October 20, 2017



  1. If anybody has any doubts about how CORRUPT Canada is, google ‘Phoenix payroll Canada’. They are all lying and cheating the public… they are all in it! They are paying THEMSELVES with OUR MONEY!

    • Why not Dale? let me tell you why. our countries suck for these jobs. even toilet cleaning in canada is far better than being a doctor in Asia. No respect and no money

      • well I disagree. How could u say that cleaning toilets in Canada is better than being a doc in Asia.

      • You can not say that being doc in India won’t give you the respect. That’s the bullshit..
        Indian respect the doc’s as god, and let me say that it not all about money. If you are cleaning toilet then it’s not good life for you.

        • Exactly, its not all about the money. its about lifestyle. canada is far better than india in that respect. they dont need to join any competition and show themselves off. they have enough resource to sustain themselves for 500 years peacefully.

          • So you would rather clean toilets for white people rather than become a doctor in Asia, where white people are flocking to Asia in droves for medical care (and to some extent sex tourism in the Philippines and Thailand)?

            Canada has more than enough land to comfortably house its 36 million people, but the Queen of England owns at least 90% of Crown land, while the few wealthy oligarchs in Canada own certain acres of land which if off limits to people.

            Canada has enough land, but it costs at least $1,800,000 to purchase an 80-year-old plywood shack of a ‘house’ in Toronto.

            It costs at least $300,000 for a 1-bedroom condo in the middle of the sky, and you have to pay property tax and maintenance fees costing at least another $30,000 a year to live in that condo.

            Canada doesn’t share it’s wealth properly so that’s why doctors from India, Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian countries are cleaning toilets unwillingly because they are TRAPPED.

      • Are you brainwashed by Canadian propaganda? Toilet cleaning can’t even pay for your lunch if you work an hour wage….India may look like an overpopulated slum, but it is far better in terms of opportunities in IT and other industries, and with a way lower cost of living.
        Canada is a shithole that only pale women find it a paradise because they can falsely accuse immigrants of rape and cause police to harass entire immigrant communities.

    • I agree with the writer. Canada is hard place for immigrants. They brought us as skill workers with bachelors, masters and languages to perform unskilled jobs. Canadians do not recognize experience outside Canada. Racism is high.

      • It is not just that the jobs that are bad for immigrants. It is hard to get any, and Canada is very expensive. Even if you get a job the low paid with trouble, you might save 200 per month because you have to pay high tax on income. If you get 20,000 per year, you have to pay around 30% as tax, so plus the rent living, food and transportation if you save utility 2000 per years is much and to get your own house cost you minimum 200,000 so maybe in 20 years you will stop renting, the only possibility is if you came with many members and all save more money but if all get a job and even son the tax will take of all

      • yes absolutely right actually they encourage us to come here but doesnt acknowledge our professions. Even if we upgrade and do bridging programs still we end up jobless

        • They only want your money and tuition. The Canadian Job Market is cliquish and those who know each other in social circles obtain the better jobs. I’ve heard that it’s terrible in Canada, especially in Toronto that people are competing for UNPAID volunteer work!
          Meanwhile, the 23-year-old Caucasian female just graduated from medical school and will become a qualified medical doctor by age 25! Canadian experience!!!!

      • America is becoming cronyism like Canada. One of the largest credit score companies hired a Music Major as their Chief Intelligence officer for Equifax….That’s like hiring a plumber to conduct brain surgery:

        It’s easy for a white Canadian or American to ‘retire’ for incompetence.

  2. There’s no where like home, Sharma. You understand the language, the culture, the people, and important of all, you know your way around. So, going back home was the absolute choice, not Canada.

    • What culture you are talking dear? 28% GST rubbish taxes. Discrimination of Hindu Muslims. Importance of cows than a human being. Baba’s and their bhakts gundagardi. What is the attraction to go back home. One day one can be killed by mob while eating mutton at his home. India is not anymore to live in.

  3. Working in call centre and as factory worker is not low respect job..every job is important to run this world..i spent many yrs in call centres. Its very cool job here in india.

    • She was talking about a person from Teaching Profession having to do Call Centre Job….which might not be comfortable to her not to you. And it is cool in india because you can run back home anytime, not when being in places like Canada

    • It’s “cool job” in India probably because the salary pays the bills.

      You can’t live on $12.50 an hour in Toronto doing call centre jobs because buying groceries for one person alone in Toronto is at least $400 a month, and it’s even higher, even triple that cost if you live further up north in Canada.

      Also, you will end up competing to rent slumlord rentals in Toronto, at least $1,100 a month for a Bachelor apartment with no bedroom, and rents increase at least 3% a year because of loopholes in the City code.

      Don’t forget that $150 monthly transit pass which increases by over 5% a year even though oil prices are falling since 2015, but despite Canada being an oil exporter, gasoline prices for cars are 4 times expensive than in the USA.

