it very boring same mental pressure work for whole day d don’t hv any tm to cm from that..
    I hv my big dreams as better life style, better payment , cars d luxurious life..
    If I wl remain at my present job I wl not find it ever d god me this life once to live nt to pass… I want to go Canada for work. As I wl get in a construction company. D got around. 4k c$ d wl get company’s accoaccommo dation d food…

    4×12= 48k c$ (2496000 inr)
    If I wl spend 75% of the money then I wl gt around 600000 per annum safe with good life…

    Pls suggest me..

    • Please refrain from giving your job details on public platforms. Being a soldier is a proud achievement and makes us all proud of you too.
      There is no harm in having ambitions, but be loyal to your present employers and don’t put em down in public forums. All the best

    • Being an ex Indian soldier, I can confidently advise you to run for your life. No point risking your life in a corrupt system.

      I moved to Canada and work in a clerical job, but earn far more and feel appreciated. I no longer have to risk ny life or the lives of my men for corrupt politicians.

  10. Don’t move to canada then. We’ve had enough of you smelly turban headed dark stinkies coming over here and eating up all our ‘citizen’ services. Keep your asses in india or pakistan or whatever other third world toilet you originated from. We don’t want you!!!

    • That’s rather uncharitable comment, Dan. Would Canada still be what it is without all that was contributed in the 20th century by these so called immigrant labour??

      • Immigrant labour depresses wages. 30 years ago I was earning $14 per hour. Bought a car cash and insured it. Today the same job pays $10 per hour and you are dreaming if you can buy a car cash and pay shelter. The first people to feel the pinch are the older immigrants with children when new waves of immigrant labour are brought in. Wages don’t go up but the cost of living and taxes keeps going up. The Vancouver anti-Chinese riots of 1886 were prompted by the engagement of cheap Chinese labour by the Canadian Pacific Railway, they laid off thousands of Canadians, men from the rest of Canada and stranded them in Southern British Columbia starving. The men took it out on the Chinese. Mass immigration doesn’t benefit Canadians or immigrants, it causes resentment and division. It benefits big business.

    • Dan, the problem is you guys have to clean up your “white” toilet by your own arses…that’s the reason you have the sheer cold audacity to come up with regretful words like these…pure shame.

    • I think, Dan u r in some sort of a Canadian toilet, where u r forced to eat people’s shit, and drink their urine in broad daylight, these third world people are the one’s growing your country’s economy, or else u would have still been a ragamuffin in some Canadian dumpyard.

    • Looks like lot of people have shit in your mouth Dan, it sure looks and stinks like a toilet.
      No wonder its all the shit is coming out now :)

      • hi raj iam pavan from india , ….i am a pharmacy graduate in canada ….i need your help regarding the information of studies in canada.

  11. I am an immigrant who landed in Canada some 4 months back (2016). Whether i was plain lucky or I am talented doesnt matter, but frankly I got my first Full time job in my very own profession in about 1 and half month (45 days). Canada is a largely regulated country and we need to understand that half of the most common professions here need a license. This is good to maintain quality. However, those of us who land here without caring about the license requirement end up spending a long time getting them. As an example, I recently met an MBBS doctor who said that his license takes up to 2 years. Point is, Canada has people coming from so many countries that the government doesnt give you permissions to perform critical professions (health, etc) without you convincing them that you are up to their mark. My profession is non regulated (I am into marketing and nobody dies if I make mistakes – so I dont need a license). Also, we need to understand that canada doesnt have a population as much as India. so professions and their responsibilities wont be as segregated as we have in india. As an example, an Indian HR recruiter will only be a recruiter in india. but in canada, due to lack of people, he will have additional responsibilities. If he or she is prepared to take up that, he will be a good prospect.

    If you are coming to canada you MUST be open to be flexible with your roles.

    And heres what you get in Canada:
    1. Extremely good work life balance (more family and personal time – people work for their life, they dont live for a job )
    2. Medical health, safety and schooling is taken care by the government (overall the government is like your parent – they try to ensure that you live happily)
    3. Everything in the city is designed for senior citizen and differently abled. (all footpaths have a slope, every staircase has an alternative arrangement)

    Whats not so cool:
    1. Taxation(takes a toll – usually 20-30%)
    2. People may find it slower than an Indian set up(own sweet time..!)
    3. No manual intervention in many cases (we asians are used to get everything done by people and rely lesser o automation – in some cases, there are absolutely no people to help you, eg: parking lot – you have to park at the right place and ensure it doesnt offend others .. but no one will tell you whats right and whats wrong).

