September 21, 2018



  1. just from the top pf my head,
    way back in 74 I was a waiter at Richard Burton’s party in Switzerland when he had divorced from Liz Taylor and was dating a princess from Yugoslavia. After the general public party there was a private party and another waitress and I were given charge to look after the princess daughter. My friend the lady waitress, told her 2 or 3 fairy stories like sleeping beauty and Hansel and Gretel then the daughter asked me to tell her a story. I told her the story of Ram and Sita about how he won her by doing some great bow and arrow shooting, how he was banished and then she was captured and how he rescued Sita She was so fascinated by it that years later when she had a daughter, she couldn’t remember the name of the girl Sita but remembered it was story about India – so she named her India.

    This is what she told me when I met her a few years ago at TIFF!What a hug she gave me!Like long lost brother and sister! I never saw her after that night in 74, but she asked me many questions at TIFF to ascertain If I was really that person.
    Amazing how life is!

    Her name is Catherine Oxenburg- not a great actress but is best known for her role in the TV series ‘Dynasty’. she also acted in a n action TV series later on.

    oh well

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