      You will have to earn at least $1,600 a month in order to barely survive in the Toronto area.

  4. Hi,

    We are happily settled in UAE with 2 kids (below 4 years) . We have Canadian PR since 2015 and have been delaying our move due to above problems.Now we have a job offer (85k taxable) . Will it be a wise decision now to shift? We will not be moving for savings or money. Target is Canadian Passport for kids better future. We just need a normal comfortable lifestyle.If we like it, we will stay else we may return to UAE. Expert please advice.


    • Hello Tuls, yes i think its good if you move. you got a great offer of 85K. normally no one gets it here. 85K is a high end job. your kids are young. they need a parent beside them at this stage. you will be able to adjust in very easily. it is much better with Canadian passport. UAE is not great for settling just good for making money. if you delay it, you will never get this opportunity again and things will become harder for you as younger generation will be taking these jobs very eagerly.

    • Hi Tuls,

      What is 85K? Monthly or Yearly? Which currency? Canadian, Indian or US….What does WE mean? You and your wife both have offer which totals to 85K? Where is the offer from? Do not simply plunge….. While UAE is a good place to make money…India will be the best please to spend it …..dont waste hard earned money dreaming big things

    • “Target is Canadian Passport for kids better future.”

      Why are you sacrificing a relatively high income lifestyle in the UAE for Canada, knowing that you will struggle to even find NON-PAID VOLUNTEER WORK for “CANADIAN EXPERIENCE”?

      You might think it’s altruistic to sacrifice everything you earned in the UAE so that your children will “have a better life in Canada”, but all it takes is for one spiteful, drug addict & alcoholic Canadian social worker/school teacher/ school administrator to destroy your hopes and dreams, along with your wife divorcing you for no reason other than Canadian propaganda, and your children to hate you because their female teacher spreading lies to their students.

      Canada is not like the UAE where it is centered around wealth and making money. Canada has a very weird form of gender politics, and in school they focus more on teaching 6-year-olds how to perform anal sex, and how to become gay and transgender (even though these same activists will pro port that a 17-year-old female cannot have feelings for the opposite gender, ironic that they force 6-year-olds to become gay and transgender).

  5. well, dont know nothin until you exprience it, some of my friends are happy there and staying like surviving as they call it, and few of them saying that they are getting bored coz they miss dubai to be frank. sooit all depends on luck, yes i would suggest before migrating towards canada let the bread earner spend some time and see how things work and if not, can come back to dubai and these times iw ould say spend of that 1 or 2 months of ur holidays there. and see how it works.

  6. There is another important factor to mention about Canada. The salaries are generally lower here compared to the expenses. If you need a decent life in Canada, then both man and woman have to work otherwise it will be tough to live. But in India or South Africa if you are working professional then one person in the family – either the husband or the wife – should be good enough to live a comfortable life. Of course, if both are working in India it’s better in terms of income. But in Canada for working class people, it is must for both husband and wife to work to live a decent/okay life.

    • Yes, you are very right, Rahul. It is very tough for working class people to live a decent life in Canada if both husband and wife are not working because expenses are very high. But in India, you can live a decent life with one person’s salary.

  7. Same experience we had. It’s blood-sucking country. We are now back in India but the struggle is not over yet. We have a house in Canada and the tenant is not paying rent, and we are running here and there to get rent and waiting for the tenant to vacate the house. Because the tenant has more rights in Canada. It’s a shit country. My husband is suffering from heart problem now because of the stress, he was a healthy man.

    • its not a shit country. its the best place on earth. we have rights that supersede others and by far the best quality of life. Its socialism in action. Canada outperforms every country because of quality of life, not for the need to compete with others. it doesn’t need to be like any other country on earth. It’s doing just fine the way it is.

      • Yeah sure. It is a shit country that tries to fabricate an image that it is not. You are just being assisting in that scheme. I would rather move to hell, at least it is warm.

        • look at your English….being assisting. i suggest you learn english in canada. some people love cold. if you love heat go somewhere else. no one told you to be here.

          • And I suggest that you learn how to punctuate.
            Canada is an isolated, freezing and boring country. I’m sure it suits you well enough!

      • Maybe that can explain why Canada depends on the USA to purchase tare exports.80% of exports go to the USA. Canada is nothing but a Banana Republic with only a white feminist police prison state.

  8. What way do you want to migrate to Canada
    If you come here illegally, Canada Government will consider you as Refugee
    1. You will get help aid from Canada Government.
    2. Easy to get a job because peoples will show their sympathy to you.
    3. You will receive financial helping assistance from Canada Government up to 12 months to support your family.
    4. Peoples will hug you, express their kind hearth to you and so many NGO help Refugees.
    5. Free public transit service.
    6. Very easy to get permanent Resident or citizenship.