    • Hi, Ameya. Your article is very inspiring and motivating. I am looking forward to move to Canada. I am also a marketing professional in India. Your story is great and your analysis is absolutely perfect. Can I seek your guidance while moving to Canada and how to make myself prepare for this career and location transition?

    • Why can’t taxation be so cool…. all the money that you pay towards you taxes goes towards your medical/schooling/roads… for the same things that you have mentioned in pros….

      what you see there is your money… so take care of it :)

    • Hi Ameya,

      Thank you for your article!

      I felt very good reading it. It is very positive and realistic. You made my day. Now I too can look forward to immigrate to Canada in the future.

    • Amya, you painted the picture quite well but missed a vital point in what you get in Canada – Social security after a certain age, till death. People from Dubai or India aren’t very much aware of this as social security doesn’t exist there. This is quite a significant benefit, in my opinion.

    • Hi. If u could share ur email ID it would be great to speak to u & understand the scenerio better. Have been landing to move out from India, but family has not yet agreed due to external influence.

    • Ameya, you are blessed. so many negative experiences recorded here by other immigrants who didn’t succeed like you did.
      I am 54 yrs working as an Executive Secy in an IT Firm, settled in Mumbai.

      I have contacted one Consultant for immigration. she said i will get no points for age.

      Was wondering if its worth pursuing this matter. actually the consultant doesnt do a free assessment. have to pay 1100 INR online and then they assess your eligibility. the amount is not much, but bigger question? what opportunities are available in this line of work and if i ll be able to adapt to a whole new country, esp one where the climate is so cold, vastly different than India.

      I went to Australia early this year and found it okay climate wise too, but age is always a barrier. I have family settled there.

  12. Hey all ! One thing is for sure, no country builds your dream…why should it ?? it’s your dream you work for it and believe in it so it happens. I live in Ontario and every ON driving license plate has a message for you ” yours to discover” you may be living here for years but did not catch this simple message. You make your own paradise. Keep the faith. There is no shortcut to success!! God bless Canada

    • Hi Sunny

      I absolutely agree. There are opportunities but they are not going to land in your lap. Make your own future with your own hard work.

  13. I am 52 years working in a government engineering company . I am an engineer by qualification and have been working for 30 years now . However I had a dream of living in Canada for many years which I want to realise now by migrating . Will life be very tough for me? Will I be able to land a sustainable job ? At present I am in upper rank of my company. Is it a wise decision to do so?

  14. Hi,

    I am originally from India but i work in Dubai. I work in a MNC as a Business Development Manager here and the job pays me quite well. I am here in Dubai since past 5 years. I am now thinking to apply for migrating to Canada as no matter how many years i work here in UAE, one day i would have to go back to India. I forgot to mention i am 27 years old and not married. Please suggest is it a good decision to migrate to canada.

  15. I’m sorry your Canadian experience hasn’t been good. I’m going to make a guess, that you settled in Toronto, or possibly Montreal? Certainly one of Canada’s larger cities. Canada is ENORMOUS. (second biggest in the world, 2nd only to Russia) 90% of the people live along the American border and the other 10% are scattered across 90% of the country, and I am of the latter group. If you would get out of that southern area/big city, you would likely do much better. There are many small cities and towns in the middle and the north that need good, industrious people. Those with plans and ideas and some money to get started. The farther north you go the more this is true. And also, the farther north, the more welcoming people are of immigrants, especially those that are willing to work hard. I know plenty of people with the name of Singh and Sidhu that have become rich and successful.

  16. No offence to anyone But different people have different views.

    I moved here in 2010 from India. Me and my wife. Both my kids are born here. Getting a job in starting was a little tough bcz they look for Canadian ecperience. At some points it is right too bcz the countries we come from and here, tge work culture is quite different which I have experienced. We people do not have excellent customer service and team skills. We are more individuality oriented people. So that needs to be improved. Doctors, teachers etc… I have seen the difference… Ofcourse Canada will prefer who are educated here first. Our backhome teaching and med standards dont match here… I mean Doctors and teachers attitude… Here we all are equal. Doctors dont treat you like shit. But all fungers are not same. People who adapt work culture here, i have seen them coming into their profession after qualifying.

    Also depends in which province you move to. A proper home work is required before moving. I came here with barely 10k$ in my pocket. Was ready to start from zero. Today i am financially well stable in 6 years. Kids are going to good schools. Its true that life is hard but ehh… Was it so easy back home? If it was then those people have luxuries, positions, money and servents… Dont need to move here, specially when you are 45+ in age. You wont be able to adjust here. Youngsters compariyively adapt culture and new place faster. They have enthusiasm and zeal to do hard work.

