May 29, 2017




  1. If anybody has any doubts about how CORRUPT Canada is, google ‘Phoenix payroll Canada’. They are all lying and cheating the public… they are all in it! They are paying THEMSELVES with OUR MONEY!

    • Why not Dale? let me tell you why. our countries suck for these jobs. even toilet cleaning in canada is far better than being a doctor in Asia. No respect and no money

  2. There’s no where like home, Sharma. You understand the language, the culture, the people, and important of all, you know your way around. So, going back home was the absolute choice, not Canada.

  3. Working in call centre and as factory worker is not low respect job..every job is important to run this world..i spent many yrs in call centres. Its very cool job here in india.

  4. Hi,

    We are happily settled in UAE with 2 kids (below 4 years) . We have Canadian PR since 2015 and have been delaying our move due to above problems.Now we have a job offer (85k taxable) . Will it be a wise decision now to shift? We will not be moving for savings or money. Target is Canadian Passport for kids better future. We just need a normal comfortable lifestyle.If we like it, we will stay else we may return to UAE. Expert please advice.


  5. well, dont know nothin until you exprience it, some of my friends are happy there and staying like surviving as they call it, and few of them saying that they are getting bored coz they miss dubai to be frank. sooit all depends on luck, yes i would suggest before migrating towards canada let the bread earner spend some time and see how things work and if not, can come back to dubai and these times iw ould say spend of that 1 or 2 months of ur holidays there. and see how it works.

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