    And you skill labour, if you come here legally, leave you back home country, leave you relatives to strengthening this country economically, technically and all other way by using you skill then
    1. You will not get help aid from Canada Government.
    2. Very hard to get a job, if you get also very hard to work. Nobody will show you good express to you.
    3. You will not receive any kind of help from Canada Government to support you family.
    4. Peoples will always try to feel you that you come here to take their jobs. Do not expect any kind of help other because they are not going to do it. May be you can expect some troubles.
    5. All you expenses you are responsible.
    6. Hard to get permanent Resident or citizenship

    • Hey Dave,
      Please share your thoughts on refugee.
      I am an Indian and have a valid visit visa.


    • Yes, Nigeria is a nice place, cheap accommodation,transport and general living cost…
      For raising kids,it’s good,but you must have cultured your kids well. Because it’s a free country,no restriction to any amount of fun

  9. Some facts about canada

    Technically sound: a person should be technically sound if wish to get a good job here. White collar jobs are paid less.

    Degrees not recognised. The degrees as well as the experience are not recognised here. Only canadian experience is given preference.

    Since all the firms pay their employees at per hour rate, the shifts are made in such a way that when their services are required the employees are called to report.

    Infact the canadian government should ask for their countrys degree along with IELTS scoresheet while accepting files. This way the people will not be made fool.

  10. This is the writer’s point of view. Being an immigrant in Canada myself, I would have to agree with all that is written in this article. The thing is when you decide to leave your countries, you have to understand that it won’t be the same here. So forget your pride, forget your self-esteem. Be prepared to do toilet cleaning, the low paying jobs and all the stuff that comes with it. There will be racist people here and there but then the good ones will always outnumber the bad. Believe me on this one. There are assholes here but tell me a place where there isn’t one. So yeah when you start complaining about your life in Canada, think of the reasons why you left your country in the first place. If that isn’t enough then you can always go back. Canada isn’t for the proud. It is for the hardworking. There’s lots of hard work here and humility doesn’t hurt too.

    • Thousands of educated immigrants were falsely lured into Canada under the promise of career advancement. I do not think that it’s fair to blame immigrants when they are the victims of the propaganda scam in Canada.

  11. I’ve been leaving in Canada and just recently moved to Dubai and it’s absolutely a different experience. People who live in Dubai their whole life will NEVER be able to move to a country like Canada where everything is simple – noone cares what bag you have and what car you drive. People have to go and get their groceries by themselves and take a metro – not a taxi.
    Yes, they do require education & skills for jobs that shouldn’t but this what makes EVERYONE amazing at their jobs – not like in Dubai when you order a green tea, they bring you back because they don’t pay attention, don’t listen and don’t care. And I DON”T BLAME them – cuz they get paid NOTHING.

    In Canada if you are a waitress you make decent money to take care of you and your family if needed – no one judges you.

    In Dubai, people are materialistic and horrific. The government doesn’t care about people living and whats happening to labour workers who BUILD cities for them when its 50 degrees outside.

    So don’t jump judging Canada when you are sitting on your ass doing nothing to change your situation.

    • yes Daria. you are 100% right. the life in dubai is an illusion. even if they pay me big dollars, i will not go there. all these countries lack human right which is the most important thing.

      • White pales think that exposing their private parts in front of toddlers at their obscene festivities is a “human right”. Canada is a degenerate country with no morals and values!

          • I will tell you who I find more racist than Canadians…. It is immigrants to Canada. Canada was a different country in 1990s. It seems that most immigrants in Canada are frustrated. When I visit Canada, people think I am an immigrant to Canada. Most of these people are immigrants themselves and are quick to jump to conclusions. These guys treat me like shit. I have waitress showing me the “tip” place and asking me to fill that section. I had some people deduct a few “extra” dollars out of my credit card thinking that I am a fool to notice. I pretend not to notice because I only visit Canada for a few days, but truth be told, these hating immigrants are also making Canada a bad place to live.

      • Hi Sara,my name is rachel ,i want to relocate to canada with my family,i want to apply through a PNP,which city is the best and how do i apply???

        • Hi Rachel. it really depends. Job-wise, Toronto is the best. lifestyle-wise, Vancouver is the best. community-wise, every province is different.
          the straight way is by skill points system.

  12. I think i agree with K Last comment made by the person, When you immigrate, you should be ready for the hard time, it may goes out of the expectation but you’ve to find way out of it because you’re an IMMIGRANT. I understand the write went through poor situation and i assume they were living a ROYAL life in UAE. Today they’re complaining because they’re in CANADA, i observed people who look for lot of ESTEEM needs in CANADA as immigrants are most disappointed. There is no esteem jobs available when you move in.

