July 25, 2017




  1. Indian leaders visit Canada to get `pleased’ by its success. Canadian leaders visit India to see that there is a plan B in case China goes against them. But there does not seem like real interest for business development or something like that!!!!

  2. I am fully agree with Mr. Hemant Shah’s opinion. The SMEs should have given greater opportunities rather than big companies. The big companies are expensive.

  3. I firmly agree with Mr Shah’s opinion. No doubt that India and Canada have long-standing bilateral relationship based on shared democratic values, the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious nature of two societies and strong people-to-people contacts. But still to further expand bilateral relations both in terms of quality and quantity, the two countries will have to establish various mechanisms to interact on an annualized basis in areas of mutual interest. And SME is a good beginning.

  4. I could not agree more with your very valid remarks. Official trade missions very rarely achieve the kind of success expected prior to their departure. Often these participants do not have the skill to close a deal for this is left to the people down the corporate latter or within the ministries. On the other hand, the entrepreneur of an SME cannot waste the kind of money to visit a possible new country for his/her business without the willingness to strike a deal when he/she sees one.

    With kind regards

  5. I like your tone.We are at three corners: Canada, India and We. This is the great way of bridging the two countries. Your voice will give them guidance, and I am sure they will start taking initiative very soon. Great article……needs continuity…

  6. The simple answer is: Indians want to leave the corrupt homeland and work in a country where it is easy to take advantage of the system. Typically, a person with a degree can come here, take a few courses online and become treated as a professional. I guess I would know…

  7. I concur to the comments made by Mr Hemant M Shah who has been instrumental to improve Indo-Canadian trade relations. He has been a die-hard past 40 years to build the relationship with a ground reality-Hemant shah means business and would always want work to speak than words. North America is highly dependent on China and India politicians still feel how they can keep their pockets warm and least concern for the development of the country. Classic example was Walmart entry in India. Beuraucrats in India need to put their thoughts around why America with the third of population of India is worlds largest economy.
    Thanks to Hemantbhai for taking this head on.

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