    This country is for hardworking and ready to do anything kind of people. Today many people are thinking of leaving earth and preparing for Mars… So it is ur own choice… Be ready to adapt to new world or stay whereever you are. Blaming a country is wrong.


  17. I am 35 years old and working as a Manager in a Customer Care. Is it a wise decision to move to Canada. I am ready to start my career from the scratch but how is the market for customer service and do they take Indians if they are willing to join as a team leader or agent.

    Planning to move in alone and after Indians a job planning to take my 4 year son and my husband along.

    Please let me know your suggestions n opinion since I need to decide basis your comments.

    • If you are willing to do anything and not complain, then go ahead. If anyone moving to Canada is willing to do anything to survive and not complain, he or she will survive. Now whether it will be a wise decision depends on many things. One, if you are doing fine currently, then you should be careful about taking any decision. Two, you must be ready to do odd jobs before you could possibly find a job in your field. Third, people should think hard when they think of migrating to another country after the age of 35.

  18. Hello I am an Indian.My family is planning to move to Canada.After reading all this I need to rethink about my moving to Canada.I am not very sure about it.Please can someone suggest something?My sister is already working in a bank in Delhi and I am pursuing my graduation course.We have a good life here. Should I really rethink about moving to Canada? Cause I don’t want such a life. Please can someone answer me?

    • Hi dear,
      If you have a good life back in your home country then no point moving to any other place. Remember .. All the glitter is not gold. My daughter went to study in Canada and we were happy that she will get a PR along her studies. But she missed every single day her home country only because she had really good and comfortable life here. Now she’s so stressed and depressed that she’s leaving her studies in between and coming back to home. As a parent, I have no choice welcoming her back although spent lakhs of money. But the happiness and life is always chosen above any luxury.
      Good luck to you !!

      • hello meenakshi …iam pavan from india …iam pharmcy graduate …i want to get my post graduation diploma here ..please help me.

  19. One more thing I wanted to ask.Is there any scope in the law firm or law jobs.I am currently pursuing political science honours from Calcutta university. Is it very difficult to get a law job their if one pursue the associate degree of legal administrative community college in Canada?Please I need your opinions and suggestions .Thank you :)

  20. I can relate to the author. I immigrated long time ago (1991) but I think the basics is still there. They always require 2 things: Canadian education equivalent, 2) Canadian experience. How to implement those makes the difference. But some guys have the luck so there will be comparison and resentments. Best of luck to the author. I hope your luck is just delayed and you will have it soon.

  21. Hi,
    I am a Doctor (MBBS) from Bangladesh and am Studing MSc Public Health in the UK. I worked in my country for 2 years as a medical officer in a NGO health service delivery project before coming here in the UK. My visa will be expired after one day of my study completion. In the meantime, I have started the processing for submitting application for Canadian immigration under federal skilled categories. My question is, should it be the right choice for me and is it possible to get job in public health field?

  22. Oh Please. I immigrated to Canada 14 years ago and found a job in my field within 6 months and rose in my field where today we are well settled even though we live in one of the most expensive cities in the world (Vancouver). Yes moving to another country requires you to make adjustments when I came here I was prepared to take a couple of steps down and start afresh in my field. From your article, it sounds like you did no research at all before coming to this country. How is it that you didn’t realise you would have to reinforce your teaching license? How is it you didn’t read up on the education industry in Canada? For someone in the education field, that’s a serious flaw.

    I came from India and I took my struggle as a challenge and a way to prove to myself.

    Canada is a fool’s paradise for the ill prepared and for the entitled.

    • its really foolish of you to call thousands and thousands of well educated and well qualified immigrants, who have the exact same experience as the author ill prepared and entitled. Just because someone like you lucked out in your profession, doesn’t mean other immigrants will too.
      you should see the racist stuff that is said behind your back. You must have kissed the White man’s ass big time to get a job in your so called field.

  23. What are the scopes in the health care industry in Canada? Should I think about shifting my focus from law jobs to health jobs? Which field gives you a better scope with a handsome salary among these two? Thank you

  24. I am an Asian who has arrived in Canada in the beginning of this year. I am 32 years old male. I have MBA from Chicago Booth and CFA. I have worked at highly prestigious international firms in Europe and UK – PWC, BCG and Deutsche Bank. My English is fluent. And yet I have been totally unable to get any job offers in Toronto and will be soon moving back to my home country.

    Before coming to Canada I knew all those horror stories about poor immigrants not being able to find good jobs in Canada. But I thought the same would not happen to me because I had all the credentials. BIG MISTAKE!

    I have the credentials: Chicago MBA and CFA, work experience at PWC and BCG, etc but they did not help me in the least! I am better qualified than most my Canadian born peers but it does not matter.