    I am looking to immigrant to CANADA. My one of the neighbor immigrate there and they all seems HAPPY! Few would have problem but according to my friend’s opinion those who come here with High expectation are most disappointed one and writer seems one of them

    • How can you be certain if they’re 100% happy? Facebook and Instagram selfies don’t count.
      Unless your friends were starving poor and persecuted in their home countries, of course they will find solace in Canada as long as they do not question the status quo like an American patriot.
      Many immigrants who arrive to Canada are above middle class in their home countries, so they do not expect to be serving coffee at Tim Horton’s as if they were 16-year-old high school students only working because to earn income to purchase the latest I phone for the next school semester.

  13. I think Tia should consider one of you going first ( check it out for a year or 2 , settle down ) and then the rest of the family should move to Canada . Do think about it .
    Mr Raj

  14. Insightful comments so far. I am interested in relocating to Canada with family (spouse and 2 kids) through express entry application. I like the Canadian culture and lifestyle. But I’m a bit taken back because of the hard life described. Does that mean after evaluation of my foreign certificates,applying through the skill list, there is probabilty of not continuing my career? Please I need someone to advise me. Thanks.

    • You will have a very difficult time having your foreign credentials recognized in Canada, even if you have American work experience….Canada’s work culture is very cliquish, and with this wave of Caucasian ‘gender rights’ in Canada, if you’re from certain countries or are not white, employers automatically assume negative stereotypes of you, thus would be reluctant to hire you, unless of course, it is to serve coffee at Tim Horton’s or sweep floors on the sidewalk for min. wage.

      Don’t let any Canadian fool you! You will only be like a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick if you decide to waste your savings on redundant courses in order for the hope to be employed in your field in Canada….I know immigrant doctors who spent years back in Canadian medical school, but for years after graduating with an MD, they cannot qualify for Residency in a hospital or clinic to earn work experience for their doctor’s license, so they wasted 3 or 4 years in Canadian medical school, because if you do not have residency experience in a medical clinic, you cannot become a licensed doctor in Canada.

      • enough with your misogyny and sexism. women in canada have a right to dress as they please. nudity is also not sexual. it’s the male gaze that makes a woman’s natural body sexual. get over it. you can’t change our laws.

        • My point exactly. I am not sure why would immigrants want to change Canadian culture? You immigrate to adopt a country and its culture and not change it. Part of the problem is immigrants themselves. Frankly, as a tourist, most of my interactions in Canada happen with immigrants. While some are very nice, I am increasing finding envious and frustrated immigrants. Canada is becoming a bad country, and everyone is responsible for it. What I think is that Canadian housing bubble and social programs are responsible for it. The Canadian government is taking anyone they can by lying or whatever as long as they bring money with them. The immigrants are frustrated, they resort to their culture and hate Canadian culture. Canadians fight the immigrants to protect their culture. This envy is getting out of control.

          • @Parag: In Canada, under their Criminal Code statute, indecent exposure is a criminal offense….

            However, because Canada as usually adopts and perverts (no pun intended) Common Law to suit their agenda, it was one Appeal or Supreme court ruling which decriminalized indecent exposure as long as it is a form of “protest” or “freedom of expression”….I’m not a lawyer able to cite the case law, but it was I think in 1996, when a white university-aged female was charged with indecent exposure for showing her breasts in view of underaged children, but then her conviction was overturned, which led to decriminalization of public nudity in Canada.

            I also think that immigrants are frustrated because they were lied to when they were directly or indirectly told that they can retain their culture in Canada, only to later realize that if they wear a sari, they are treated like how Muslims were treated in NYC days after September 11, 2001, or if they wear a turban like Canadian born lawyer and Leader of the NDP Leadership Jagmeet Singh, a white Caucasian Canadian woman accused him of being a Muslim refugee. This is in spite that Jagmeet Singh was born in Scarborough, raised in the most Canadian Maritime part of Canada, and is an educated lawyer to boot…How Canadian can one not get?

            The point is that while Emily advocates for censorship, it’s her political cronies who insist that when they indecently expose their nudity around young children, they insist that their nudity isn’t sexual in context, but if they feel that a refugee was looking at them, they will be the first to complain of sexual harassment, or if the person is wearing a turban or sari, they will automatically assume that the person is a Muslim refugee.

            In other words, why shouldn’t immigrants complain that people like Emily support persons of questionable character posing nude around young children, yet at the same time those immigrants, even Canadian born lawyers like Jagmeet Singh, are treated as refugees based on their cultural attire?

          • One thing that is not discussed is how fast Canadian demographics are changing. I always have this sense that there is great tension in Canada. Part of this may be a combination of illegal immigration and influx of refugees. I found this youtube video that provides some background on how Canada is facing sudden change in its demographics. I am not sure if people can see this video in Canada as the Canadian government is seriously in censorship as well. An average Canadian cannot distinguish between an illegal. refugee and legal immigrant. As a result, legal immigrants may face even greater discrimination. It is probably best to stay away from Canada because this added burden will raise taxes even more.

