July 25, 2017




  1. If anybody has any doubts about how CORRUPT Canada is, google ‘Phoenix payroll Canada’. They are all lying and cheating the public… they are all in it! They are paying THEMSELVES with OUR MONEY!

    • Why not Dale? let me tell you why. our countries suck for these jobs. even toilet cleaning in canada is far better than being a doctor in Asia. No respect and no money

      • well I disagree. How could u say that cleaning toilets in Canada is better than being a doc in Asia.

      • You can not say that being doc in India won’t give you the respect. That’s the bullshit..
        Indian respect the doc’s as god, and let me say that it not all about money. If you are cleaning toilet then it’s not good life for you.

    • I agree with the writer. Canada is hard place for immigrants. They brought us as skill workers with bachelors, masters and languages to perform unskilled jobs. Canadians do not recognize experience outside Canada. Racism is high.

      • It is not just that the jobs that are bad for immigrants. It is hard to get any, and Canada is very expensive. Even if you get a job the low paid with trouble, you might save 200 per month because you have to pay high tax on income. If you get 20,000 per year, you have to pay around 30% as tax, so plus the rent living, food and transportation if you save utility 2000 per years is much and to get your own house cost you minimum 200,000 so maybe in 20 years you will stop renting, the only possibility is if you came with many members and all save more money but if all get a job and even son the tax will take of all

  2. There’s no where like home, Sharma. You understand the language, the culture, the people, and important of all, you know your way around. So, going back home was the absolute choice, not Canada.

  3. Working in call centre and as factory worker is not low respect job..every job is important to run this world..i spent many yrs in call centres. Its very cool job here in india.

    • She was talking about a person from Teaching Profession having to do Call Centre Job….which might not be comfortable to her not to you. And it is cool in india because you can run back home anytime, not when being in places like Canada

  4. Hi,

    We are happily settled in UAE with 2 kids (below 4 years) . We have Canadian PR since 2015 and have been delaying our move due to above problems.Now we have a job offer (85k taxable) . Will it be a wise decision now to shift? We will not be moving for savings or money. Target is Canadian Passport for kids better future. We just need a normal comfortable lifestyle.If we like it, we will stay else we may return to UAE. Expert please advice.


    • Hello Tuls, yes i think its good if you move. you got a great offer of 85K. normally no one gets it here. 85K is a high end job. your kids are young. they need a parent beside them at this stage. you will be able to adjust in very easily. it is much better with Canadian passport. UAE is not great for settling just good for making money. if you delay it, you will never get this opportunity again and things will become harder for you as younger generation will be taking these jobs very eagerly.

    • Hi Tuls,

      What is 85K? Monthly or Yearly? Which currency? Canadian, Indian or US….What does WE mean? You and your wife both have offer which totals to 85K? Where is the offer from? Do not simply plunge….. While UAE is a good place to make money…India will be the best please to spend it …..dont waste hard earned money dreaming big things

  5. well, dont know nothin until you exprience it, some of my friends are happy there and staying like surviving as they call it, and few of them saying that they are getting bored coz they miss dubai to be frank. sooit all depends on luck, yes i would suggest before migrating towards canada let the bread earner spend some time and see how things work and if not, can come back to dubai and these times iw ould say spend of that 1 or 2 months of ur holidays there. and see how it works.

  6. There is another important factor to mention about Canada. The salaries are generally lower here compared to the expenses. If you need a decent life in Canada, then both man and woman have to work otherwise it will be tough to live. But in India or South Africa if you are working professional then one person in the family – either the husband or the wife – should be good enough to live a comfortable life. Of course, if both are working in India it’s better in terms of income. But in Canada for working class people, it is must for both husband and wife to work to live a decent/okay life.

    • Yes, you are very right, Rahul. It is very tough for working class people to live a decent life in Canada if both husband and wife are not working because expenses are very high. But in India, you can live a decent life with one person’s salary.

  7. Same experience we had. It’s blood-sucking country. We are now back in India but the struggle is not over yet. We have a house in Canada and the tenant is not paying rent, and we are running here and there to get rent and waiting for the tenant to vacate the house. Because the tenant has more rights in Canada. It’s a shit country. My husband is suffering from heart problem now because of the stress, he was a healthy man.

    • its not a shit country. its the best place on earth. we have rights that supersede others and by far the best quality of life. Its socialism in action. Canada outperforms every country because of quality of life, not for the need to compete with others. it doesn’t need to be like any other country on earth. It’s doing just fine the way it is.

  8. What way do you want to migrate to Canada
    If you come here illegally, Canada Government will consider you as Refugee
    1. You will get help aid from Canada Government.
    2. Easy to get a job because peoples will show their sympathy to you.
    3. You will receive financial helping assistance from Canada Government up to 12 months to support your family.
    4. Peoples will hug you, express their kind hearth to you and so many NGO help Refugees.
    5. Free public transit service.
    6. Very easy to get permanent Resident or citizenship.

    And you skill labour, if you come here legally, leave you back home country, leave you relatives to strengthening this country economically, technically and all other way by using you skill then
    1. You will not get help aid from Canada Government.
    2. Very hard to get a job, if you get also very hard to work. Nobody will show you good express to you.
    3. You will not receive any kind of help from Canada Government to support you family.
    4. Peoples will always try to feel you that you come here to take their jobs. Do not expect any kind of help other because they are not going to do it. May be you can expect some troubles.
    5. All you expenses you are responsible.
    6. Hard to get permanent Resident or citizenship

    • Hey Dave,
      Please share your thoughts on refugee.
      I am an Indian and have a valid visit visa.


  9. Some facts about canada

    Technically sound: a person should be technically sound if wish to get a good job here. White collar jobs are paid less.

    Degrees not recognised. The degrees as well as the experience are not recognised here. Only canadian experience is given preference.

    Since all the firms pay their employees at per hour rate, the shifts are made in such a way that when their services are required the employees are called to report.

    Infact the canadian government should ask for their countrys degree along with IELTS scoresheet while accepting files. This way the people will not be made fool.

  10. This is the writer’s point of view. Being an immigrant in Canada myself, I would have to agree with all that is written in this article. The thing is when you decide to leave your countries, you have to understand that it won’t be the same here. So forget your pride, forget your self-esteem. Be prepared to do toilet cleaning, the low paying jobs and all the stuff that comes with it. There will be racist people here and there but then the good ones will always outnumber the bad. Believe me on this one. There are assholes here but tell me a place where there isn’t one. So yeah when you start complaining about your life in Canada, think of the reasons why you left your country in the first place. If that isn’t enough then you can always go back. Canada isn’t for the proud. It is for the hardworking. There’s lots of hard work here and humility doesn’t hurt too.

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