    I applied to senior roles at big banks, publicly traded companies, and consulting firms. I got no replies. Ok, I thought, I have no “Canadian experience”, so maybe I need to take a step or two down. No problem, I thought, I am prepared to pay the price for the opportunity to start a new life in such wonderful country.

    So I started applying to some roles for which I was overqualified. I got some interview invites. And what did they tell me in the end? “You are too accomplished, too experienced, you are too good for us! You deserve better, good luck!”

    Seriously. One well-meaning hiring manager spent half an hour telling me that I would easily find a senior position if I applied here and there. I could not tell him that the best position I was able to get an interview invitation for in many months was this position that he denied me for being “overqualified”.

    When I read articles such as this one in the past, I was alwayes surprised by the level of resentment in the comments. I often found this phrase repeated many times by different people: “coming to Canada was the worst decision in my life”.

    But now I understand. I can say it with 100% certainty: coming to Canada was the worst decision in my life. I have wasted almost a year of my life. I have wasted all my life savings (I have a wife and two children and we spent a lot of money in Toronto because we maintained the lifestyle that we are used to).

    I am sorry to say this. I don’t have any hard feelings about Canadians. Canadians are very nice people. I fell in love with Canada. I love the infrastructure, I love people, I love Toronto, I love healthcare and education here. But something is very wrong with the Canada’s immigration system.

    I have two explanations. Number one: Canada’s economy is too small. Canada looks big on a map but it is a small country. Smaller than Ukraine or Poland. And its economy is based on natural resources rather than hi tech or manufacturing. The economy just does not generate enough high paying jobs for all high-skilled immigrants who come here very year.

    Number two: there is less meritocracy here than for example in the US. In the US if you know your stuff well you will be appreciated no matter your skin color or where you were born. Not so in Canada. In Canada you have to have “Canadian experience”. How many major Canadian companies do you know that are managed by minority CEOs? I know none. Compare this with the US where scores and scores of major corporations across all industries have foreign born CEOs.

    I like Canada. But I am full of deep resentment about this country. This experience has been very painful for me. I feel like I was deceived and betrayed.

    • This comment might end up saving me a fortune and loads of misery so god bless you. I am the same age as you with similar qualifications and experience but only in a different industry. Even our family sizes are similar.

      Some 6 months back I decided to immigrate to Canada or NZ. Soon after, I realized I would have enough points to get accepted. In fact, in NZ, I would get auto selected. So about two months ago, I started applying for jobs. So far, I have not had one interview. In most cases, my applications are simply ignored. Mind you, these are for positions that I have been working in for the past 6 years.

      I started doubting myself until I applied elsewhere like the US, UK and Dubai. The bottom line is, I am not convinced I will no longer even consider emigrating to these countries unless I have a job offer.

      I don’t fully agree with your assessment of why things are so bad but I don’t think I know the answers myself. All I do know is the shortage of skilled workers in all the different industries and categories are misleading. If there was a shortage, why I never get shortlisted with them but other countries without a shortage interview me.

      Obviously I spent some money on the paper work, but nothing compared to losing all your savings. I wish the best for your future.

      • I am from NZ and have been here for the last 16 years or so… I would say when you come overseas please do not bring your exp. here..
        NZ is not US so don’t compare..they want people with exp. in nz as people here want people like them… the reason why they ask for qualification is to make sure they get good applicants.. remember its not them asking you to come .. you are coming at you own will with a myth that education/health infrastructure and such services are free….NO ITS NOT..ALL THIS MONEY COMES OUT OF YOUR POCKET ITS TAKE AWAY BEFORE EVEN YOU GET IT… Asian countries are not used to it as they don’t pay their fair share or it doesn’t go for the development of the country.. here it does..so you see good parks/toilets/houses/roads..hospitals etc….

        Again if you are skilled healthcare/doctor/construction/electrical/plumber with NZ license you don’t need much of communication… and you can make good money

        All industries are protected here for locals first then for migrants which I feel is the right way and its same it any country you go.

        Even in US its the same story…. remember that US migrants are 3/4th generation and NZ only have 1st generation migrants.. so the struggle will be there…

        Again NZ has made their immigration tighter as they don’t want more migrants here as house prices have soured to a million here…..

    • Can you please advise why despite studying in Chicago business school you could not get visa to work in USA and could have led to a a green card?

    • Attention Rafael

      Can you please advise why despite studying in Chicago business school you could not get visa to work in USA and could have led to a a green card?