        • Public nudity is considered OBSCENE, IMMORAL and unsuitable for children….What I don’t get with you white Canadians is that you can yell all you want that your nakedness is not sexualized when you show it off to little children at an elementary school, swimming pool or at those yearly “protests” in downtown Toronto, but as soon as you see males over 16 or immigrant men, you accuse those men of sexual objectification of your obscenity.
          This is why one of the reasons I don’t like Canada is because of the hypocrisy. If I was a 4-year-old boy who supports LGBT rights, you’d think that’s it’s fine to show your naked body to me, but if I was an immigrant adult male, you’d be the first to cover your cleavage or run to the other side of the street to avoid me because you think that every man is out to commit a crime.

          This pro-nudity agenda from downtown Toronto appears to be a child grooming agenda to molest children. I wonder if Emily or Sara will start complaining that my opinion is anti-Canadian.

  15. Canada is a white feminist prison state. You’ll learn about the dictatorship when living in Toronto. Everything in Canada is revolved around the petty tyranny of the white woman.

    Don’t believe me? Did Native Aborigines enforce and advocate for harsh laws against men such as Family Act, overpolicing of racial men, false accusations?

    Jian Ghomeshi had his name dragged through the mud because of false accusations from white women that he was mingling around with. He should have learned that a white Canadian woman can literally poison an entire community of immigrants, but she will be viewed as a victim, but any immigrant man who is not committing any crime or infraction is automatically a potential criminal.
    Fug this white supremacist country! They treat us immigrants like garbage unless you follow their Westernized degenerate lifestyles!

    I was sued by a white Canadian pale woman because she falsely accused me of leering at her short skirt that she attended to work on several occasions. It’s considered a grave moral infraction to even question a white Canadian woman on her choice of dress at a Licensed Private school in Toronto.

    Canadians have no ounce of decency or social order, but they want to impose their degenerate values onto immigrants. I was lectured by the Judge that Canadians value equality rights for women, so when I argued that the pale feminist woman was violating the dress code for tutors and teachers, I was immediately yelled at by the Judge and a few of those who attended the hearing in Toronto.

    TOO BAD FOR CANADA is that I closed down the business operations of the private school, wired all of my Capital from TD Bank to a more respectable country.

    Canada can keep their pale whites to prance around immodestly in a school setting and office. I for one, will not invest a cent any more in Canada!

    • Hi. Please stop spamming your nonsense here. there is nothing wrong with anything she wears as long as its office wear. the etiquette matter more in other countries, not in north America. everything is about money and lifestyle enjoyment. i prefer to hang with them. its their country and their lifestyle. learn to respect it. we have very strong human rights here. you are no one to say LGBT is wrong even if it has all the wrong reasons in the world. we believe in freedom…thank you very much

      • Actually, you are wrong here. What part of private school you did not understand? These are not public tax payer fund supported schools where a women can wear whatever she wants. There is a reason why people send their children to private schools, and that is to teach certain values. I am not necessarily agreeing with Elton because the school could fire the woman for breaking dress code. However, what you say is not correct either. Private schools use private money and they can have their own policies. If you do not like their policies then work for public schools. However, you cannot dictate what private schools can and cannot do. These schools are free to set whatever policies they want. It is called freedom. What you are suggesting is really oppression where private schools should follow some dictatorial policies under false disguise of freedom.

        • @ Parag: If the private school fired the woman, they could be sued for 1st world problems like “sexism”, eve though it is immoral for anyone to showcase indecency around young children.

          Here is one example. A Canadian woman complains that she is being oppressed because parents and their families at East Side Mario’s were concerned that her breasts were displaying over her uniform, because she wasn’t wearing a bra:

          In other words, if a white Caucasian female Canadian wants to choose to be nude around children, no employer can fire her, no police department can press charges, nor can the Crown Attorney request a guilty verdict, because in Canada, that would be considered “discrimination against women”, but white male employers mistreating female immigrants at the workplace for exploitation is considered “Canadian experience”.

          • I have to disagree. If a school has a policy about dress code then a woman can be fired for dress code violation. Let her sue the school, the lawsuit cannot stand. Policies are democratically decided by school committees and everyone working for school must abide with them. Employees contracts would need employee signature upon joining. If Canada is country of laws then courts need to honor property laws and private ownership. As I said before, there is a reason why people send their kids to private schools. If you start taking the rights of private schools then government is oppressive, and it needs to be overthrown. What is wrong is some person in school telling others what to wear. When that happens, it is discrimination. If dress code violation happens due to school policy determined democratically before even employee is hired the it is certainly not discrimination. More so if employee is required to sign a document upon hiring that they shall abide by the school policy as their employment condition.

