July 29, 2021



  1. This is the first step taken by Delhi Govt to arrest corruption and penalize the corrupt who enjoyed total
    freedom till today under Sheila Dixit who was corrupt herself . Than we saw yesterday how many people
    attended the Delhi Govt darbar bringing their woes and grievances of not been attended in the past.
    Let us hope the new initiative continues in spirit as it has started although all corrupt politicians
    would try their best to stall the same with fear of being exposed.

  2. The fact of the matter is citizens of Delhi at the moment are glad some crusader has emerged to listen to
    them and take actions . They had been so far keeping silent as no one in the earlier Govt bothered to
    even listen to them . Yes, it is early to expect miracles to happen but beginning has been made which
    we shall see on the horizon and even other Political parties has realized the difference AAM is making
    with more and more joining the group.

  3. It seems Narendra Modi has finally realized that more than any other politician, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal has the potential to ruin his chances of becoming the country’s Prime Minister.

    His acceptance itself is an acknowledgement of conceding …….

    It is just a drive of making members that has created a wave which seems to be shaping into becoming a Tsunami……..not only in Delhi but in Gujrat and PAN India……

    It has started substantiating my earlier views that BJP is very jittery these days….even NaMo is shit scared.

  4. Mr. Rajiv Punj.

    I am surprised at at the long missile you have sent.

    One conclusion I draw is that you are against Modi. Second you are some what gullible.

    You start by saying’ ‘what a response, 4000 calls in one hour’ You didn’t say only 50 were ‘possibly actionable if a legitimate sting operation is mounted. None is mounted so far. One call was a girl asking him to help her get married. Kejriwal himself said it in a press conference amid laughter.This is not to condemn or even criticize the help line idea..If you read your news papers you will find that some one or other is caught taking bribes every day; it doesn’t stop corruption or even reduce it.
    Catching a man taking bribe is important but chargesheeting him quickly, bring him to the court and sentencing him speedily is equally if not more important.Is the machinery geared up to that?

    Don’t start applauding just yet.

    You mention legal experts supporting sting operations. Are you that simple?If one legal ‘expert’ supports something, there will be equal number opposing it. The happiest community at this moment will be the legal community.
    The sum total of what I am trying to say it keep patience, leave the fireworks in the cupboard. The intentions of Kejriwal are not in question, the ballyhoo around him is.

    Those who are satisfied so easily, get dis satisfied equally easily..

    It is very much on the cards that this could happen.


    • Dear Khandekar Sahab


      I am not amazed at your response as it was somewhat expected… your response is understandable… as you are still credulous of the changed atmosphere that we have already started experiencing in the capital.

      I empathize with you and all those who are deprived of not only viewing but feeling the day to day change that people of Delhi have started experiencing.

      I am not against any one in particular. I am afraid to say and with due respect to you, You are so obsessed with Modi factor and are biased (though you are not the only one) that you inferred that I am against Modi. Would request you to please go through the article once again and appreciate what is being shared. I am a common man and express my views on what I view and don’t go by what the news papers are saying as you also know what they mean and what they don’t.

      Would like to remind you of my appreciation of Narendra Modi in my previous articles. Though certainly with a caution that heart says we should support him but the mind still says wait for some more time.

      The country is looking at a possible alternative to the conventional way of thinking what politics is and how the 21st century Indians would like the country political thought process should be. It is appreciated that it would be difficult for seniors to absorb the change, breaking old notions and setting up new goals and processes to accomplish them. It is going to force people to think outside the box. Appreciate it is going to be tough for many. It would need a complete paradigm shift to understand and accept what these unconventional approaches will be and what actions will be taken and followed.

      Facing the might of Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram and Imran Khan at the tender age of 16 was no joke and Sachin Tendulkar felt the heat during his first Test innings at Karachi. We all hoped & prayed for him and wished him luck to succeed for India. Similarly the common man is hoping and praying to get a new Leader to guide the country and build a CLEAN, UNSULLIED and SPARKLING India. It seems Kejriwal is also a possibility.

      Have patience my Dear Khandekar Sahab. very soon this will have a SNOW BALL effect, you will also be able to appreciate in Mumbai… there is an exuberance in the public and we both as many are lucky to view this change coming in for the benefit of a common man like me and you.

  5. Dear Rajiv Bhai,

    Let’s not be cynical about AAP. In the interest of nation, in the interest of Indian Industry n Commerce, in the interest of employment for the youth and in the interest of coming generations, India must vote BJP to power.

    By not doing so we will repeating the same what we did by denying 2nd term to NDA. India would have been different if NDA was voted to power at that point of time.

    Hope people like you believe in substance rather being part……..


    • Dear Atul Bhai

      Even the AAP will also in the same breath say “vote for AAP and you will see the difference”

      I am just sharing the thoughts of the common man who is today quite buoyant on the mere thought of an alternative to the conventional way of politics and politicians. The present set of politicians have not been able to inculcate confidence in the public at large otherwise why would the country be looking at alternatives.

      Have an open mind, don’t look at the change with a closed mind.
      Let’s appreciate that there is only one thing which is permanent in the world and that is CHANGE…

  6. I agree with u but it is also scary how come our public is developing blind faith in a party which has not even delivered. This will upset the governance totally.

    Even though i am a supporter of AAP but to expect wonders from a party just 1 week old in governance is not feasible. Support yes but AAP should develop its organisation and build strong network in a phased manner.


    • Dear Atul Bhai


      I have already replied to Mr. Bhagat directly and to satisfy you, am sharing the same with you too…..

      Dear Mr. Chetan Bhagat

      What is wrong if AAP is looking for en-cashing on the wave for change…….

      People today are buoyant and if they are being opportunistic, why not. I don’t find anything wrong in it…

      Accepted that they are naive today, but am sure they are intelligent bunch of people who have well wishers like you to help / suggest & guide them who will make amends asap….

      As they are open to embrace the intelligentsia of our society why don’t you discuss with them and share your thoughts which I am sure will certainly be helpful to the society at large…if you feel so strong about your thoughts…

      Giving sermons / expert comments and doing postmortem is very easy. You are a writer and articulate your words and publish your views, what will the Rickshaw wala of Allahabad do, he also comments similarly as he too is free to do so but can not be heard…you will be….

      Once again, If you are so confident that your suggestions are the way forward, why don’t you go and join them and be a part of this wave for CHANGE…..

      Warm & Best Regards

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