    • Totally agree with you I have lot`s resentment coming to Canada and I gave to many years to this country which is full of empty promises.
      Today also even have a job here is not enough to afford a good life because the expensive rent and price apartment of the property !!
      Many professional people are leaving the country and the Propaganda of Canada is more visible than ever. In Italy next October 16th there will be a meeting at the Canadian consulate to encourage professional to come and work to Canada !!! I know many people with P.H.D because they did not study in Canada after the Canadian Embassy give points for the P.H.D …..well they end up to drive e Taxi !!?? Personally after 16 years I am going back to Europe and yes coming to Canada was not a big mistake for me because I worked in my field but I should not stay here so long that`s was a big mistake ! PS. Healt care and education is a sucks compared to Europe !

    • God bless you for speaking out Rafael; if most of the immigrants to Canada with your qualifications (or similar) and work experience who ended up having the same negative experience or worse as you had, would speak out, it would go a long way in stopping the brain drain from so many poor and middle income countries into Canada.

  25. Just be grateful you have a Canadian passport now and whole world is open to you ! be thankful you even entered Canada .. I have been trying for years now with no luck, and with fear of being deported back to my war zone country every day !! its a terrifying unsettled life and I wish it to no one ! reading your topic made me laugh with pain ! you should appreciate that you have a country no that won’t kick you out any second and deport you back to hell. Pray for me !

    • Sara, can you please tell us which war-zone country are you from? Because your IP address shows your region/country as Puerto Rico which is unincorporated US territory. How does Puerto Rico become a war zone?

      • Wow, thanks for outing all these impostors! It just goes to show that people are not necessarily who they claim to be online. Sara is probably a paid Canadian government shill, there are many of them all over the internet especially on Canadian immigration forums or related websites.

    • If you come as a refugee from a real war zone with no where else to go Canada may have some appeal, for anyone coming from any first world country (especially Europe) not so much….by the way Canada play its part (i.e. (arm sales) in the destabilization of the middle east contributing to the creation of war zones.
      I totally agree with the OP, Canada is a fool’s paradise, spent 3 years there, left as soon as I could and never looked back…I count my lucky stars holding my European and US passports

    • Sara just apply to the U.S then go to the Canadian borders and i am sure they will accept your case,that’s the beauty of Canada!

  26. I had a bad experience with Canadian tax system. I was charged several thousands by TFSA unit for a mistake on their side. After several months of corresponding with them I still have not got a refund. I even pay taxes from my rental income in my home country, but there is no appreciation. They dont correspond by mail, they just talk over the phone. I never had a problem with wrong assessment even in a third world country. When CRA takes the money from you, they do it immediately. But it is so hard to get it back even after several months. The system of CRA is one sided and they procrastinate a lot if they owe you. To approach tax court is expensive and time consuming. Atleast IRS is easier to contact and they are fair. This can cause a lot of stress in your life, in addition to finding job. Their phone help line is not so helpful, they dont send documents related to your case. It is a nightmare!

  27. @Alok, what Narendra said is true, Indian people of your caliber should migrate to the US or Canada to further contribute to those regions, and I have lots of Indian friends who already proved they did just that worldwide, especially the Indian adult males who really take care of their own Indian women’s well beings and look after the kids in the family, as opposed to what the media always painted on the Indian guys as drunken emotional faggots who abuse & steal from women & kids etc etc.

    Gosh I don;t know how many people are living in the India continent, maybe 2 Billion, and they are all very super smart and socially responsible beings, and true to what @Narendra have said, if all the Indians moved to America where they are most welcome just like the black Africans, India’s corrupt system will be solved overnight right away. Canada is a corrupt-free nation, and if the mass immigration from the India continent do take place tomorrow, Canada will be even cleaner the day after, and a pure white-as-snow happy nation shall endure.

    Welcome to America!!!

  28. No Canadian experience + No Canadian education = No Job. Without Canadian experience you can’t get a job, without a job you can’t get Canadian experience. So its a vicious circle and Catch 22 situation. Surprisingly when they want to use you for low level survival jobs, they don’t ask for Canadian experience..hmmm, why is that ? So only for a good job they want Canadian experience, so immigrants can remain at a low level.

    • Canada is a white woman’s country.

      Men who lived in “Patriarchial” societies which are now becoming to become destroyed in the name of “human rights” will find out what a living hell Canada is for men.

      Toronto is already known to be a very expensive city where fathers end up as prisoners in their own cramped up apartment in a crime ridden area, because he will find out that the white woman in Canada taught his wife to become an enemy of her own family and children in the name of supporting the Canadian system.

      The more women who divorce their husbands and abuse their children reap a net positive for Canadian. It means more demand for housing, malls, lawyers, teachers, childcare workers, but those jobs aren’t for immigrants with their Phds from Harvard, those jobs are given to Canadians who either bribed their way to earn a high school diploma, or they received the job because of nepotism and cronyism which many immigrants fled their home countries to avoid, expecting that Canada would offer fair opportunities for immigrant.