          • Canada doesn’t follow Civil Code (except for Quebec), nor does not protect property rights as stringent as the United States….I guess that you’re new to Canada, so let me share some news articles related to how Caucasian Canadian women can and will sue any private owner for discrimination if she is not allowed to be naked around minors:

            Ironically, even though Caucasian Canadians “fought for their right” to go naked in front of minor children, they allege that they are victims of ‘harassment’ and ‘rape culture’ which usually bash on immigrant men:

            Ironically and ironically squared to the highest integer, local Canadian police, especially in Toronto and York Region are known to force non-consensual intercourse against non-white Canadian women who work in the escort trade. In other words, the white Canadian agents of the system literally force an immigrant woman against her will, because of her profession.

            When you begin to learn more about Canada and its ironies, you will realize that Canada has no rule of law for the Caucasian Canadians, while they place a great burden on immigrants to follow their onerous rules. Like for example, that case above regarding that Caucasian Canadian woman who sued that hotel and the City of Cornwall because their policies (which were democratically voted) forbid her to pose naked in venues where underage children are present?

            SO what makes you think that the woman wouldn’t also sue hundreds of private schools across Canada so that she can enforce her ‘rights’ be naked in front of your child or baby?

            That’s Canada for you!

      • The problem is that white Caucasian Canadians do not respect immigrants. They are racist and hypocritical.

        On one hand, as I was debating with Parang on this thread, Caucasian Canadians expect us to respect their weird culture of posing naked around underage children, while at the same time vilifying immigrant men of perpetuating ‘harassment & ‘rape culture’ against women.

        I would further add, that in Canada, while the Caucasian women are fighting for their ‘rights’ to go in the full nudity around underage children, in Quebec, a woman who is dressed in a sari, niqab or orthodox Christian dress can be forbidden to enter a government building such as a courthouse.

        Even the former Prime Minister Stephen Harper proposed laws to persecute women who wore a niqab, citing the reason as it is a ‘security issue’, though Canada did not face the full brunt of Middle Eastern conflict like the USA where one would expect such a discriminatory law.

        And as much as there is in-fighting in India between Hindus and Muslims, every racist Caucasian Canadian views anyone with a brown complexion as a Muslim, even if it is a Hindu woman wearing a Sari, Caucasian pale Canadians will assume that she is a Muslim because of the color of her skin.

        Do not respect Caucasian Canadians because if they don’t respect immigrants, why should we respect them if they are engaged in discrimination?

        • Well I am an Indian-American. However, I must say that I do not fully agree with you. Many of examples you are mentioning happen on public property. Even with the waitress example you gave clearly states that waitress asked for restaurant policy and there was none. I am never a great fan of Canada, but I think discussion needs to be presented in fair manner. Some of these complains could be legit. To some extent, I agree with you as I always think that Canadians are somewhat bigoted.

          • Canada is less social than the States, and their political system is all about white women.
            That’s why when you read a Canadian newspaper, it’s always about some white woman complaining that she can’t be naked around someone’s young child on public or private property.

            In the States, a similar movement called NAMBLA advocates for similar policies, except that they are seen as scum who shouldn’t be allowed to be naked in front of someone’s child.

            When you read more about Canada, you will understand where I’m coming from. Canadian white Caucasian women are the female version of NAMBLA when they advocate for nudity with children.

            You have to balance the ‘rights’ of others and the public. America is very good at balancing that unlike Canada where if a Caucasian Canadian woman wants to be naked in front of your child, she can, and she will use the tyranny of the state institutions to effect her proposal in her favour.

  16. HI, I am a single, female working as Food Engineer in India. I have been planning to gain PR visa and go to Canada for a few years to work.
    Should i go for it. And if i do should i apply for PR myself or through an agency.

    • Hi Shemani, please ensure that the job agencies are registered with the government of Canada, because I’ve heard that shady criminal elements lure innocent women to Canada for the propective of working, but when the immigrant women arrive, they are forced into prostitution against their will.

      Please do your resarch on job agencies in Canada. They have to be registered in the province they are offering services. Employment Ontario is a safe organization.

      Do not visit any unknown place for a job, unless it is registered as an employment agency. The Canadian white people will not care if you are held captive by a white pimp who lured innocent women under the promise of job. Canada is dangerous in that sense.

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    Good blog!

  18. Racist Canadians are now adopting the 1900s ‘white nationalism’ agenda, which is perversely in alliance with white Caucasian Canadian feminist rights agenda.

    One of the reasons why that white nationalist from Quebec City murdered several men in that Mosque was because his movement feared immigrant men, mainly Muslims, harassing and committing crimes against their white Caucasian women.

    Another man named Dylan Roof in the States murdered several Black people in a church venting similar views a year before.

    Racism in Canada is becoming very dangerous for an immigrant, especially if you’re a brown or black man. My advice is that you avoid these Caucasian women when they arrange their topless and pro-nudist rallies (usually in major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and several middle sized cities across Canada like Calgary and Edmonton).

