October 22, 2017



  1. I am an Iranian professor living in Tehran. Mumtaz was my fan during my teenage years. She left the movie industry and at the same time I started my university studies in 1977. I still admires her as one if the best Indian Ctresses of all times. I do not know my interest in Mumtaz was because of her Iranian origins or her talent. probably both. I hope to see her one day as I am in my late fifties.

    • Hi I also Iam fan of mumtaz she was and still is the most beautiful actress of her time I admired her beauty and talent

  2. She was one of my favourite actresses. Reminds me of a wonderful era and and a wonderful life. Good on her for calling it a day at her peak and lovely to hear she is living happily in London( My home town) . My wife and I would love to meet her.
    Best wishes to her and her family. God bless.

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