  29. i have finished my mechanical engineering and i have 4 years experience in automobile technical section in INDIA. Presently i am working in OMAN, i wish to migrate to CANADA as it was my dream. can any body give me right advise.

  30. How can i get lower entry level job or any labor job or unskilled job in Canada. I am 23 years old. Live in Mumbai, India. I just have High school equivalent education. I’m literally ready to any kind of lower profile job. It doesn’t matter to me what kind of job it is. I am just ready to do it. Its been my dream to move in Canada and earn a few bucks. That’s it. Will it be possible ??? Could i really move in Canada with no higher education Background.

    • Shrikant! You miss a vital requirement to perform low level jobs – Higher Education!
      Sorry, you cant become a Pizza delivery person, and hence cant enter Canada

  31. Hello,
    I am a fashion design graduate from India (Age 30 – Married) & working as a Visual Merchandising manager in Dubai,UAE since Feb 2015, I have overall 9 years of experience in Retail (Visual Merchandising). Now I am planning to start my migration process which will be completed in Dec 2017, my question is from all the respected people here to help me & suggest that will it be good call to move to CANADA at this point & if yes which City, Province i should migrate so that i can get a similar job in Retail Visual Merchandising. I want to move with my wife & she is currently house wife but also worked as a Visual Merchandiser for 4 years in India & currently working from home based in Dubai.

    Please also if you can suggest the approx. cost will be incurred initially to get settle down in that City, Province I should move to.

    Looking forward to here from many of you, which will be very helpful for me to reinforce my decision of moving & settled in CANADA.

  32. The author is talking bout only three to four years my husband is here from past 10 to 12 years and jus 5 years ago he got into a job of his own field n tat too bcoz my husband is in the IT field… Yes there’s a lot of luck depending oer here…. If u r lucky and keep updating urself then ther r chances but I’ve seen ppl who r here from 15 to 18 years but still are doin th labor jobs…. Canadian dollar gives tat shine in th eyes yes education is free till high school benefit… If u r on contract jobs n laid off the govt pays EI till u get another job… But if the job is permanent then u r gone for a toss…. High level jobs r very very very stressful … If u wanna study come here on a students visa study n go back… Yes it’s a fools paradise but I bet poor immigrants don come here to see Niagara Falls but to Make some moola… Taxes suck the blood out of u even if it was buying a tether for ur child… Children above the age of 8 already know wat is sex and how to use condoms… All bout different positions which is a very sad state of affairs… Sometimes hate crimes happen… I c my husband struggling keeping awake for night shifts jus bcoz soriye else dzn take it and his job gets into danger… Yea mortgage is hell breaking loose on u once u buy a house vitout the knowledge of the land value goin up in a few years time or coming down… At times I am sad depressed due to climate in winters and snow… Feels like we’ve not seen the sun for ages too many bone probs Coz of the cold here.. Summer comes jus for kissing th land for 3 n a half months…all in all m jus here bcoz thankfully my husband is having a good job so far which is again very very stressful but my man tries to meet ends poor soul… Wen in Dubai u jus go n buy a LV handbag here u have to wait for sales since everything is damn expensive… Another benefit ur children will speak beautiful English… I miss my parents my siblings… If anything happens in India it takes two days for me to only reach there…. But my bro n sis can travel to India in every weekend…. No involvement in joys no involvement in sorrows back in India… Miss huge fun functions and sometimes months pass by jus seeing my parents faces but thanks to what’s app and skype… I never tell all tis in front of my hubby so tat he dzn feel bad as he loves tis country ( dunno for wat reason)…. But yes u either come herewith loads of money n open a dollar store or a super store or u come here and and keep doing all kindsa certifications on which if u r lucky u might get a nice job else u end up working in Tim Hortons… Another benefit u get to c 4 complete seasons in tis beautiful scenic land.. It’s breathtaking…. Leave the job n money part aside Canada is a very very green land with loads of scenic places to visit…. If u had migrated back in the 80s or early 90s then u r a king by now but lately it has been a frozen wasteland… Soon I’ll b getting my passport like my two children n my husband… I will b a proud Canadian after tat Coz u shud love the place which feeds u even a penny…

  33. I’m a Pre sales consultant with 8 yrs of Work experience into IT and Banking.I have done Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM).What are the prospects in Canada for my credentials & how soon can one expect to get a PR?
    What kind of salaries can I expect in Canada?

    Note: I’m into Analytics,cloud,mobility and SAAS.