    One false accusation from a fully naked Caucasian woman can mean trouble if you’re brown or black, because the racist white nationalists can victimize you for the white Caucasian woman’s ‘honor’. It’s dangerous in Canada for an immigrant. Racial tensions are high.

      • Even if you’re born and raised in Canada, it only lessens this outrageous racism in Canada by 50%.
        I shudder to think how immigrant students will fit in at these Canadian high schools.
        One female school principal from Markham, Ontario posted violent calls on social media to attack Muslim women for what they wear, and she gets paid leave and support from the “Alt-Right”.

        Now, I already posted here before, it doesn’t matter if the woman is the strictest Hindu who avoids all meat and meat by-products (100% vegetarian), if she is wearing a sari, the racist Canadians will accuse her of being a Muslim.

        Canada is becoming a very messed up form of Ku Klux Clan racism veiled under a cause of “women’s rights”, but no one cares if immigrant women can’t find jobs, or how they are treated as criminals when they apply for welfare.

        No, in Canada, it’s all about how that upper class white woman in her ivory tower at Bay Street “feels” discriminated if she can’t have her “rights” to conduct morally unacceptable behaviour, such as walking naked in public or engaging in sex with minors for “sexual education”.

  19. I agree personally I new a lot of engineers dentists lawyers architects to mention some of them working as a little men survival jobs. Is hard and Canada is all propaganda time that you think you going to get something but nothing happens so free advice if in 1 years you don’t get it is going to be painful get it later. More time more pain

    • It’s like chasing a carrot on a stick getting nowhere in life.

      But it’s ironic that when refugees are settled to Canada, the local Canadians raise a stink….Those Canadians only want educated immigrants for their life savings, along with a hidden agenda to weaken foreign countries, because if the educated classes are leaving their home countries, it is a loss for that country because that doctor will be condemned to cleaning toilets at the TTC washrooms (if they manage to even get that job) for the rest of life.

      This is unlike the States where immigrants can only arrive from work on a visa, and then they can return to their home country richer than before. In Canada, they falsely promise you with a career in your field, but when you arrive from Toronto, you learn that you cannot even find unpaid volunteer positions within six months of arriving in Canada.

      The lies perpetuated by the Canadian immigration industry to falsely lure immigrants to Canada should be condemned to the fullest extent!

  20. Why would you, a prospective immigrant to Canada, sell out all of your assets in your home country, including your family home, so that you can have the honour of renting a slumlord apartment in a crime-ridden part of Toronto? Are you crazy?

  21. Hi everyone i am also planning to move to Canada with my family, but as per all this conversation now i am concerned.

    • Don’t move if you have a family. Unless you have so much money that you are moving to Canada to retire then you may be fine. Otherwise, it is not a good idea because you will run out of money and then you cannot live in Canada or go back. At that point, you will have to do whatever it takes to survive in Canada. This is how people get stuck in Canada.

      • @Parag, do you find it hypocritical that pale Canadians want to impose their nudity on everyone citing it as “don’t judge my lifestyle or how I look in appearance”, but immigrants are negatively judged on how they look and their skin colour?…Pale Canadians have low birth rates because they are followers and promoters of LGBTQ and feminism which are considered anti-life and detrimental to society.

        • Personally, I do not have an opinion. Values are determined democratically. This inner fighting will not help anyone. Both immigrants and natives need to compromise to some extent for the overall benefit of society. One thing is sure, Canada will be ethnically diverse in future and acceptance is the key to its survival.

    • If you’re not guaranteed a job offer which pays at least $80,000 per annum, DON’T MOVE TO CANADA.
      Trust me, the last thing you want for your family is to leave the comfort of your middle class lifestyle in India to become almost homeless in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where at least 95% of immigrants are trapped from leaving because they are out of their life savings!

      I’m noticing that as long as you are middle and upper class in India, you live relatively well; even the healthcare in India is improving that Canadians themselves are flocking to India for 21st century healthcare like fertility treatments and cancer treatment.

      Also moving to Canada does not guarantee a better life for your family…..50-50% chance that the Social Worker that your wife will meet will be encourage to divorce you, and then you will have to pay child support and alimony and you cannot flee the country at that time because you will have to surrender your passport as a lien to the alimony debt.

      21st century Canada is infested with decadent Caucasian Canadian political agendas such as LGBT, white-only feminism and transgender rights, so if you’re uncomfortable with a transgender or lesbian teacher stripping nude in front of minor students at school in Toronto, then Canadians will consider you an “intolerant homophobe” and they will attack your cultural identity while claiming that they are not racist.

      I don’t know about your case entirely, but the Western 1st world, not only Canada are slowly declining into decadent rot, while the Eastern Oriental and Asian world are slowly rising such as China, India &Russia.

