November 16, 2018



  1. This excellent article took me back 52 years of my association and very pleasant memories with Mr & Mrs Kaplish. Mr. Kaplish is my role model, a perfect mentor and was very nice working for him as my first mechanical engineering position. The above pictures are still fresh in my memory as they were so nice to all of us, then as well today. May God bless this lovely couple. Thanks.

  2. It is indeed very fascinating to read all your wonderful days at IIT Kharagpur and also your achievements later as an engineer & metallurgist. You have been an inspiration to the younger students. You fulfilled the dream of your worthy parents & they were proud of your success. Your happy married life with Monika Ji is another great success. You have
    lovely two daughters Nalini, Usha & grandchildern.
    With our Best wishes & love
    Kamala & Sat

  3. I was a classmate of Mr. B.K.Kaplish in the first batch of
    Civil Engineering at I.I.T.
    I returned to I.I.T. as faculty in Civil Engineering during 1959-69, during which I got my M.Tech. and Ph.D.
    I have been in Michigan from 1971 onwards.
    I hope Mr. Kaplish may be able to recognise me.

    • When I was just reading your remarks, my daughter Usha was incidentally with me. She immediately asked if I rememeber you. Of course I remember you though you were a very quiet person in IIT. Then I showed her your photo from “Udyoga, Souvenir Number 1955”.
      My best wishes to you.

  4. It is indeed a very well presented article.It is very refreshing and brings back pleasant memories of our time at the IIT. This is particularly recollection of the proud moments shared and lived together by the first batch of the first IIT in India. IITs are the creation of the great leader of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru. He visited IIT, Kharagour during our first year itself and I had also the the privilege of meeting him face to face at that time. He had also addressed the first convocation of the IIT when we had the privilege of having lunch with him at the IIT. I vividly recollect Jawahar Lal Nehru having asked all of us graduating in 1955 to come forward and serve the country.
    I did my M.Tech. also at the IIT,Kharagpur. Therafter proceeded to Germany (then West Germany) where I worked for four years. I returned to India in 1960. After retirement, I have now settled in Bangalore.

    With best regards to Mr. Kaplish and other friends.

  5. Dear Uncle,
    It really makes us proud going through your meritorious achievements and also the fact that a man could achieve so much in one lifespan. We are proud of our lineage and you are our role model and inspiration.
    Best wishes.

  6. This is an article to admire which conveys the extent of engineering & cultural exposure, you, Bal Krishan have “absorbed”.
    In my opinion you have followed the saying:
    I am sure Monika with her involvement (and sacrifice) has decidedly contributed to the subsequent professional success & family-well-being.
    Our very best wishes to you both.

  7. Dear Mr. Kaplish I am also an old graduate from the then B.E. College,now BESUS but not as old as you are. You are senior to me by 7 years but I feel as it I am reading a very inspiring article who is still in twenties. However I am also an IITian in the sense I did my PhD in Civil Engineering from the IIT, Kharagpur, and Dr. B.B. Pandey was my supervisor. I am really very proud of your excellent write-up recalling your good old days at IIT. It will inspire the student community as a whole irrespective of the institute of study. I have my choices wishes for you and your family and hope I shall live to see you in the centenary.

  8. Greetings to you!!!

    Your journey has always inspired us. Today I train students to join the IITs and mentor them. I hope you remember me. My father name is Sri Vidyasagar Batlish. He too worked at ISWP. Regards to you and your Family. Ramesh Batlish

  9. Dear Ramesh,
    Very pleased to know about you. We remember you when you were at Jamshedpur. We are glad to know that you are following the line of your father, who was also a very good teacher, for preparing students for the higher education. Please contact. Our best wishes and love to you and the family.

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