    • Could you please have a look at Glassdoor.com / Payscale.com to answer your salary question? I’m curious as much as you are. I read through this blog and it seems to have an overly negative sentiment on the subject matter of migrating to Canada. Recently, about a couple of weeks back I checked with my friend who is working in Canada as a Business Analyst and he had a positive story to share. Its all about our perspectives and experiences in the ground level that matter, rest are just personalised stories.

      P.S: I am an Indian citizen, who has studied and worked in the UK too. I am currently working for a high tech firm in Cloud Computing field, previously I have worked for a Big 4 Company too.

    • Your profession is not a regulated one, so you can start your job hunt from day one. Getting a first job is a tough task, you have to spend all your time in making fitting resumes to sell you. You can expect a min salary of 55-60K and goes up to 110K(highest).

  34. Hi guys am from India ( 26y old ) presently working in the gulf but started my immigration process with consultancy for canada and my profession belongs to constructions n i got positive response for my credential assessment from WES as bachelors of engineering.
    1) Do i get the job immediately from my home country in canada.
    2) do i need to do suicide jobs like filling station or in hotel servant.
    3) does construction business is in boom compare to gulf.
    4) does it fools paradise like other say you will be given entry based on qualification but you wont find job immediately.

    am middle class guy i don’t have much savings with me presently to survive without job.

    • Suicide Jobs?! – Thats called Survival Jobs :).
      1) – No. 2). Yes 3) No 4) Yes – as you already applied for it.

  35. I have read this article a couple of times one when I was applying for canadian immigration, second when I came here and now again after spending 3 months in canada. One has to see his or her priorities right before u make such a decision. And then the second thing you have to keep in mind is that why you want to come here? Is it for the Luxuries or a good quality life. I mean, you can have Luxuries in your home country but canada can give you a good quality life but yes it is a tough road. Forget about your work experience, education and profession once you reach here. And to start your career in the Maple land there are no shortcuts you have to start like a teenager, start with entry level jobs and gain the Canadian experience. One has to come prepared. That’s the reality . But as the writer says it’s not that bad. One has to be tough to and know the reality.

  36. Hi ,

    I am also looking job in Canada. Currently I work in Public accounting Firm for 2.5 years in India and looking for jobs in Public accounting or banking. Is it really worth shifting to Canada. will i get a job in similar domain in Canada and will pay be good

    Please Advise.

  37. Hi, I am graduated Civil Engineer and have a decent experience of 10 years (Working as Construction QC Manager) with international companies. My wife have Canada PR and also have applied for me to settled in Canada. I am not sure whether it would be a good decision for me to shift to Canada or not, as per Job prospective.

  38. I totally agree with the author. I moved to Canada for a better life, away from pollution, traffic, crime, and chaos. The first few weeks were amazing. It’s a beautiful place. But as soon as you enter the reality, you start to feel that you are at the wrong place. There are only menial jobs available other than those who are from the IT sector.
    I worked at warehouses and retail stores but felt that I cannot do this whole life. I was alone and depressed. Canada is a cold place with cold people. It’s hard to make friends how if you come all alone.
    Finally, I came back to my home country and still recovering from stress and anxiety even after a month.
    I really wish nobody else faces the same problem again.
    Trust me, Canada is NOT a good place for well educated foreigners.
    Go there only if you are a refugee or uneducated.

  39. Hi,
    We are from SA as you all know by now this place is no place you want your kids to grow up. My husband thinks it would be better to migrate to Canada. We are white South Africans and just cant find work here. My husband does Appliance Repairs such as fridges, stoves, washing machines tv’s and so. Do you guys think that we can survive in Canada or will we make a mistake ?

    • Ella, I know a lots of South African people here. If your husband has qualification in such jobs, he will definitely survive. Skills like technicians, appliances repairs are always in demand. Good Luck !

      Desi Mfundisi

    • Hello Ella,
      You touched a key point in order to get a job in your filed in Canada; race. You mentioned you’re white, I’m guessing english is your 1st language, that’s all you need. You and your husband will get jobs in Canada, in your field and you will be welcomed by your fellow anglo-Canadians.
      You probably mentioned race in a casual manner with no racist intentions, just for the sake of clarifying. Unfortunately, this piece of information is probably the most important in a country with rampant racism where being Anglo grants you all kinds of privileges above all non-whites.
      By the way, I’m a Canadian citizen that lived in Canada for 13 years; I know!