    • If you’re already established in your home country that is India or any emerging economy, I see no reason for anyone to immigrate to Canada and waste their life fighting for toilet cleaning jobs along with the other 100,000+ yearly skilled immigrants to Canada.

  22. hello everyone..my name is Imtiaz (37Y) and living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. By profession i m a banker (Sr. Asst. Vice President position) with 12 yrs of experience in HSBC n in a local bank. Presently me n my spouse (also a banker ) income is approx. USD3,000 per month (including cash salary & other non-cash benefits). My younger brother along his wife just immigrated to Vancouver despite of having good jobs here. i m living with my parent’s n have one daughter of 17M old. i m kind of thinking to apply for immigration to canada shortly. My younger brother has a plan to bring my parents to canada AEAP. So i m very much startled reading above experiences regarding migration to Canada. Can anyone give his/her honest opinion knowing the actual situation over there n give suggestion plz. Thanks a lot.

    • Mr. Imtiaz,
      You’re going to struggle in Canada because you’re not going to be hired as a Manager/VP of a financial institution when Canada doesn’t recognize foreign credentials, nor foreign accounting/banker designations.
      Medical doctors from India who conducted life saving surgeries are condemned to cleaning toilets for minimum wage in Canada…And don’t be fooled by brainwashed people who assume that they can live comfortably on $11/hr in Toronto or Vancouver….THAT’S POVERTY LEVEL WAGES IN CANADA.
      You’re better off applying for jobs in your field in United Kingdom and European Union….Canada doesn’t recognize foreign credentials, and they now use a covert racist way to deny immigrants a job in their field which Canadians will not talk to you about because Canadians need your life savings to boost the economy in Toronto and Vancouver.
      Canada also has this nasty form of white supremacy disguised as white feminism….Your wife is also going to be discriminated in the job market in Canada, unless she is 100% Canadian white.

    • Nooooooo….dont come here! I’m Yadesh (41M) and I was a ACCA Member who worked in India, United Arab Emirates, Luxembourg, Singapore and Great Britain……I was unemployed for over 1 year here in Toronto and I was forced to apply for $11.40/hr cleaner and janitor jobs….I felt dehumanisation when I was being interviewed for a cleaner position….This white woman from HR looked at me as if I didn’t even deserve a cleaner job….She knew from the start that she wanted to waste my time and “put me in my place” by rejecting me for the lowest paid job ever that even illiterate people can work here in Canada.

      I think I now understand why young Black and brown male immigrants end up resorting to crime; the system in Canada wouldn’t hire them and bills have to be paid.

  23. @ Parag: I don’t understand why you expect immigrants to Canada to remain passive at an urbanite from Toronto shoving their genitalia in front of their 5-year-old daughter, but in the USA when Blacks organize a protest to end racism, the “Natives” run them over with their car, but if a brown person was to drive that car, people would be calling for the death penalty.

    In Quebec City, a young white French Quebecois male complained on Facebook how Arab “rapefugees” were harassing women (white women), & then a few weeks later he stormed into a Mosque, and murdered at least 6 men in a mass shooting, but he was not charged with terrorism or called to be imprisoned for life.

    The real “Natives” of Canada and USA are Indigenous/Aboriginal/Eskimo tribes whose lands were stolen by the Caucasians. Ironically, a Caucasian settler in the 1800s paid little or nothing for land expanding vast territories because they stole it, but now, everyone expects immigrants to Canada to shell out over 1 million for a storage unit size house in Toronto.

    You should also read the calculated sexual harassment campaign against Indo-MPP Darshan Kong article found on this website.Apparently, he was targeted because his cultural way of interaction was viewed as sexual harassment to a Canadian woman. This is no different in Jim Crow when Black people were accused of sexually harassing white women just by looking at them the wrong way.

    • Don’t worry. The so-called native who ran over the crowd will also be given the death penalty. America is much more fair society than Canada is. Just look at wealth distribution in the US. Legal immigrants make higher wages, on average than natives. In fact, you cannot immigrate to the US unless you have a job. America did its search for “universal” values at its founding, and if you bring “other” values to America then America is not going to tolerate them unless they are shown to be “universally” good ideas. Your comments are somewhat judgemental and a little bit racist as well. In essence, you are recommending censorship (nudity, etc.). Democratic societies allow free discourse and only ideas accepted to majority get traction. The ideas of censorship might look good for you but Canadian society is rejecting them. So, you have to show some respect to democratic institutions. Otherwise, you will be considered a bigot. The racism that you seem to be claiming may not a there after all because you may be coming across a wrong way to most Canadians because you seem to have some preconceived hatred towards Canadian values. Immigration requires a degree of adjustment from one’s part to be successful. You cannot bring your old values into a new system and expect the new system to accommodate your old values and culture.

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