  40. Wow!!! This article and the comments have been a serious eye opener. I’ve been thinking of immigrating to Canada for some time under the self employed category. I have my business and clients already and would continue working with them when I move to Canada. A lot of what I do is also online so as long as I have my laptop and Internet, I’m good. I’ve been running my business for 2 years now. The purpose of looking at Canada is for a permanent location in the long term as where I am now doesn’t offer that prospect. By the way, I’m 39, single and don’t have kids. Still researching this…..lots to think about….for the moment, thinking of paying a 2 week visit sometime soon to get a feel of the place and see if it’s somewhere I can see myself long term before I start plunging all my hard earned money into this..

  41. Hii,

    Can any expert from Canada tell me about primary education, as my kid is in nursery (Cambridge board) and my family (me, wife and 4 year kid) have received province nomination from Saskatchewan, by my profession i am marketing manager and my wife is a chef. And want to ask some questions related to migration.
    1.Pros and cons of living in Saskatchewan (Saskatoon or regina or prince albert)
    2.Education standards (comparing with Indian international schools with canadian public schools).
    3.Is it better to migrate in Canada if someone is earning Rs 50,000 (about $1,000) in India after all expenses?

  42. A ridiculous article. Whether you took a decision to leave “the warmth” of India or “the bug” of Canada or even the addictive materialism and glamour of Dubai only you are responsible for the choices you make in life… and if you feel it has been a fruit less venture, only you are to blame! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and become wiser!

  43. Canada is a dream country for millions of Immigrants, Refugees and International students.
    Some of these people coming to Canada may be able to survive the cold winter, if they didn’t run away from it.

    Refugees are highly protected under the immigration law, they are paid $$ by the government and thus their future is still dependent on whether they will be going back home soon or if they find ways to stay in Canada forever. According to the street talks, these refugees work on cash jobs and make double the income. More than a local Canadian would make.

    Immigrants on express visa. After you sort out where you want to live, (most probably in GTA – Greater Toronto Area) you are now in a long line of jobs that are either at factories and shops and super markets. If you are not bringing any unique skill, you will struggle forever and live most of your life under $20/hour. This will be enough for you to rent an apartment and pay for groceries. An average house in GTA is about $700,000. You will need minimum of 20% down payment to even qualify for a mortgage. If you are outside GTA, there are high chances that you will experience discrimination, racism etc. It is but normal for the locals to feel xenophobic as you will be ready to do a given job for less than what they would. Plus you are now flooding the job market with the qualifications that are hardly recognised here. The first question you will be asked here by an employer is “DO YOU HAVE ANY CANADIAN EXPERIENCE” ? Well if no body gives you a job, how would you get that Canadian experience. Regardless, we do need some PhD and Engineers from other countries to sell us coffee at Tim Hortons.

    International students, you are coming to Canada with only one intention. Permanent Residence. Even the ministry / government knows that. Why do you think they keep on opening “fast PR if you stay in Yukon and Manitoba” kind of schemes? There is labour scarcity in these areas. So if you are OK moving in these areas that are mostly -40 in winter, you will be able to survive here, again if you can survive that winter. Do not fall for any trap laid by any of the Indian agents, or agents of various colleges in India. There are programs designed, created especially for International students and the whole class is made of International students. Do you think these courses are market driven? Is there enough demand for you when you complete your studies? Promises made about giving you scholarships are only $100-$200 / year as a bait to bring you here . An average International student pays over 4 times fees of a local student. i:e a community college diploma program will charge you about $15000 fees, about $400 for rent, if you still have money and you decide to eat healthy food, you will need at least $200/month for groceries. Hydro (electric+water), Internet, etc will cost you about $200pm. School activities might cost you another $100. And dare you get any bad habits here. A pack of cigarette will cost you $10. So do your math on how much you will be paying to get your 3 years diploma.
    Market talk again, an average international student is employed way under the minimum wage ($10.40 per hour), do not dream of making a fortune by working in Canada, and think you will earn enough to send money back home, pay your fees and have lots of fun. That iphone that you dream of will cost you a minimum contract of $70/month.

    Overall, its not bad here, if you know what you going to bring to the country. But free loaders, chance takers and bringing skills that are not required in Canada will only create misery and stress for you.

  44. Canada is good only for low level workers and few IT and Medical professionals. This country has got no culture of its own. People are unfriendly and never engage in good conversations. The youth is uneducated, unemployed, and irresponsible. God bless Canada!

  45. Your post is very relevant for the middle age people who are on threshold of getting off the peak on career life. Realistic and practical sense will prevail. No point in competing with young graduates for same position and keep chasing wild goose.
    You are privileged in a country of birth and enjoy those benefits as a citizen. In these days of tough economy and isolated families all the hard earned savings is a bliss. Enjoy it !!

  46. My brother who has approach a agent here in India wants to come on open work Visa , could you please suggest on the same .
    Currenly he is not having any degree in Hand but agent assured him of a JOB in Canada

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